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Monday 7 October 2019

Surface Duo: Not another Microsoft Phone

Microsoft is all set to give it another go in the phone arena. This time, not with its own OS. At the recent launch of the Surface Duo, Microsoft surprised everyone, not with it coming after two years back into the phone game, but with android being the OS in its new phone. The new Surface Duo will apparently have two screens, featuring Android on both of them, that folds together with the help of hinges.

Surface Duo: Not another Microsoft Phone

When can you get your Hands on the New Surface Duo?

The new Phone will be available in a whole year from now, on the holidays of 2020. With Microsoft’s foldable phone, it’s renewing its relationship with phones in a genre that is sure to grab people’s attention- the foldable phone market.

You may be forgiven to think that the new Surface Duo would run on the same OS as the dual-screen Surface Neo, launched at the same time. The Surface Neo would run on Windows 10X OS. However, it will not be able to make calls. So it basically makes sense for it not to come with the typical Android OS.

Another thing different with both phones is that the Surface Neo is much bigger than the Surface Duo and comes with a different processor than the Surface Duo. Plus, it also works with a magnetic keyboard, which again is something that the Surface Duo does not have.

Why Android?

After the first Windows phone, Microsoft learned the hard way that people prefer Android phones. Besides that, in a practical sense, it’s also a safer bet as Google knows what’s it’s doing with the OS and in supporting apps on a platform. This is something that Windows knows to do only when it comes to computers and not phones.

Surface Duo Microsoft’s last Stint with phones:

The last Microsoft phone was poised to be one of the top mobiles in the 2000s, but then came along Apple and its more intuitive iOS. That began Microsoft’s steady decline into oblivion. After that, it was one Microsoft phone after the other with none of them doing well, what with Apple’s iPhones and Google’s rapidly gaining Android ground.

Microsoft even took over Nokia’s phone business but couldn’t really stay in the game with Android and iOS. At this Point, Microsoft’s phone’s ambition was all but dead. That is until now.

Although a Windows phone with a Microsoft OS is still a way off, for now, a Windows Phone with Android will do, and who knows this just might be a game-changer.

The Dual screen fad:

At a time when workloads, Netflix binge-watching, or general video watching has increased, the demand for larger screens sizes has increased too. But on the other side of the coin, we all want a phone that we can fit into our purses or pockets. The solution- a foldable screen. With these types of phones, you get the benefit of a larger screen with the ability to carry them around in your pocket.

Friday 8 September 2017

Microsoft Bring The Subtle Mixed Reality Features to Windows

Microsoft mixed reality
Windows 10 is based on the same model of popular Android OS which gets upgraded after an interval of few months with set of new over-the-air (OTA) updates. Just now Microsoft has announced that it will be updating the Windows 10 next month which will allow it to make use of the augmented and virtual reality technologies to be more precise the mixed reality domain. This software upgrade is seen as the fourth largest update ever made by the Microsoft to Windows 10 and the latest update is expected to reach the target audience from October.

Mixed Reality brings the best of both worlds

Microsoft will also be bringing new plans which will enable the computer manufactures and the virtual reality headset makers to come up with such hardware which can make use of the mixed reality features. At the ongoing IFA consumer electronics in Berlin Microsoft has stated that they are thrilled to bring the best of the mixed reality experience to the users’ right in their operating system which can be used both at work and hole. Mixed Reality is basically a term which has been coined by Microsoft to signify that their software make use of both the augmented reality and virtual reality.

Virtual reality can be described as the virtual world created using the entirely computer generated imagery and attributes while the augmented reality helps in overlaying the text, graphics, sound and video right onto the real world images or scene which is present right in-front of the users.

Currently people make use of the variety of platform to consume the multimedia content which includes not just computer and TV displays but also the smartphones, tablets and the virtual reality headsets. Microsoft I simply aiming to get into the play by targeting the users only at the highly advanced video game players where they can experience exponential using the VR headsets like never before. Microsoft isn’t the only one tech firm who is looking forward to establish themselves as a major player in the world of augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and cloud based services as a whole. Microsoft will have to deal with stiff competition from a number of firms from Silicon Valley namely Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook as well as the Chinese giant Baidu.

More in store for Microsoft fans and users

Microsoft has partnered with a number of firms ranging from Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Dell, HP Inc to Fujitsu to manufacture and market such hardware which has the ability to take advantage of the mixed reality features. This new software update to Windows 10 will help in cutting down the time loss to just 10 minutes from 2 to 3 hours which were usually lost in setting up the VR headsets by the users. This major software update will also brings a range of new features to Windows 10 apart from the mixed reality which includes a new updated Photos app along with considerable enhancement in the saving files capability using the One Drive service.

Monday 28 August 2017

Microsoft Patent Reveals That The Company is Working on Augmented Reality Wand

Microsoft’s Patent – Wand-Like Controller

From Microsoft’s patent filing, it has now come to light that the company has been functioning on a wand-like controller for augmented reality (AR) and `HoloLens’. Microsoft had made an announcement of a new patent on August 22 of the design for an augmented reality input device wherein the wand-like controller appears like a cross between a motion controller and a pen, according to the report on The Verge.

