Tuesday 26 November 2013

Solutions at Crossroad of Foreign Language

Dakwak platform is a website translation and localization technology which was established in 2009 with a view to simplify the translation service and search engine optimization in different languages for sites. It allows users to deliver translated version of their website to their visitors effortlessly and to tackle the issues that businesses encounter while expanding into international global markets and are at crossroad when faced with the issue of foreign language. Their translation quality being user controlled with multi layered translation system, offers team, machines together with professional translation. In professional translation, they offer three levels of translation namely standard, business and ultra which provides the user with premium quality translations according to their requirements.

The machine translation provides the best machine translation delivering the first translated layer to the website while the refined machine translation enables to tap into big pool of translation that are professionally edited in order to upgrade the quality of the machine translation services. They offer translation solutions enabling businesses as well as influencers, bloggers in launching a fully functional SEO friendly hosted site which is available in sixty languages without the need of any line of code. Being SEO friendly, the translated site can be a search engine, available in various languages enabling users to search in their native languages for translated website through the search engine option providing more leads, customers as well as sales in their businesses thus helping users to benefit from their services tremendously.

 For localized text and media content, the online translation tool offer strict machine translation though they permit the user to gain control over the text as well as the media content on the translated version of one’s website. Moreover the user can also replace specific section of content or current different content for each translated version of the website thus enabling the user to deliver localized content creating a localized experience for their visitors. Translation of the website provides the company an exposure which is recognized globally as well as drives traffic to the website enabling leads to increase sales and revenue which helps in the growth of any company.

Internet being the fastest means of availing products and information, there are a number of consumers across the globe with different languages who require information in their own native language before they make any online purchase and the services provided here enables the user to get the desired information in their own native language Quality translation in the form of machine translation comes in free with the subscription and in case of improvement in quality; users can directly edit the translation on their platform or perhaps with a click get the same done through professional human translator which can automatically get published at one’s site. It is an innovative and a comprehensive platform helping users to simplify the translation thus enabling them to manage, edit and publish the contents translated.

It provides a real time tracking on the progress of translation progress with pre defined criteria with an assurance that the translated content is published only on approval of the user. They have a collaborative environment, with professional translators and internal teams which collaborate at a central area, delivering the translation effectively. Moreover, the edit in place widget, translates content which can be done directly from one’s site while translation memory and mass replacement, stored phrases and words of the project can be used appropriately in context in the translated versions of the site. They are willing to partner with those who can try their service providing sufficient feedback on how valuable and user friendly is the service provided by them.

This service is one of the easiest options provided by Dakwak , where businesses can reach new markets helping people all across to globe to locate and recognize their business from any destination of the world. With the information readily available in one’s local language, it tends to improve on the purchase scenario which helps in making quick decisions after gaining information on all related product to be purchased. To cater to the needs of their customers, Dakwak has also signed deals with Web security provider CloudFlare together with domain hosting service, Go.Co where with CloudFlare, Dakwak’s free application performs search engine optimized translation and is available for download to the user.

In order to get started, users can sign up at the site and get their original website translated through the temporary live website URL though the translated website can be under one’s own domain name through a simple DNS configuration. With the help of their multi layered translation system, users can flexibly choose the quality content of translation of one’s choice for their website either as a whole or specify various translation levels for specific pages where the translations made on their website is initially done on Machine translation level. Consumers could check on the pricing of their plan which varies from simple to advanced and choose the options which fit their requirements.

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