Thursday 21 November 2013

Panono, A Spherical Roll Camera Provides 360 - Degree Images


Picture taken by Panono
Now You have the option to throw your camera up in the air and the rest will be taken care of your Camera. Amazing, isn’t it? This novel technology is employed in a new camera concept called Panono. A round ball is studded with 36 small photo chips, the result of your output looks like Google Street View.

 Instead of pressing a trigger, it very simple and you have to throw the ball-shaped camera in the air. At the highest point of the trajectory then a motion sensor automatically activates an all photo composed of 36 small cell phone cameras, which are arranged similar to the compound eye of a fly and a complete visibility enable: Forward, backward, up, down, right and left. And directly under the camera of course is always the photographer to see themselves, usually with arms outstretched, to catch the panoramic camera.

Horizontal 360 - degree panoramas can be taken together semiautomatic with many Smartphones. Panono the other hand is called the first 360 x 360 degree panoramic camera. With these snapshots you can only see what is in front of the photographer. This Panono union camera captures the entire scene, however, a bit like Google Street View, but from the air. Arrow had the peculiar idea when he visited the island of Tonga while studying abroad in New Zealand.

Overwhelmed by the beauty of the Island, he wanted to stick with a conventional camera and shot the entire scene as he thought; But it would not  be easier to make a fully automatic for all shot! Thus the idea for his thesis at the Technical University was born. He developed a prototype that was originally almost as big as a handball and 750 grams in weight, covered in green foam panels to protect the flying camera. In September 2012, Arrow was awarded for his prototype ICT - founder prize of 30,000 Euros.

Over three million times the demo video of his camera has been clicked in YouTube in short span. Now he has offered the camera on the Internet for sale on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The steep price for early booking is 499 €. Now he has now shrunk to half of its original size, the weight to around 300 grams the entire raw image is gigantic with 72 megapixels composed of 36 two- megapixel cameras. The software then converts the images together; the end result can be explored in mobile phone, tablet or computer by wiping over image or rotates with the phone on its own axis.

The Panono - throw camera combines two trends particularly; one is the slightly oblique hobby to throw conventional cameras for taking pictures in the air to be surprised what comes out of it - and if you succeed the collection . “Camera tossing " is this reckless disposable camera method.

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