Monday 25 November 2013

Motorola patented a tattoo that reveal your lies

Motorola  tattoo

Motorola patented a tattoo
In science fiction, we often see the future humans with electronic devices embedded in their bodies. Well, know that the future is near! In fact, Motorola has filed a patent for an electromagnetic "tattoo" connected to be placed on your throat.

It lets you communicate with your loved ones and will even act as a lie detector! DGS explains this futuristic patent. Motorola Company, now owned by Google, has recently filed a patent for a strange object; Yes a "tattoo" with electrical circuits that will capture your voice in the clearest way possible because the transmitter will be placed direct contact with your sounding board!

It applies as a sticker holding long on your skin and will be equipped with an antenna, a microphone, a power supply and even a small screen. In short, this device is a real communication device placed directly on your skin that can connect to a Smartphone, or even a Smart Wash Google Glasses. However, this tattoo hides another feature.

Indeed, it could serve as a lie detector as reported in the patent; "The tattoo may include a sensor skin reaction. It has been shown that a user might be nervous or tells lies show different when telling the truth skin reactions. " We love the idea of this new communication device!

However, the issue of polygraph remains unclear. Some journalists sees it already spying on the part of businesses and sounding the alarm bell about the privacy of the user. To take advantage of this technology, is that you would be willing to sacrifice your privacy?

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