Wednesday 13 November 2013

Samsung NX300M camera system with Tizen OS

Samsung NX300M
Samsung's smart NX300M is the first model with the Tizen OS. In Europe there is no such the smart camera system but for the time being. The display of NX300M can be folded to 180 degrees. At first glance, the NX300M is similar to the previous model NX300, but Small differences can be seen only on closer inspection.

For example, the 8.4 -centimeter display 180 degrees can be folded up in the new model. Automatically rotate the image by itself, so you don’t have to be photographed as stright. Much more interesting is currently, however, that the NX300M is equipped with the new Tizen OS.

This makes it the first Samsung product that gets the Linux - based technology. The NX300 was already relatively smart and allow the transfer of photos on the Smartphone or tablet via the remote control. With the Tizen OS, there is much enlargement of the possibilities.

 In addition, the operating system will start very quickly, which always was a small flaw in smart cameras with the Android operating system from Google. Samsung NX300M was first announced for the Korean market. The price is to be around 600 Euros. Soon it can be expected in the market worldwide.

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