The software giant company had originally filed the patent in June 2016 on the same day it had published its Windows Mixed Reality vision video. In the video one would see what seems to be a wand-like device in action being utilised to articulate hand tracking with a HTC Vive VR headset.

 There is a possibility that this tends to be simply a reference device which had been testing with partners by Microsoft though it could also hind that the company intends accessories which would operate across several VR headsets.

The software major had intended to introduce a range of Mixed Reality headsets from partners like Asus, Acer, Dell, HP and Lenovo, later in the year. The headsets would be available at a price below the prevailing VR devices, with the unit of Acer beginning at $299.

Aiming - Six Degrees of Freedom

Microsoft has been aiming on six degrees of freedom tracking with the need of traditional external sensors positioned all through a room.

 The lowest specs for Mixed Reality platform of Microsoft also specify most PCs would have the potential of running the most basic apps together with games. Augmented reality has been gaining power quickly in the US, powered by Snapchat Lenses and Facebook Stories.

 Facebook has also been operating on emerging augmented reality glasses which could balance digital object with that of the physical world. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the company had earlier shown photos of comparable glasses stating that they would be the future of augmented reality though had not disclosed that it would be developing this kind of product.

CEO of Facebook is of the view that augmented reality would be the subsequent big user tech platform after the smartphones. This information had been reported after the announcement of Microsoft on its Build developer conference in May that the company plans to utilise AI for the purpose of safety in workplaces.

Purpose – Match with Promotional Video

It had also showcased how AI can make for example a construction site to be safer and also efficient. Spotted by WalkingCat, the patent revealed an accessory which seemed to appear like want, having buttons, a trigger and a finger guard.

It is unknown at the moment as to what the accessory would be capable of doing though it seems like it could be utilised as a pointing device for the purpose of presentations, a prop for augmented reality games or could be also a painting tool.

The purpose of the device tends to match with promotional video wherein Microsoft portrays too small want controllers which tend to interact with an augmented reality setting. It appears similar to Google’s Draw accessory for Google Glass and increases on the controls that are available with the HoloLens clicker.

Friday 16 June 2017

DirectReality of Microsoft - New VR Interface Planned for Windows

Since Microsoft has presented projects such as HoloLens, the company is the pioneer in innovation for many people. Now Microsoft has once again secured more rights to something new called

Although Microsoft recently assured that VR is not shown during this year's E3 during the own briefing, the company only a few days earlier secured the rights to something called DirectReality.

Sounds exciting and many people will now say that it has nothing to do with gaming, but you are wrong. DirectReality is said to have a direct reference to gaming. Microsoft has just registered a new brand name just a few days ago, which points to a new interface for Windows and perhaps also the Xbox One Scorpio. What exactly lies behind DirectReality hides this year's E3 probably not give up.

Microsoft applied for trademark protection for the term "DirectReality" on June 2, 2017 in the United States and applied for computer software, computer games, software for holographic apps and their online versions. However, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) does not provide more detailed information. Companies such as Microsoft also often secure brand names, which are ultimately not used.


DirectX, Direct3D - DirectReality?

However, in the context of the forthcoming E3 games fair and the presentation of the Xbox One Scorpio, the brand DirectReality ensures some speculation. Microsoft has been using the term "Direct" for important interfaces for the Windows operating system, for example DirectX, Direct3D or DirectShow. Even the Xbox owes its name to DirectX, since it was originally planned as a DirectX box. This could be a new graphics interface for DirectReality that is related to the mixed reality features that Microsoft is planning for Windows 10 and in Hololens.

Perhaps a standard for VR / AR under Windows

However, it would also be conceivable that Microsoft, like DirectX for 3D graphics under Windows, is planning a new standard for virtual and augmented reality in Windows 10, which allows the development of software for hardware from many different manufacturers.

A standard would probably also be very useful for developers who want to offer their VR software for consoles like the Xbox One, Scorpio and Windows 10. There may be some information at E3 during the Microsoft press conference. Microsoft has a lot to tell and in the person of Phil Spencer already warned that this time 90 minutes will not be enough.

The Microsoft could be a feature with regard to the HoloLens, but of course also the Scorpio, which supports VR headsets, possibly also the Hololens. In addition to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, DirectReality would be a new form and could even be a reference to a controller unit. With a little luck, we know more about the E3, otherwise it could be a long-term project, so we could only learn about it in the distant future.

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Checking for the Latest Windows 10 Update

Windows 10

Microsoft’s Creators Update for Windows 10

Recently released Creators Update for Windows 10 by Microsoft is also called Version 1703. The user can view what version number tends to be running on the PC on pressing the Windows and I keys to open the Settings app or choosing the Settings app from the Start menu and selecting the System icon. You can opt for `About’ towards the bottom of the list on the left side of the System Settings box.

 Here you can view the edition of Windows 10 connected on the computer (like Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro) together with the version number as well as the other technical details. If 1703 tends to be listed as the version number, your computer has been updated to the Creators Update.

 The upgrade to Windows 10 last month was the most recent revision of Microsoft of its Windows 10 operating system, which came in less than a year after the Anniversary Update (Version 1607) in August 2016. The Creators Update comprises of many new features such as a 3-D renovation of the paint program. Another option of viewing if one has the latest variety of Windows 10 is to check your Apps list for the new Paint 3D program.

