Wednesday 20 November 2013

Samsung AMOLED An Ultra High Definition Screen For Its Next Tablet

Amoled display

Samsung, the electronics giant continues to fuel its research to be always on top especially in the area of the screen. The South Korean firm is preparing a high -resolution ultra AMOLED screen for its next Smartphone.

Samsung finally put on the screen to stay on top of the Smartphone sales. The South Korean firm said he intended to propose in 2014 the Smartphone screen with very high density. This news is not surprising and it is given already and we already knew the value of technology for Samsung monitors.

This manufacturer has been one of the first to release a Smartphone with curved screen namely the Galaxy Round. There is also a rumor that Samsung is also preparing a wraparound screen for the next Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

2014 should be the year of innovations for the South Korean firm. Samsung grabbed huge share of the Smartphone market from Apple for this quarter year sales. To maintain this significant advantage, it relies on new display technologies, such as high quality.

 That is why websites reported that Samsung is preparing Smartphone screens AMOLED 2560 x 1440 or 560 pixels per inch. For comparison, the iPhone 5S has a 1136 x 640 screen that is 326 pixels per inch. This high density could be applied to a touch tablet rather than a Smartphone, as suggested by the rumor that Samsung would have a giant tablet for 2014. More frankly; the South Korean firm tries to conquer the tablet market which is dominated by Apple's iPad.

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