Monday 4 November 2013

Google Chrome adds a function for automatic malware blocking

Chrome Malware notice
Google enhances the security of the browser by adding a feature that detects and blocks the download of malicious software. Google is soon going to introduce a new security feature in its Chrome browser. This is an automatic download of malware blocking.

Users will be notified by an alert message to be displayed at the bottom of the browser window. This feature is currently being tested in the developer version of "Canary” of Chrome. It will address the malware disguised as legitimate downloads that can modify browser settings or install adware.

"The wicked push you to install and run this kind of software by hiding in something you might want, such as a free screen saver, a video plug-in or, ironically, an update safety," explains Google. And in the Chrome version 29, it offers an option to restore the default settings in case of infection by malware.

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