Saturday 9 November 2013

The best feature of Google chrome you aren’t using

Google Chrome
Chrome is an awesome browser that has been developed and maintained by the Google Inc. Google Chrome supports various features that enhance the various surfing activities of the users; the various features of chrome browser are used very rarely by the people around the globe. By using the Google Developer Tool you can use those best features that has found in the Google Chrome. You can open the Developer tool kit by pressing Control + shift + I. By using Developer kit, you can perform various actions in your Google Chrome browser.

1.Rearrange the image and text on a webpage

By using the Google Chrome Developer tools, you can very easily change the order of the elements which are present in the page. By simply dragging over the elements, you can change the order of the elements in the webpage. You can change the elements such as texts, images, paragraphs and so on. You can place those elements to various places in the webpage.

2.Reveal the passwords which are hidden

You can easily view the hidden password by using the chrome dev tool; you can easily view the character which is present beneath the asterisk symbol on a login field of a webpage. However, you can easily change the type of the password to the normal text field, so that you can easily reveal the password which is hidden as password.

3.Edit your webpage implicitly

Google Chrome Dev Tool allows you to edit your webpage contents very easily. You can easily edit the contents present in the webpage as similar to the contents in the word processor. By using the console tab in the Google Dev Tool, you can easily edit the various contents in the webpage. In the console tab, type the following code; “document.body.contenteditable=true” this code allows you to edit the various element which is present in the website in your Google Chrome Developer tool.

4.Change the Color as u wish

Google Chrome Dev Tool allows you to change the color of the element in your webpage; the webpage uses hexadecimal codes to represent the various colors in the webpage element. Suppose if you want to change the background color of the website you can easily edit the color of that background of the website by providing the color code of the website. You can simply edit the color by typing the name of the color; the Google Chrome Dev tool will automatically show the various color codes for those element. You can choose those colors by clicking the colors from the list of color codes.

5.Duplicate your Location

You can easily duplicate your location of your position by easily change the longitude and longitude of your position. Google Chrome Dev Tool let you to change your current location and you can provide fake location by providing various longitude and latitude of any location. So that you can easily provide fake location using Chrome Dev Tools.

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