Saturday 9 November 2013

Best application for children (Android and iOS)

Toddler Teasers
Technology has gone into sky which allows the manufacturers to manufacture different kinds of devices. Android and iOS become the most used operating system in this technology world. Not only adults but also kids used to start playing with iPad and Android tablets. They used to learn most of the stuffs through these gadgets. Nowadays these young children depend on these gadgets for many purposes. In this post you can get more information about various applications which are used for children. Since, it is our duty to educate them with best stuffs and we do not pollute their innocent minds with inappropriate contents. As we are enslaved by these technologies, we cannot simply drag our future citizens to be enslaved by technologies. Since we do not have proper time and power to supervise them but we can divert them with good stuff which are available in this technology world so that we can make our future citizens to be a better one.

By giving them the following application we can easily give them better knowledge and best applications in their smart phone or any devices. So that we can keep away our worries about our child safety.

Toddler teasers:
This app is the one which is best for toddlers who are all just start learning the basic shapes. This app is developed by the real mom and dad for their 2 year old child. The child who learns the shapes from this app is to do only one thing, they have to touch the correct shapes that is asked for. If they said correctly they will be rewarded with a virtual sicker which motivate the children to continue learning.

Monkey preschool Lunchbox:
If your child is under 3 to 5 years of age then this is the best app of your children. In this app there are nearly six educational games which makes your child development on colors, letters, numbers and shape. This app also features a pretty animated monkey which is guide for your child in solving ther problems in this app. Fresh water aquarium transforms your smart phone into an aquarium. That contains 20 varieties of species of fish. You have to feed the fish and you can watch the fishes grow. Bu doing this your child will learn the sense of responsibility of taking care of the creatures in the water.

iSign alphabet:
With the help of this app your child will learn the entire American Sign Language alphabets. In future this will be very useful for your child and it also a good distractions for your child while learning something new for them.

Barnes and Noble Nook Kids:
You can access the most popular picture books from Barnes and Noble with the help of this app. It’s Read to me function replace you from telling bed time stories to your child. This function automatically narrates the book to your child.

Your most valuable thing in this world is your children. You have to keep them safe from unjustifiable information from destructive sources.

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