Saturday 16 November 2013

Microsoft shows-interest in “Project N”

Project N
The Microsoft officials unveiled a new technology for developing Net compile code into native code directly. With the launch of Visual Studio 2013 in New York, Microsoft lifted the veil a little bit of another product currently in development. Known internally as the "Draft N", there is a new technology to compile code directly. The technology is currently experimental, says Microsoft.

Eventually, it should be available to the developer community, even if Microsoft did not say anything more, when the event held in New York on what mode and in what proportions would be distributed tool. According to Microsoft, the "N Project" must allow developed. Net and C # to work better on Windows 8 and Windows RT applications. And, thanks to a new compilation technology. "Draft N” could be distributed publicly in 2014. We do not know, in what form.

Microsoft could keep the technology in-house, and recompile applications directly. This would be consistent; Microsoft has been working around the improvement of the compilation in the cloud for Windows Phone, with MDIL (Machine Dependent Intermediate Language) applications. The solution allowed at its output to help developers migrate their Windows Phone 7 applications to Windows Phone 8.

A job offer giant also recently showed that Microsoft was looking for developers to work on a technology to " compile C # using native C + + compiler." Again, the links are not obvious, and it is unclear how the two come together. Similarly we do not know if the technology is intended for internal use or will be directly distributed to developers.

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