Saturday 9 November 2013

Google Nexus 5 Have A Bug !

Google Nexus 5
The new Google Nexus 5 seems to suffer from a speaker bug. With some audio file formats that run through the speaker, there is a loss of quality. Google has now officially confirmed this. How found out this fault with the speaker while playing some audio files, the Nexus 5 when playing audio files via the integrated speaker causes problems.

Accordingly, there is a considerable reduction in sound quality. Mainly spoken word sounds are not audio able and very feeble to hear. For audio books and podcasts, this becomes especially noticeable. AndroidCentral also thinks that the source of the audio file plays a role.

Locally playing your stored audio files sounds worse than the audio music coming via online Radio on your Google Nexus 5. It was not known to the public until AndroidCentral and Google spoke up. The sound of the speaker problems were officially declared as a software problem, Google is currently working on a quick fix for this issue and we hope all will be fixed quickly.

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