Tuesday 26 November 2013

Great Android Fitness Appcessories

 MOTOACTIV GPS Fitness Tracker
Appcessory will be a new physical item added to interact with your Android phone, Mac or tablet. Many range of item are available at stores, such as from children’s toys to blood pressure monitors are available. This is going to take care of your health in a better way and appcessories will help you to make out most of your workouts.

Considering with Android phones purchased at larger amount and price to leave at little bit lower nothing went great till this instance. But this new appcessories will inspire you take up physical exercise like jogging at a more comfortable zone.

FitBit Ultra:

Fitbit has come special feature of some of other devices like, pedometer, accelerometer, and sleep tracker that will clip onto your pant pocket especially for men. This one will suits for women of if they clip it in front of their bra, it will be much more comfortable.

This device not only performs functions of device mentioned above but adding walking distance, the number of stairs you have climbed, time taken for your sleep, and it also determines how long you’re active during the day. This performs by wireless communication when you are connected to computer. It is also possible to track the information in Web through Fitbit’s Android or iOS app.

2. MOTOACTIV GPS Fitness Tracker and Music Player:

MOTOACTIV is just a device above the jogging accessory along with the Android device by their design. It is available at regular version and gold edition. MOTOACTIV can either be used as Android phone or just a detached device.

MOTOACTIV just fits in your wrist like an watch, stores music, monitors the distance you ran, also your heart rate and makes it schedule for you to walk and run. Since it performs like an Android device it’s pricy at the cost of $200-$300 relying on the model you choose.

3. Jabra Sport Bluetooth Stereo Headset:

Sometimes tunes help you to boost up your workouts. This Jabra Sport Bluesport headset provides full stereo without the cords getting in your way via a standard Bluetooth. You can place your device anywhere either at your back pocket or front pocket. This is very compatible with the android version of Endomondo.

4. Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale:

Do you regularly note at what time you would wake up, It’s hardly not possible to record in morning. Withings offers a bathroom scale that weighs your weight and body fat, estimates BMI and sends those information wirelessly to many websites, also this is supportable with many other Apps and devices. So this could hang out your diet plan and your morning records.

FitBit also introduced a similar device of wireless functionality by 2012. This app is also supportable by Fitbit.

5. ScoscheMyTrek Wireless Pulse Monitor:

MyTrek is a device that attaches to your forearm and will monitor your pulse to gauge workout intensity. This device is similar to that of Motorola’s watch idea. TomTom is build-in GPS to provided to measure intensity of your workouts. It comes out with Android as a free version or iOS. So there is no need to buy more appcessory than to use actually.

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