Wednesday 13 November 2013

Firefox 26 Beta version is ready for testing!

Firefox 26 Beta
With the current beta version of the Mozilla browser Firefox 26, is ready for testing. What's new Firefox users expect here follows Since the Mozilla Firefox 16 team tinkers on the "Click to Play" function. That prevents the browser plug-ins such as Flash, Java or Silver light loads automatically. Only on explicit request of the user can reload the content in question. In Firefox 26, the function will block almost all plug-ins for the first time by default. Because still very common on the net, Flash content is excluded from the rule.

However, only the latest version of the Flash plug-in - with old versions uses click-to -play and prompts you to install the latest version. Do you want Firefox still displays the relevant content; you must select it with a click on that window. Mozilla wants to give users more control over the browser now days. In addition, Firefox handle it one of the largest gateways for malware and resource hog. In terms of safety caused mainly Java in recent past for negative headlines, why Mozilla had originally planned, Java already from Firefox to disable 24 - due to technical problems but Mozilla had to step undo.

So far, Firefox uses the function to block outdated plug -ins. To check if any updates are available for your plug-ins, refer to the plug-in check by Mozilla. The new function not only protects your system, but at the same time preserves the memory as Firefox blocked videos, upload pictures or animations only after your approval. Shumway is also with Mozilla since November 2012 and working on a Flash alternative to open-source basis. In contrast to the current de facto standard for multimedia content on the network Mozilla is focusing its project on open standards like HTML5 and JavaScript.

Unlike Flash, Shumway runs on platforms like Android or iOS, which have to do without Flash. For those interested, test applications are available on a dedicated website. In Firefox 26 Mozilla extended to support various media formats. So the browser is now playing from on PCs with Windows XP MP3 files without having to rely on external programs. Linux users in turn are pleased with the support of the video codec H.264, which requires the installation of the appropriate GStreamer plug-ins. In order not to annoy Windows users with constant update messages, the browser also automatically updated in the future. So users do not run with the risk of getting stuck with an outdated and unsecured browser installation.

From Firefox 26 that works well if the logged user does not have write permissions in the Firefox folder. For this to work, you need to activate the Mozilla Maintenance Service in the settings. In Firefox 26 Mozilla extends the Social API introduced with Firefox 17. The new version allows multiple social services enable parallel so that you receive, for example, status messages or chat messages from different networks. Mozilla has also improved the built - in Firefox password manager. The script now supports -generated password fields. Also, the Android version of Firefox gets some new things donated.

Unlike its predecessors, this time from the list falls not so extensive. Besides the improvement of the password Manger - keeps inroads into the desktop version - get the Firefox app a New Home. Under about: home Find now summarized all important data. By swiping you instantly call up your history, bookmarks and reading list of pages you've marked to read later on. To change the developers have about three months modernized and cleaned up code as Mozilla developer Lucas Rocha writes.

 New in Firefox 26, the app manager is the replaces the current simulator “Dashboard “. The tool helps developers build HTML5 -held Web and test apps for Firefox OS. Which innovations, Web developers may still pleased the professionals have compiled separately. Mozilla Firefox 26 will implement the long-standing barrier announced plug-ins. This is to be welcomed, if thereby the development and distribution of open web standards like HTML5 is promoted.

However, the move is not without risk: All alerts and non-functioning websites lead to more frustration rather than awareness. Mozilla risk for the popularity of the service is aware of its own. This demonstrates the fact that the Flash player is excluded from the measure. In addition, developers hone a number of corners, which makes Firefox 26 quite an interesting release.

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