Sunday 24 November 2013

Things that you failed to know about Gmail

Tricks to surf Gmail:

Gmail most used Mail site across the world. Don’t you feel it’s cheap than its available, doesn’t add ads to signature of your Gmail messages letting you use the best available space to your satisfaction.

Still not convinced with the Gmail features? Let you know more about Gmail to make the best use about it.

Tricks to use Gmail:

1.Offers Gmail offline with Google Gears:

On installing Google Gears you can use them in Web like you use it in desktop client. It provides interface at three modes, Online, Offline, and Flaky connection. Flaky connection one don’t have good signal strength. If you have sent message offline, your message will sent when you are connected to internet and you will receive messages that is already sent on availing the connection.

2.Get driving Directions from Gmail:

Have you ever tried sent an invitation with an address? Google by design detects address in the message and creates a link to right of the message and requesting you if liking to map it. It also offers to track the put together that they receive messages that contain them.

3.Turn on Experimental features with Gmail Labs:

Gmail Lab is a feature that is provided by Gmail to experiment with features that aren’t necessarily ready for worldwide release. This isn’t so popular, it so this will be incorporated to main Gmail interface.
Illustrates that inclusion of Mail Goggles attempts you to give headlines test prior to your post on the weekend, it may also include game and useful task.

4.Add Gmail Themes:

It would be boring to use the default theme provided by Gmail. So now it offers you to create your own theme and publish to your Chrome browser. Sometimes the interface created might make you little tough in reading other than that it’s a pure to workout with.

5.Task List:

This feature prolonged not available in Google but it has worth the wait. You are allowed to create your own to-do-items and give access to view it whenever you need to. It provides the notification on due dates and add details as you need. Task list can be hidden, stay above the page or can be viewed in iGoolgle or Google calendar.

6.Use Google App to send Gmail From Own Domain:

Nowadays people provide Gmail address as their professional contact, but still not satisfied with professional look. Then here is an idea to own your own domain, you can make free use of Google App to make it as personal Gmail account.

7.Video Chat From Google:

Gmail offers Google chat and allows you to send message in your contacts and also engage in voice and video chat, supported in both Windows and Mac OS. But at present is not supported in the version of Google Talk.

8.Check The Gmail Server Status:

Have you ever wondered that Gmail is down and have checked the status; you can check the status form Google Apps Status Dashboard.

9.Remember The Milk:

People who aren’t satisfied with Task List of Gmail more service are provided with Milk. Manufacturer is not Google but integrated with Gmail.

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