Sunday 17 November 2013

Adobe Muse receives new components

Muse has gained new features in an update published this week. This tool facilitates the development of websites. Muse, however, reserved for the Creative Cloud customers. This version of November gives access to trading portal components (demo video) that you can use for its own sites (widgets, icons, layouts).

They come from other users and share their accomplishments. The recovered items will fall into a new palette in the software for a more immediate and permanent access. Additional components - a dozen - are also provided for inclusion in its web pages buttons connect to social networks and web services known as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Maps, Vimeo, Paypal, YouTube, etc. 

Several scrolling effects are added to those already existing in the dedicated pallet. They work on animations created in other Adobe application, Edge and Muse in slideshows. Slideshows that can be now fill the entire screen. This update is not reported by the general utility of Creative Cloud, you must start to see Muse and install it.

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