Enhancement to Microsoft Edge Browser

The Creators Update also seems to bring about enhancement to the Microsoft Edge browser as well as improved designs for video game lovers. But as in the case with any main system update, there are bugs which tend to come up. On the online forums of Microsoft, some of the users had reported issues with Bluetooth and internet connectivity, computer-memory problems, Dolby sound disaster, crashing apps besides other anguishes.

Hopefully these problems can be fixed in the near future with system patches and workarounds. If one’s computer has already upgraded itself to the latest version, then the user would prefer to need to explore the Settings app a little more to ensure that you have the new operating system organized the way one would desire. For instance on opening the Privacy icon on the main Settings screen in order to settle the quantity of personal data one would prefer to share with Microsoft.

Automatically Install App Updates

Windows 10 tend to automatically install the app updates whenever they seem to be available. However the user could also check for updates manually. Some users are inclined to check manually so that they can see if there are any variations stated in the update. To enable automatic app updates you could –

  • Open the Store 
  • Tap or click the user icon towards the top near the search form 
  • Tap or click Settings 
  • Toggle on Update apps automatically 

To manually check for app updates

  • Open the Store 
  • Tap or click the user icon towards the top near the search form 
  • Tap or click Downloads 
  • Tap or click Check for updates 

The user could also check particular app for update by going to the Store page where you can utilise the search forms in locating the app. Another option is to check My Library for a list of all your apps.

Friday 12 May 2017

Microsoft Makes Emergency Security Fix

Security Fix
In order to stop hackers from taking control of computers with the help of one single email, Microsoft issued an urgent update. There was a possibility of hacking the recipient’s system even without the recipient opening it which was caused due to an unusual bug in Microsoft’s anti-malware software such as Window Defender. After this vulnerability in the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine was discovered by two Google security experts at the weekend, Microsoft immediately released an emergency out-of-band update as a security fix.

The security experts were researchers currently on Google’s Project Zero cyber-security outfit. The Security fix was released immediately when discovered and even before Microsoft’s monthly security update which happens on the second Tuesday of every month. Hackers could take advantage of this defect by simply emailing infected content, sending an instant message or just by getting the recipient to click on a web link.

Effect on Protection Systems

This security fix was vital as this susceptibility could be triggered if the anti-virus software on the system such as Windows Defender simply scanned the harmful content. Some scans are timed and set in such a way on some systems that they immediately scan for protection or take place at a later time.

The Microsoft Malware Protection Engine (MsMpEng) is a core service that comes in default with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.Many Microsoft security tools run on this core such as Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft Endpoint Protection, etc.TheMsMpEng has a component called NScript that handles everything that looks like JavaScript. This bug causes NScript to create a confusion in the way it handles or interpret some JavaScript object types which in turn makes the system open to hackers.

How Hackers could take advantage of this bug?

This defect for allows remote code execution which is what computer hackers look for. Through remote code execution, hackers can install any code on our systems without our knowledge and permission which is basically hijacking our computer. This bug could be exploitable with almost no user interaction. Since the defence systems by Microsoft are default, this exposure makes innumerable PCs more prone to remote hacking.

Prompt Security Fix

Google Project Zero researchers Tavis Ormandy and Natalie Silvanovich were the experts who found this bug and Mr. Ormandy was taken aback with the prompt response Microsoft gave in order to fix it.Within a short time, Microsoft took quick action to issue a security fix unlike the past where months were taken to resolve a bug.

In order to fix this defect in MsMpEng service, within just a few days’ time, a new patch was prepared and was already shipped. The first version of the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine was v1.1.13701.0 which was affected because of this defect.

 As a security fix, Microsoft released v1.1.13704.0 within a few hours, in which the issue was patched and had already reached some of the users. Microsoft also stated that this risk of vunerability would have been much lower if users turned on a security attribute called Windows CFG (Control Flow Guard) that made memory-based defects and flaws much harder to exploit. US-CERT also issued an alert to spread awareness.

Saturday 18 February 2017

Here's Why Universal Windows Platform Matters

You can now view on Microsoft’s Channel 9 a four hour webcast that to on demand that has been launched on the 8th of February. This was developed with an intention to bring to the foreground all the developer-focused feature by the Creator’s Update, which also includes other Microsoft platforms, like Cortana and its Microsoft Bot Framework. For the developers the UWP is the most convenient way to reach up to all the 400 million users who have access to Windows 10.

Sources have said that this feature was far developed in September and has not been updated since then. Kevin Gallo, who is the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Developer Platform have confirmed that for all the PC’s UWP will be the best platform where all the users will be able to stay connected directly with the developers and will be well informed about their system.

Recent researches have confirmed that UWP applications which are available from the common store Windows 10, are any time more trustworthy than the applications found on other stores. Gallo further said that UWP applications can be both installed and uninstalled without any difficulty or confusing steps that you need to follow. You can easily install or install the application via the updates that are provided with the help of different packages.

Microsoft is also about to establish a Windows Platform Roadmap on the Developer site of Microsoft which will be especially designed to make the task of the developers much easier by rendering them support to keep track of and request Windows feature to function properly by providing benefits like development and consideration clubbed with submission and tracking bugs.

