Tuesday 26 November 2013

Best Top 5 Mission Based Games

Nowadays lots of games are released and most of them are very much attracted by the children as well as the adults. Most of them are attached to the storylines and also with various progresses with so many missions. The mission based games are looks more interesting and also they are attractive. In this article, you can get information about the best top 5 mission based games and they are as follows;

1.Grand Theft Auto 5:

 Grand Theft Auto 5 is a very popular game which is known for its missions as well as its role playing.Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently not available for the PC but soon it will available for the PC. It is available in the PlayStation which brings you inside a wonderful story line of a gangster. Other than Grand Theft Auto 5, no one have the criteria to take the first place in this list. Grand Theft Auto 5 has a brilliant eye-popping animation and also the graphics. Grand Theft Auto 5 allows you to play with three different characters and you can link with these three characters to each other.Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the top selling games of all times.

2.Max Payne 3:

Max Payne 3 is another mission based game which is renowned for its Hollywood movie “MAX PAYNE”. Max Payne 3 allows you to play a mission based role in which you need to finish off the villians who were responsible for the death of his child and his wife. After the 9 years of waiting, Max Payne 3 has been released that makes it very famous and awesome. Max Payne 3 is too violent and you will get a heavy block buster action in this movie. Max Payne 3 comes with cool graphics and also a perfect story line.

3.Hitman Blood Money:

Hitman Blood Money is a popular game which is based on the movie titled Hitman. In this game, you will be hired as an assassin and you need to assassin the targets by maintaining the stealth mode and you have to escape from the securities and also with the guards.Hitman Blood Money allows you to use a wide range of weapons which ranges from small maelee to snipers too. Once completing this game, you will experience a better gameplay in the Hitman Blood Money.

4.Call of Duty Black Ops II:

Call of Duty Black Ops II is a best person shooting game which allows you use awesome game play with wide range of weapons. You will able to use list of cool weapons andCall of Duty Black Ops II has a list of cool missions. Call of Duty Black Ops II has filled with hard and rough challenges missions with multiplayer support too.

5.Far cry 3:

In Far cry 3, you will start with a tropical island where there would be no support for you. Far cry 3 allows you to form allies with some people and you need to eliminate the enemies. Finally you need to rule the entire island.

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