Sunday 24 November 2013

Top 5 Features That Makes Google+ Unique

Google +
Social media is becoming a part of our life and it makes us to spend our time with it. Social media website allows us to stay tuned with the event which is happening around us. We people use social media for many purposes and it acts a medium between you and your friends. Google Plus is a wonderful social media which is maintained by the Google Inc. Since it is from Google, you can get lots of stuff from the Google Plus. In this post you will get few things about the Google Plus;

1.Better Notification system: Google Plus has a better notification system which allows you to get notified when a message is received on your profile. Unlike other social media website, Google has a ultimate notification system which automatically sync the notification into your device. Not only with the device, you will receive the notifications automatically if you’re using any of the Google services such as YouTube, Gmail and so on. If you’re using the above things, you will get automatically get notified with these system. Suppose if you’re using the Gmail for the instance, you will be automatically get notified with the Google Plus notifications.

2.Google Hangouts: Google Plus allows its users to chat with their friends and relatives in their circle by using the Hangouts. Google hangouts are the best platform which brings you a cross interface which let you to perform instant messaging as well as the video chatting.Google Plus Hangout replaces the old Google Talk in your smartphones and you can easily chat with your friends via this application.

3.Integrated Photo Editing system:Google Plus has a built in photo editing system which allows you to edit the photos automatically. You can experience a better image processing in the Google Plus; Google Plus mechanism selects the best image and it rejects other list of images which are blurry and having bad exposures. No need to use Photoshop before uploading images in the Google Plus, Google Plus allows you an inbuilt photo editing system for uploaded image.

4.Hashtags: Google Plus allows you to use hashtags from which you can easily find out the related stuffs over the Google Plus.Hashtags made an easier waywhich allows us to discover new stuff and even you can go through all the post which is related to your hashtag. The implementation of hashtags in Google Plus has made Google Plus to step forward in the social media industries. By simply clicking the hashtag, you can access lots of information about it in a second.

5.Multi-Columns Designed Stream:Google Pluslatest design offers you a fantastic look which made the Google Plus a better choice for the young people.Google Plus makes your post to been seen in a prettier way and you can even post the content which will took more space. Multi-column stream design gives a better life to the Google Plus.

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