Wednesday 6 November 2013

A Thermometer To Stick On The Skin

Skin thermometer -1

Skin thermometer -2

A small patch measures the temperature of a person with high accuracy and continuously. It is a soft square of 2 cm side that sticks to the skin. Consists of flexible sensors and electronic circuits, it measures the temperature of the carrier with an accuracy of 0.02 ° C. It was created by an international team of researchers, who presented in the journal Nature Materials.

Applied to an area of several square centimeters, it can measure different temperatures in different areas of the skin simultaneously, and observe how the heat is distributed in this area. Another advantage of this tool to fundamental aim: the measurements are continued until the person is wearing the patch, which can be observed temperature changes over time.

The system is dependent on an external power source. Researchers are studying ways to do without it, for example using photovoltaic microcells included in the patch.

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