Saturday 16 November 2013

Google Chrome 31 Browser with more Apps!

 Google Chrome 31
Especially Google Browser Chrome 31 comes with new improvements for Apps under the hood Google added those vigorously under the hood of the fast browser. With Chrome 31, the latest version of the fast browser for Windows, OS X, and Linux is available for download. For the security of the browser version let Google spent more money. Overall, the development team includes 25 vulnerabilities check in Chrome 31, of which at least five are classified as critical.

The highest premium money goes to "SkyLined” by Google Chrome Security Team for finding a bug in the HTML parser. With the Portable Native Client (PNaCl), the browser gets a new technique offered; Google is working on for years. Even in Chrome 14, Google had presented its translation tool. PNaCl enables developers to write apps using the C or C + +. Let then run in Chrome with the new technology, whether Windows, Mac or Android running in the "background”. This not just an easy task for developers, but also has benefits for users.

Thanks to the low-level programming can be so resource-intensive applications such as 3D games, video and audio editing or CAD programs implemented. What advantages attract future apps from the art, showing the side PNaCI demos. URL handler Chrome Apps may also access memory from the network immediately to forward the local documents, for example, to web-based applications which is more helpful to the users. Directory access with Chrome apps gets the opportunity to access user-defined directories on the PC. This fall, for example, browser applications on the same data as locally installed programs.

Like its predecessors, Chrome 31 also completed the latest version of Google's browser with the sovereign benchmark parkour. While no wins Chrome 31 percentage points over the previous add, however, it is possible to program a surprise coup in the SunSpider benchmark. Dominated here with the Microsoft Internet Explorer for a long time the top position, succeeds Chrome, at least catch up and catch up with IE 11th The SunSpider benchmarks, V8 Octane and check the speed of presentation of JavaScript. The Acid3 test analyzes the conformity to current web standards. Peacekeeper (Pk ) will focus on HTML5 elements . In SunSpider, a low value (in seconds) better - for V8, Octane, Acid3 and Peacekeeper, a high value (in points / runs).

With the implementation of request auto complete Google wants to simplify. Similar to the AutoFill feature for the browser stores your contact information to request payment. Websites use the function; the browser retrieves the stored data from you in the browser and into the respective form fields automatically. To safeguard your data, the function is only to sites with SSL encryption. But the payment processing does not affect the novelty.

Android users get the new version also able to create bookmarks directly on the home screen. Open the desired page and select the menu option “Add to Home screen”, from now on, a finger tip is enough to open the web page in the Chrome browser. In the corresponding blog entry, the developers listen to a whole range of technical innovations, such as the support of SCTP for improved data transmission for WebRTC sessions or an interface for speech recognition for apps and web pages.

With Google Chrome 31, the browser highlights the distinction between local and web applications on. After 19 Chrome has already blossomed into a browser everywhere program slowly but steadily developed an all-rounder. And to the detriment of Firefox, IE & Co. Chrome is also quick to expresses: In the benchmark 31 wiedermal Chrome beats all competitors and attracts obsolete even in the SunSpider test on a par with the IE11.

Although the developers promised major improvements in performance and stability, but at the Chrome browser anyway very fast and stable, the user gets it with not much. Thanks vulnerabilities closed the browser has less of a target. Android users use the browser even faster by using swipe gestures.

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