Microsoft assured its developers that they will be able to consolidate all documentation for the products of all the companies on The company will give active support to allow the users and developers to avail the facility of edit that will ultimately contribute to the documentation. The Software Development Kit for the users of Windows 10 Creators Update, which was a previous version of officially complete feature. Officials have confirmed that Microsoft’s Cortana Skill development kit, about which the company had talked about in December will soon be out as a preview version on February 27. To get reviews from the public.

Officials are working on the Desktop Bridge, so that developers will be enabled to easily bring their apps of Windows 7 to UWP by increasing the available programming interface surface of the application. Further the writing applications for the Windows Holographic Platform will be able to see that their apps and games are working both on the HoloLens and on the upcoming generation of headsets with mixed reality that will support the platform.

This kind of development will be of great value both to the users and to the developers. This is a very effective step that will help the developers to stay in touch with all its users and will also be able to update them in terms of all the recent developments.

Saturday 11 February 2017

Microsoft Wants to Bring HoloLens to the Consumer Market

Microsoft HoloLens was launched about two years ago but it was available only for the enterprise users or for those who can afford it for research purposes. Microsoft has been right on top of the augmented and virtual reality frenzy since the time of its inception as it wanted to position as the Next Big Thing in the consumer electronic market. Microsoft released the HoloLens among much fanfare and critical acclaim years ago but it was available only for the developers and enterprises with limited numbers, application support coupled with a massive $3000 price tag.

The history of HoloLens

When Microsoft first launched the HoloLens in 2015 it was positioned more as a set of software applications, AI as well as operating system rather than just being a headset. This has helped Microsoft rising above the competition of slew of headsets which emerged in later years which focused on the battery life, user experience and application support. A number virtual reality focused gadgets came up offering different and interactive game or application but they didn’t even tried to change the computer-user interaction paradigm.

On other hand Microsoft focused on augmented reality or mixed reality which allows users to experience as they wish. This has resulted in close synchronization between the data gathered from multiple sources, analyzing of the behavior pattern and having a operating system in place which actively binds them together. Microsoft is currently prepping its system rather the components which will ultimately helps in developing such products that satisfies the needs of the masses.

Can Microsoft successfully bring HoloLens to the consumers? 

Microsoft is trying to avoid the problems which Kinect has to face in its early days. Kinect was Microsoft one off beat project which used to translate sign language into text which will ultimately help in building cost effective three dimensional maps. These maps can in turn be used by the robots for efficient navigation and in the final it will enable robots in understanding the needs of the humans by carefully translating their gestures into meaningful tasks. Microsoft even brought a smarter and updated version of Kinect called Kinect 2.0 which appeared to be extremely cool but failed to fathom anyone’s interest.

In just past two years a number of environments and cases have emerged for the HoloLens to take advantage. But Microsoft has been right in focusing only on the enterprise during the initial years as it will be dangerous to bring such a technology right to the wide amount of consumers. A simple case study of the wearable that make use of the VR and AR has simply failed to show huge sales figure as consumers doesn’t find much benefit coming to them at the end. Therefore Microsoft is spending its time bringing a wide range of apps and environments which will help consumers in testing out the full capabilities of the technology in a smart way rather than being restricted to few things which can be done which such a capable device.

Wednesday 1 February 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5: What to Expect

Microsoft Surface Pro 5
We are living in a society, where the science and technology have registered a unique growth in various sectors, which have paved the way for some of the most interesting and path breaking developments in almost all walks of our life. Whereas, there are lots of developments can be seen in different industries and businesses, due to the extraordinary scientific innovations; there is one development, which has changed the entire scenario of the society towards various aspects is the Computer technology.

The advent of the computer and the internet are nowadays helping us a lot in our daily routine and other jobs and mad our life easier and comfortable. There are several computer manufacturing companies, who are engaged in the production and developments of the computers and its accessories.

The Microsoft is undoubtedly the front runner among its competitors in the field of computer manufacturing and also having the credential of up gradations of the computers, with an intention to make them more user-friendly and easy to operate machines. From the computer to latest trend of smartphone - the company is having their own signature in all such products and recently they are going to surfacing the latest Surface phone, the most modern device in the history of electronic devices.

Microsoft is going to introduce their latest Surface Pro 4 model very soon, after an interval of more than one year, as they had introduced the prevalent model Surface Pro 4 in October 2015. Some of the important and most interesting issues of this upcoming Surface Pro 5 are as follows:

  •  This phone is considered as the evolutionary uplifted version of the Surface Pro 3 and offering the larger screen, digitally and physically, than the Surface Pro 3 and also having an ultraportable experience, due to its lighter and thinner getup; 
  •  The phone is having the Windows 10 and all relevant insights of the Microsoft's hardware designs, so far the thoughts are concerned; 
  •  It can be noted that the touch screen is considered as one of the most important parts of the Surface range of phones is the touch screen and it is now being expected that the Surface Pro 5 will come up a most modern display technology, which is able to improve the accuracy level of the screen, for both the finger and the touch pens / Surface pen; 
  •  This is predominantly a tablet and is looking for a resolution in setting up of Surface Pro 5 as the most exciting and visibly the biggest changes in the range of tablets; 
  •  It is expected that the upcoming Surface Pro 5 will use the seventh generation of the Intel's core processors, where the Kaby Lake chips will be available in greater quantity. This will provide some of the most amazing processing advantages in the speed and graphic segment and will offer a crucial life for the battery for mobile devices; 
  •  The Surface Pro 5 is having almost all relevant features and supports that a modern tablet should have for getting better results and the switching to the most important USB-C external ports is considered as one of the major breakthroughs.

