Wednesday 20 November 2013

How to protect your email address from the hackers

 protect your email address
In the today world of technology, internet has playing a crucial role in everything. Suppose if you want to visit the Disney world, you can go through the all the stuffs regarding the Disney world from your place itself. Simply by hitting the search button, you can get lot of information in the Internet. In the meanwhile, internet is very vulnerable. The hackers around the world start to learn more technology which brought them to hack into your personal system and gather your personal details as well as your important stuffs. It might possible that hackers were hired by your competitors to hack into your system and make your clients to run away from your business. So this creates a big loss in your field; you can easily make your stuff more protected as well as secured by simply following these little steps:

The main thing that you need to concentrate is that yours EMAIL; since all of the internet activities need your email details to perform something. You might use your personal email id for most of the things and also you might have used them for online payment stuffs. So the main motto of this article is to protect your email from the hackers which in turn gives you an ultimate security and privacy for your personal things. Here are the tips which help you to protect your email from the hackers;

1.Strong password: 

Password is the main criteria which are always used to access you email account. If anyone has your email id, then they can easily access your personal details from your email account by very easy way. By providing a stronger password, you can prevent your email account from the hackers primarily. A strong password in the sense, password which is made up of combination of letters, numbers, uppercase letters as well as special characters. It will take longer time to crack your password and difficult to guess.

2.Password with space in between the characters will be very harder to crack the password.

3.Do not include your name, nick name, family name as well as birthday with your password. It will be very easy and provides a key to hack your password by the hackers. It is strongly advised to create a password which is strongly immune to the hacking tools.

4.Always keep different password for unauthorized websites and keep in mind that phishing sites are there in the internet which will grab your all information and stores it in their database.

5.If anyone of your website is get hacked by the hackers, he will use the same data for other websites too. This will create a thread to your all personal information and important data; you can use different passwords so that you can protect your personal from the hackers. In order to use different passwords, you need a password manager to remember all passwords which you’re using.

Log out the email account if you’re using it in the Public Internet cafe and prevent use of those kind internet centers. They might use keylogger to store your all details. These also give you a thread for your privacy.

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