Wednesday 6 November 2013

Utilizing Miniature Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras have come a long way in recent years.  They are now within financial reach of most homeowners.  With the advent of the internet, IP cameras, or internet protocol cameras, enable homeowners and business owners alike to have a surveillance system that is high tech, full of options, and reasonably priced.  The simplest system would be comprised of one mini video camera and an internet connection.  Of course, multiple cameras can be added when the owner desires.  Because the majority of homeowners and businesses usually have an internet connection, they only need to install a set of cameras to create a modern security system.  This can have applications for such as watching the entrance to a condo, observing customers by a cash register in a small business, or more discrete uses in either a business or a home.

Business Use of Small Surveillance Cameras

Profit is always the prime directive for a business.  Besides competing with other businesses, a number of factors can detract from a company’s bottom line.  Some of them are reasons a small business may want to install a digital surveillance system. These include worker’s compensation insurance abuse.   With enough cameras in place, a manager can verify what an employee was doing when he or she alleges that they were hurt on the job.  If there was an obvious injury, the process will go quickly, and the company can see exactly how it happened and try to alter safety procedures as appropriate.  If there was no injury, no money needs to be paid.  In the long run, both ways can save money for a company.   Another way to use IP cameras is to observe employee behavior.  A mini-video camera no bigger than a web cam can be placed unobtrusively in various locations in a facility.  These might include a building entrance, a staff lounge, above an assembly line, and so on.  Perpetual tardiness, employee efficiency, or financial impropriety may be observed this way, and personnel decisions can be made as necessary.  

Home Use of Discreet Surveillance

Homeowners, especially parents, may have many reasons to want a good security systems based on the use of IP cameras.  Parents can worry about their children in many different situations, and discretely placed cameras can help parents know what is going on even when they can’t be right there.  Cameras now come in many forms that don’t look like cameras, such as a faux smoke alarm, an AC adapter, or even a coat hook.  Children and visitors won’t know there is a camera, so they will act naturally.  If a teenager makes a bad choice with the liquor cabinet, or if teenage girl is home alone with a new boyfriend, the cameras can observe what transpires.  Across town, parents can check in via the wonders of the internet.  If the parents are out on the town, and they aren’t sure about the new babysitter, a hidden camera can tell them what is going on back at the house.  This can bring peace of mind to a worried parent.  Security from theft is another issue for homeowners.  Motion sensor cameras can be trained on entrances.  There is no need to sift through hours of blank screen.  When someone approaches the door, the camera comes on, and you can see it in high resolution images.  If a crime is committed, or even in there is suspicious activity, evidence will be apparent.   
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