Monday 26 December 2016

Why Windows 10 Users Have Better Anti Virus Protection?

Anti Virus Protection
Ever wondered why PC users using various versions of windows never trust its operating system with anti-virus issues? Well, the reason dates back a long way and is really insignificant in this case. The significant fact is that as per reports of the Microsoft Security Intelligence, the use of anti-virus software has increased manifold with the introduction of Microsoft Defender. It also goes to show that Windows 10 has improved a lot on the security advancements and can now be trusted wholeheartedly for anti-virus protection.

A bit of History

The scenario now shows rapid development in the security department for Windows 10. In fact, almost all its users are having anti-virus software thanks to the in-built Windows Defender which turns on automatically in the absence of any alternative program. Among all the PCs that Microsoft updates only a meager volume of 3 percent PCs are termed “unprotected” with all of them having up-to-date Windows 10 versions. But such was not the case a few years ago.

As per the history books Microsoft has a reluctance to protect its users partly owing to the anti-trust threats that various anti-virus software providers have issued. Companies like McAfee and Symantec threatened anti-trust lawsuits in 2006 on Microsoft over their impeccable plan which included Kernel PatchGuard in Windows Vista. Its aftermath is quite visible in most of today’s PCs where about 20 percent users of Windows 7 and 28 percent of that of Vista have an unprotected PC.

Why are they unprotected? 

Firstly, above 60 percent users do not have any anti-virus installed in their PCs. Secondly, an added 20 percent have it installed but are reluctant to turn it on. Thirdly, in few cases the anti-virus is turned on yet the signatures and definitions are not updated due to expired subscriptions. In case of Windows 10 most users fail to update the PCs and many turnoff their anti-virus.

What has improved in Windows 10? 

With the huge burden of protecting PCs falling on its shoulders Microsoft has been trying to increase the capability of Microsoft Defender. Better scores in all the group anti-virus tests confirm the positive outcome. Apart from Defender, many other approaches have been used by Microsoft such as Windows 10 SmartScreen which is the filter for “safe browsing” blocks much of the malware.

Added features included from Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit or EMET brings in the following standard features:-

  • Data Execution Prevention or DEP 
  • Address Space Layout Randomization or ASLR 
  • Structured Exception Handler Overwrite Protection or SEHOP 

Enterprise users have the additional access to Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) providing them feedback after any breach.

Moreover, cloud-based protection included in Windows 10 is automatically turned on in the Anniversary updated version and it works in a fascinating manner. If a unrecognized file carrying suspicion is noticed by the Defender it is referred to the cloud service which takes a decision on whether or not to block it based on automated file analysis, heuristics and machine learning. This process is reported to save the response time to a great extent.

All these improvements have resulted in lesser infection rates in case of Windows 10 users.

Friday 16 December 2016

Windows Update Knocks Out Internet Connections

Windows Update
Just a few years back, users used to eagerly wait for the updates which will help them in unlocking the new features on their existing devices or software or programs. However things have changed drastically in the past year because a number of updates and upgrades have resulted in driving people nuts with making some serious affects on the devices as a whole. This has resulted in poor user experience and this ugly trend creeps into Microsoft’s popular operating system called Windows with the latest update.

ISP reports internet connectivity difficulties in European region

A recent update to the Windows OS has brought painful and unwanted internet connectivity issues on a number of devices. This has been widely reported by innumerable internet service providers in European region who has stated that they customers were unable to connect to the internet. This isn’t affecting any particular kind of router box rather its is rampant. On other hand Virgin Media has come with a detailed solution which allows users to connect with the internet and it has been provided to the customers. Microsoft also came into action after this and it issued a guidance to the users in effectively connecting to the internet.

Microsoft comes into action

Microsoft has well noted this development and brought some crucial guidance at dealing with it though it has only affected a certain number of users with Windows 10 OS. At first users are required to restart their system and if it doesn’t help then they can get more detailed alternatives by visiting Microsoft’s website from other device. Microsoft has zeroed out the problem in the system’s inability to connect with the network by automatically picking up addressing system in the broadband routers.

Steps compiled by Virgin Media to get connected with Internet

Here is complete set of guidelines issued by the Virgin Media which will help all the affected users in connecting with the internet in a swift fashion. At first users are requested to restart their system by going to the Start followed by Power and Restart. Once the system is booted up again then try to connect to the internet, if it doesn’t work then you will be required to reset the IP address and here are the necessary steps.

  1.  Click on Start button. 
  2.  Click on Run or press Windows Key along with letter ‘R’ 
  3.  Type ‘CMD’ and press enter 
  4.  A command prompt will appear on the screen. Now type in ‘ipconfig/release’ and press enter. 
  5.  Now users can try to connect with the internet and hopefully this set get them connected.
In case this trick doesn’t work for you then the below mentioned steps which will help in clearing up the DNS settings.

