Wednesday 13 November 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 leads the iPhone 5S in Battery Duration!

Battery Life of Smartphone
The Association of British consumers tested the independence of the newest Smartphones with respect to their batteries. The result is clear and unfavorable Apple. The UK based consumer organization tested the capacity of batteries of the latest Smartphones available in the market.

The association is only interested to focus in two criteria particularly the life of batteries in use and call duration while surfing the internet. In any case, it appears that the winner is Samsung with its Galaxy S4. The Korean phone giant’s Galaxy S4 is in lead with charge of about 1051 minutes of talk time and 405 minutes internet use.

 The latest Smartphone iPhone 5S from Apple brand arrives at the fourth position in the ranking of the call time and the seventh for the internet use. That is of 55 % and 26% of batteries in less time compared to Samsung.

Call time of each is as follows: the HTC One who ranks second with a range of 771 minutes (27 % less than Samsung) and the Galaxy mini S4 with 746 minutes of autonomy in call time. The BlackBerry Z10 is only fifth with 40 % battery in less than its competitor S4.

On the use battery time in internet use, Samsung is still very strong. He came in second place with his mini S4 has 394 minutes of battery life, according to which the mini take the upper hand in this category after the HTC One

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