Thursday 14 November 2013

Survey Reveals Consumers Want Same Content Quality on Smartphones as Laptops

A new survey has revealed that many consumers expect the same content quality on their smartphones and tablet devices as they do on their laptops and PCs.

Vibrant Media, conducting new research into the consumption of content and consumer attitudes to it, found that 72 per cent of the smartphone and tablet users they surveyed wanted the same quality of content across all of their digital devices.

The research also showed that despite the massive popularity of Smartphones and tablets - particularly now that EE 4G services have rolled out in the UK and other operators are now following suit with their own 4G networks – many people still prefer to view certain types of content on their laptop or desktop computers.
Vibrant Media found that 71 per cent of tablet users and 81 per cent of people with smartphones preferred to ‘consume’ content on these more traditional devices. A very small number of people (5.52 per cent) said that they preferred viewing content on their Smartphone, with a similarly small group (8 per cent) saying the same for laptops.

Explaining that publishers need to be optimising their websites so that content can be viewed as easily on the latest mobile phones on EE, for example, as on a laptop or desktop computer, Vibrant Media’s Tom Pepper said:

“Consumers now expect to consume content on their handheld devices just as comfortably as they do on their desktop and laptop computers – but don’t feel that publishers’ sites will match their expectations,”

“A separate, fully optimised mobile site is not an absolute necessity to give consumers an effective mobile experience. Publishers just need to ensure that the editorial of their web sites renders effectively on handheld devices and start replacing desktop-only ad formats with much nimbler ads which work across desktops, laptops, tablets and the small screen format of Smartphones.”

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