  1.  Click on the Start button 
  2.  Click on the Run or press Windows key along with letter ‘R’ 
  3.  Once again command prompt on the screen. Now type in ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ and press enter. 
  4.  Now hopefully your connection will start working and you will be able to connect with the internet.
Later KB3206632 update was released to fix the fault.

Monday 21 November 2016

Microsoft Adds 3D Paint to Latest Windows 10 Creators Update Test Build

We are living in the era of the digital world and there are hardly any products, trades, industries and services, where some sorts of computer aid cannot be seen. The huge development in the science and technology has paved the way for the computer and the internet, which have then changed the entire scenario. With the intense and steady growth of the computer; the massive growth can be seen in the manufacturing and development of the hardware and software, which supports the immense demand, throughout the world.

In this segment, the Microsoft is considered as the front runner, due to their pioneering character and timely software developments, which is necessary to cope with the demands, created in the market by the potential users. The Microsoft 3D Paint is one such application that is considered as the most advanced mode of drawing application, which is a delight for the designers and developers. Some of the most interesting features and information of the Microsoft 3D Paint are as follows:

  • Since the mid – 80s of the last century, the paint application has been there in th
    e Microsoft family of applications, but there were not many changes being made to get it more attractive to the users. But now, Microsoft has changed their approach and now in coming days, the Microsoft insiders can get this application, due to newly developed Build 14971, which allows the users to avail the most appealing 3D Paint facility on a very advanced structure.

  • It is worth mentioning that the Paint 3D is the biggest refresher in the history of applications and this is the reason, the Microsoft has already considered it as the major keystone in their upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. This decision has been taken to make the 3D content development as an indispensable component of the respective operating system.

  • In the Build 14971; the Command Prompt is being replaced by the de facto command shell in the most important File menu of the File Explorer and also in the Win+ X menu. It can be noted that even after the introduction of the new look 3 D paint; Microsoft will allow potential users, who prefer or want to use Command Prompt to change their settings that can be helpful to keep this on their respective machines, as default.

  • There are some of the most interesting features, very minor in nature, along with, some relevant and quite a number of fixes in Build 14971, such as; translation, edge, notification, inking etc. available in the new version. Generally, there are some known features and issues in this new Build, which are effectively affecting quite a number of applications including; Photos, Stores, People and most interestingly, the Studio games of Microsoft.

  • The notable thing is; this unique change in the application will be helpful for easy discovery and launching of apps and also will be of great support in all the recently created or edited documents in one place. Although there are familiar help links, but the redesigning of the experience made it easier to find the intended document, without any hindrance.

Monday 14 November 2016

How to Turn Off Microsoft's Newest Office 365 Pop Up Ads

Office 365
Microsoft is known for using pop-up ads in order to increase the adoption of its Windows and Office suite among the users. However in the past few weeks Microsoft has been actively targeting the Windows users to opt for the Office 2016 which is the latest version of Office suite. Office 2016 brings complete package of Office applications with one-time payment for just one computer.

Office 2016 doesn’t have any upgrade option and users would have to wait to next major release in order to get new features. Currently one time purchase option is available both for PC and Macs through variety of versions. In order to give a push to Office 2016 Microsoft has started bringing pop-up ads on the Office 365 version users to make the shift.

How this pop-up ad works?

A number of users are being targeted by the Microsoft with its notorious pop-up ads which adds to the frustration when working with Office 365. During the work a message pop-up right on the screen and states that ‘Your upgrade to Office 2016 is ready. Free with your Office 365 subscription.’ Thereafter users only have three options in front of their screen which asks them either to ‘See what’s new’, Upgrade and Later’. This pop-up ad might seem easy and not so much nuisance but this appear right in the middle of a important work can simply test anyone patience after a couple of times. Not everyone is tech-savvy enough to deal with the pop-up ads. Many users find it difficult to dismiss the pop-up ads.

Pop-up ads are misleading to its core

These pop-up ads are only being brought to the screen of the Office 365 subscriber on the Windows 7 desktop PC. Users with Office 365 Business Essentials plan doesn’t get the capability to use the locally installable Office 2016 apps rather they have to rely on the web applications. In such a case the upgrade to the Office 2016 will certainly not be free as proclaimed earlier rather users will have to make the one-time payment for Office 2016.
Microsoft explanation towards using the pop-up ads

Microsoft has explained that the pop-up ads are not misleading at all as it offers existing Office 365 users to upgrade to the Office 2016. Currently the pop-up ads are being tested by the Microsoft engineers to recalibrate and enhance the frequency of the pop-up ads.

In the meantime if any users is feeling frustrated or having difficulty in dealing with the pop-up ads then it can be removed completely by following the below mentioned ways.

  • Step 1: Download the Quick Fix from Microsoft site. 
  • Step 2: Give a click on Open or Run and install the Quick Fix. 
  • Step 3: Now simply follow the steps provided in the Fix wizard.
A number of users are left wondering how they will be able to make use of their existing version of Office Suite before they have to eventually upgrade to latest version. Then they should feel at ease because Microsoft is offering support for its existing older versions of Office till 2023 and it differs as per the specific version.

