Tuesday 12 November 2013

Smartphone Namo A Whole Review

Smartphone Namo
Nowadays having a high end smartphone is becoming a passion for most of the teenagers around the globe. Race for the Technology has been increased which results in implementing various kinds of technologies in the smartphones itself. Android and iOS has an immense race which cause the manufacturers to discover the devices with extra ordinary features. Likewise a manufacturer from China has manufactured a smartphone and named as Smartphone Namo. That company invented a smartphone with extra ordinary features and dedicated for the Narendra Modi.

A china company which was manufacturing a successful smartphone OEM, wants to launch its product in our country. And also that manufacturing company wants to choose a better name so that it will run perfectly in the Indian Market. This leads them to choose the various name and they come with the name Namo which represent the name of the Narendra Modi. Na stands for the first part of the name Narendra and Second part of the name Mo represent the Modi. This Smartphone has a several features which do have in the high end smart phone as well as the top best mobiles.

Operating System: 

The Smartphone Namo runs on the Android Operating System and it has the android version Jelly Bean. You can easily download millions of applications from the play store very easily. It has enough hardware capabilities to upgrade the operating system with the new versions of the android operating system.


The Smartphone Namo comes with a brilliant interface and it is pre-loaded with the BJP themes. Also various applications for BJP fans are installed predefined in this SmartPhone. The manufacturers of this smartphones have promised in their proposal that they will deliver many applications for the mobile who were in BJP.


The Smartphone Namo has a processor of 1.5 GHz and you it comes with tons of high end graphics application support. The smartphone has both RAM and ROM which makes you to use the mobile very perfectly. Camera: The Smartphone has a brilliant camera of 13 mega-pixel which allows its user to capture their awesome moments with clarity and perfectness.


The Smartphone Namo has a display of 5 inch screen size and you can use this mobile for many uses. This mobile also comes with Gorilla Scratch Resistive screen display which prevents your mobile from various scratches over the screen display.

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