Saturday 9 November 2013

New Option for YouTube Comments with Google+ link

YouTube has redesigned its comment section and The Channel owner can now moderate the comments and prevent such extreme and exaggerated responses comments. Comments under YouTube videos can now automatically share at Google+. Google has overhauled the comment section of his video platform YouTube.

 So far, the section was more known for hanging around here particularly many unscrupulous Internet users and leave worst comments under the video . The most effective way to channel owner therefore resisted coated with nagging disabling the comments. Now, however, Google has introduced a number of new features and capabilities that will increase the quality of the posts for users.

Google now allows users to publish comments that they leave on YouTube, even with Google+. Clicking the check mark for being “too share on Google+ “ will set the things, a second click sets the privacy settings for the audience of the article. The only requirement is that the user is logged into their Google account.

Moreover, it is possible Google+ users to tag their friends in comments to make them aware of videos. For this it is enough to type a "+" followed by the name of the friend in the comment box. Google sorts the comments from now on; Posts from Google+ and YouTube celebrity friends appear just like posts with many positive reviews at the top of the list.

On request, can be set as well order “first Newest “. In addition, it is possible to reply to comments. As with Gmail, Google assigns the responses to a post as a fold- and - conversation. This contributes to a better overview. For channel owner Google has introduced more moderation tools in addition to the reporting of abuse and spam. You can delete comments; ban certain users posting on your own channel and contributions to withhold approval.

These tools are useful to prevent unauthorized common and offensive comments - but at the same time they also allow censorship. Critical comments against videos so you have no chance, because the channel owner has absolute power over all the posts.

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