Thursday 3 November 2016

Microsoft Attacks Google's Windows Hack Alert


Google leaves Microsoft red faced by revealing a potent security flaw found right in its popular Windows operating system. Google has published a report which gives insight and remarkable details into the security flaw which has yet to be fixed by the Microsoft. It should be noted that Google has already given a deadline of seven days to Microsoft for fixing up the flaw but Microsoft simply failed to play by the rules. Google has stated that it was necessary to reveal the flaw to public as it was being actively abused. Microsoft reiterated by stating that alert which only ends up in causing more harm because it will still need more time come with a suitable security patch.

The flaw revealed by Google

Google has revealed a major flaw in the file named Win32k.sys which is utilized by the Microsoft’s Windows operating system to display graphics. Any kind of alteration or moderation to this file can create havoc for the users which leaves the display system is jeopardy. Deleting or altering this file results in system errors with the notorious blue screen of death. This has been known by all the major security experts and operating system users as well as technicians but the flaw revealed by Google brings showcase a vulnerability which can utilized by the hackers for their own personal gains.

Google has quite frankly laid down the roadmap for any hacker to exploit this vulnerability through using a ‘security sandbox escape. This simply means that if a hackers gets acess of any Windows operating system the he will get the ability to alter other computer function sin order to cause more problems for the end users.

Why Google chose to reveal the vulnerability? 

Google has a policy which has been active since 2013 and it states that Google will offer 60 days to the developers to fix up the flaw identified by it, only in the case if no one making active use of the flaw. But if it’s found that the vulnerability is being utilized by hackers or other then Google will offer just 7 days before making the flaw public.

Similarly Google has given seven days to the Microsoft to come up with a fix for this vulnerability but they failed to do so. Microsoft has stated in its defense that it isn’t feasible to come with right solution and fixing parameter with an imposing aggressive timeline. It has also been stated by Google that users can safeguard themselves from this flaw through limiting the exposure by the using the Chrome which is not effectively exposed to the vulnerability.

Tech community is divided in this debacle

Cyber security experts are left scratching their whether the decision taken by Google is right or wrong given the fact that revealing the flaw will still require a security patch from Microsoft and Microsoft requires time to develop it. A security expert has stated that bringing flaw public without knowing who are the attackers and targets can aggravate the situation further.

Monday 17 October 2016

Microsoft New Reality Hololens Comes to UK


Microsoft has wasted no time in launching its own VR headset after the anticipation filled launch of the Sony’s PlayStation VR just a few days back. Sony’s launch of VR headset was due for a long time which helped in creating a buzz around it and Sony has carefully launched a number of game titles to with it. So far Microsoft has stayed clear of doing anything with VR as other rivals has been actively developing and launching products in this segment. Microsoft isn’t bringing a pure VR experience to the users with its VR headset rather it is bringing a ‘mixed reality’. Microsoft has also averted the use of term ‘augmented reality’ for promoting its HoloLens for popularizing its own ‘mixed reality’ concept.

Microsoft HoloLens was first launched in US 

Microsoft HoloLens will be making its way to six new countries which includes UK and preorder are opening from today while delivered will likely to be made in late-November. Microsoft has launched HoloLens in its home country ‘US’ way back in March but it has not yet emerged as a dominant player in the VR segment. It is worth noting that Microsoft HoloLens is only available for the developers and enterprises in US for a massive price of $2,700. In order to increase the popularity and to offer greater functionality and feature on its HoloLens Microsoft has partnered with a wide range of commercial partners which includes Audi, Nasa and Lowe for application creation.

Make most of the HoloLens 

Microsoft HoloLens brings vast opportunities for the users to utilize ot for variety of purposes. Users can make Skype call on the headset using the Microsoft’s Skype application especially optimized for this device. Herein users will be able to experience the true extent of the virtual reality when person face appears on the space in front of the user.

A lift making company called Thyssnkrup is already making use of the HoloLens to give direct advice to engineers in field regarding the repairs and work with Skype. Simply tapping or pinching on the holographic objects can help in moving them from one position to another or users can even indulge in core painting exercises using HoloLens.

The might of HoloLens

During the launch event Microsoft showcased the potential of the HoloLens by bringing in a live project from the Case Western which is being utilized as teaching aid for the medical students. During this a human body appeared right in the middle of the room wherein first skeletons emerged then whole set of internal organs were made visible to the people. Users can easily walk past it or interact with the image by moving away different layers with different motion centric gestures.

Headset is light weight and doesn’t cause a strain on the neck but it will take some time before you become habituated to it. Microsoft mixed reality is an unproven technology at the moment but it has shown its mettle in this short demonstration where it brought a swift mixing of the real and virtual world.

Monday 3 October 2016

Get Sharper Text on Your Windows Screen


ClearType – Text Sharper/Easier to Read on Screen

We tend to spend long hours of our time in reading on the computer each day though our computers are probably not enhanced for reading and the text on the monitors may not be adequately sharp or could be too small, particularly in the case of high-resolution monitors.

