Sunday 24 November 2013

Things You Didn’t know you could Do with Google Maps

Google Maps
Think so Google maps help you a lot when you are in a new arena or at strange places, also used to get driving direction to unknown places. Do you know what you can deal with Google Map, let you what make up with it.Here are some tips to deal with Google Maps.

Get Walking Directions: 

User deal with only driving direction to and from a location. You could also possible get walking direction and if permitted get public transportation directions in selected areas. This is not possibly at every instance but try to, select car, walking or transportation and direction in a customized way.

Get Alternative Driving direction by Dragging: 

Sometimes the way direction provided by Maps may coincide with the construction area or toll area and needed to take a longer route by just dragging the path around. It isn’t hard, just with free hand go around find a better path.

Embed Maps on Your Website or Blog: 

On clicking the Link provided Upper right hand side of Google Map will provide URL to use them as your map and it gives you a code. This will help you to embed a map in any web page that supports these kind of embed tags. Many of you have embed an YouTube link, if that is possible then this is also possible to embed a map.


This allows programmers to catch o Google map and combine it with other data sources, so unexpected effects may appear. This states that some effects like what would happen if this place is at nuclear blast.

Create your Own Maps: 

Need not be a programmer to create your map. Just you can add Flags, objects and shapes. Publish and share it with your friends to establish.

Edit location in Google Maps: 

Have you ever noticed that entrance of a company at other side? Don’t save and try to edit it. You can edit every location you could and make things to their original location.

Get a Map of Traffic Condition

Viewing the traffic condition of your city at Google maps, combine this with the alternate route to get out from traffic location and it will navigate to best available route. And also keep a note of not doing these while driving.

Street View

Street view helps to show the image of certain street captured from a special camera, but unfortunately have caused troubles to Google, but indeed this is a way to find address and identifies how your destination will look like. Privacy was the problem with Street View and Google responded to it by Blur faces and license plate numbers from captured images.

Share Location with your Friends

Latitude a feature introduces by Google to share your location with friends. Update to this is provided and you can do it manually or automatically. This Latitude can be used in Phones or standard device that supports Google Map.It might be little hard to enable location sharing but it’s your wish to turn on or off them.

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