Friday 22 November 2013

How to Create a realistic snapshots of your websites

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Branding is becoming an important factor in improving various kinds of business activities and you can make several changes in your branding by promoting your brand online. Suppose if you have a website or an online business, it is very necessary to brand your website and for that you need to work very hard. There are so many tools are available in the online which lets you to promote your band and you can easily create trends among the people using these tools. Some of these tools may be a free one and also some of them may be a premium one. The premium one ismore effective than the ordinary paid ones. But there are some tools are available online which works like a paid one even they are totally free.

In this post, you can get a detailed info of creating realistic images over a realistic environment Screenshot. By using this online tool, you can create very realistic images of your product. For example, a child holding a mobile in which the screen display the website of your product. This will create a huge mass in the mind of the teenagers in this globe. This tool lets you to choose lots of devices in which your product will be displayed over the screen. is a awesome website which enables you to create a snapshots as shown in the following figure.
By using this online tool you can create as many as screenshots you need to promote your website; you can easily improve your website popularity among the people heart by using such sort of promotions. This online tool easily captures your website image and you can grab the image to insert it over the various devices present in that website. The various steps for creating the screenshots are given as;

Step 1: Open the website ( and you will find some stages and backgrounds for the images. Now you can create awesome screenshots by two ways: 1. by directly uploading the images on the website and 2. Grab the Screenshot of your website by simply entering the URL in the

Step 2: Once selection of particular option has been over, you can download your image from the website very easily.

Suppose if you have selected the second option, then you can easily grab your website screenshot and you can insert then in your image.

This website allows you to create a personalized image of your website and this let you to create a screenshot of your online business. Hence you can easily create a mass promotion of your online business using this online tool.

Creating a brand is not very easier job but it requires a lot of hard work to improve the level of your brand and you need to perform lot of hard work to promote your website or your online business. Hope you liked this article and you can send your feedback through the comment box given below: D

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