Monday 18 November 2013

Gmail with better integration of Google Drive

Gmail  with better integration of Google Drive
With Gmail; Now the user will be able to view attachments and can save the files directly to the Google drive hosted by Google. For Gmail, it is already possible to include files stored in your Google Drive when writing an email.

Now Google will provide an update to allow previewing the message attachments stored in Drive (photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets, PDF). It will be possible to send such files without leaving Gmail. With a click on one of the previews, a full screen view of the image or document will be displayed. “you can read, search for a particular phrase or even browse several attachments" always directly from Gmail.

 In addition, Parts of received message can be directly stored in the Drive area and more can be downloaded to the local disk space. These innovations will be deployed next week to Gmail on your computer. Google also reveals that Drive has 120 million active users.

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