Monday 25 November 2013

Transcend the Limits of a PDF Catalog by Creating through Online Catalog Software

Your clients get the first peek into your products in your catalog. So, it is imperative that this piece of document showcases your offerings in all their glory so that the beholder feels compelled to pick up the phone or click on the “Buy” button. There was once a time not too long ago when businesses used to put up catalogs in PDF format on their websites.
Some still do, but not the prudent ones. Those business owners and digital marketers who had realized the limitations of the PDF form of catalog have already made the switch to creating their catalogs using powerful online catalog software programs.
The following are the relative advantages of using a piece of online catalog software over PDF documents:
  • Doing away with downloading woes. A PDF catalog has to be downloaded before it can be viewed. On the other hand, a product catalog created using online catalog software does not require the audience to do anything except view it. Because they don’t need to download any document and wait while the process is underway, your audience is encouraged to take a look at the catalog.
  • Creating mobile-ready content. By doing away with the need to download any file, a product catalog created using online catalog software is more mobile friendly than its PDF counterpart. This lets businesses reach out to an ever-increasing segment of the target audience who use their hand-held mobile devices to access the Internet.
  • Creating multimedia-rich content. You want the best features of your products to be highlighted in the catalog. Transcend the limits imposed by the PDF document that can only support 2D images and instead use online catalog software to create interactive and compelling animations—3D views of a product or a walk-through of a furniture store.
  • Grabbing the social advantage. Unlike in PDF documents, social sharing buttons can be embedded within catalogs created using online catalog software. The presence of these buttons within the catalog encourages viewers to share the content and influence the opinions of their friends and followers on the social media.
  • Creating a rich shopping experience. A product catalog created using online catalog software lets you offer a superlative and simplified shopping experience to your customers. Items added to the shopping cart on any of your product sites will automatically be added to the basket on your e-commerce site. Your customers can thus make a single payment for all their buys on a single site.
  • Being able to track viewer analytics. A catalog created using online catalog software scores over a PDF format by dint of its superior analytics tracking abilities. A PDF catalog lets you measure only the number of downloads whereas the former gets into more specific details and keeps track of the exact products that the viewer may have clicked on to find out more about it.
The Ceros digital catalog software allows you to create such feature-rich product catalogs, much superior than PDF documents, which enhance your online marketing efforts and increase your ROI.
This was written by Anthony Lee Turner, a digital marketer and software enthusiast.

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