Generally, websites are not augmented for reading long-form articles and are mixed-up with several navigation components, with advertisements popping up and tends to use texts which are too small. Windows 7 comprises of a built-in service for configuring `ClearType’ that tends to make text easier to be read on LCD monitors. Since the days of Windows XP, Microsoft used a system wide technology – ClearType which made the text sharper and easier to be read on the screen.

ClearType has been designed to improve LCD display. It may be likely to appear a bit hazyon standard desktop monitors as well as on some of the LCD displays. In some cases, seeing haziness could be due to manufacturing irregularity on LCD displays wherein the normal striping of red-green-blue tends to get reversed with blue-green-red.

No Support in Windows XP ClearType

Presently there seems to be no support in Windows XP ClearType to reimburse for this irregularity which could be the problem in cases wherein no ClearType contrast setting inclines to look good on a specific LCD display.In this type of situation, the best thing to be done is to turn off `ClearType’.Windows 10 also has the ClearType support which by default, is generally turned on.

 If the user tends to find the text on a screen hazy, you could ensure that the ClearType setting is turned on and fine tune the same. To get it organized one could go to Windows 10 search box towards the bottom left area of the screen and type `ClearType’. Then you select `Adjust ClearType text’ in the result list’, to open the control panel.

 When the ClearType Text Tuner control panel is opened, you could ensure that the box near the `turn on ClearType’ is checked and thereafter you could click the Next button. Windows 10 thereafter tends to check the monitor resolution ensure that it is set properly Then you could click the Next button once again.

Advanced Sizing of Text & Other Items

The next five screens present you with many text blocks prompting the user to select the one which seems best to their choices and once the choice of click the Finish button is done, your ClearType setting gets consequently tuned in.

If the user desires additional adjustments, you could go to the Start menu and select `Settings and open System’. On selecting `Display’ from the list of system settings from the left side of the box you could adjust the size of the text seen on the screen which can be changed to brightness level. Opt for `Advanced Display Setting’ link towards the bottom of the box and select `Colour Calibration’ for fine-tuning the colours on the display.

The choice of `Advanced sizing of text and other items’ could also be considered as an alternative choice, to bump the size of the text in window title bars, other screen elements as well as menus.

Monday 22 August 2016

Microsoft Office for iPhone Gets Drawing Support for Your Fingers

Microsoft Office

iPhone – the Use of Finger to Write/Draw/Highpoint Documents

Microsoft had optimized its Office suite of apps for the iPad Pro and the Pencil stylus of Apple though the company had put off on any inking provision in Office for iPhone.Recently Microsoft had updated Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPhone to add a new drawing tab choice. Similar to the Windows and iPad alternatives, Office on iPhone would now enable the use of the finger to write, draw and highpoint documents.

In Word in iPhone, the draw tab is said to be hidden away though once it is located you will able capable of choosing it from the certain objects, like a pen, highlighter or an eraser. Moreover the thickness as well as the colour of the pen can be adjusted and can be used freely to mark on documents.

In the case of Excel, one would be able to mark freely on cells and PowerPoints inking integration, it enables you to draw on slides with the help of the fingers. The new update to Office for iPhone is made available in Apple’s App Store. The iPhone’s screen being smaller than the iPad and the laptop it means that with regards to editing certain things, the screen size does not reduces it.

Office Apps – Word/Excel/PowerPoint

In the case of Microsoft Office, Microsoft has introduced a feature which enables the user to draw on the screen with their fingers, though this had been limited only to the iPad where the IOs devices were considered. Microsoft has eventually got around to updating its iPhone app with the introduction of the same finger-drawing feature.

This would be applicable to the complete suite of Office apps like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. As per Microsoft, `use your finger to write, draw and highlight with the tools in the new Draw tab’. This would make it much easy for the user in drawing shapes or making rough explanations, or focus on certain thing on the documents, spread sheet or presentations slides. Beside the finger-drawing feature the update is said to bring about assistance for Citrix in storing as well as accessing the documents.

Qualifying Office 365 Subscription for Creating/Editing Documents

With regards to Microsoft PowerPoint, users would be capable of adding notes and information together with their slide and be much ahead on their latest presentation. The potential of adding comments with the help of finger input seems much easier and practical taking into consideration the fact that changes need to be made at some point of time and nothing seems more convenient as an input tool than our finger which tends to streamline the entire process.

In order to get the latest update, you could go to the App Store and update the Microsoft Office Suite tools for the latest versions for your iPhone. While the apps are said to be available free of cost, for downloading, users would require a qualifying Office 365 subscription for creating and editing documents. Microsoft tends to roll out the latest update as well as new functions though one should yet get the up-to-date finger input selections very soon,

Tuesday 9 August 2016

Microsoft is updating Windows 10 again, in its latest bid to win you back


Latest Update to Microsoft’s Windows 10

A latest update to Microsoft’s Windows 10 is likely to come up and the list of alterations for free paper anniversary updates to Win 10 of Microsoft could fit on a small sheet with around dozen bullet points. The changes are in the making of the digital pen to be more useful with new technology in identifying hacking attacks together with the capability of logging into a computer with a wearable device rather than a password.

Cortana, the voice-activated assistant of the company would be achieving new features with each designed to bring about the technology nearer to the same features of a real-life personal assistant according to Laura Jones a Microsoft spokeswoman. Microsoft and the PC industry are basically treating the launch of August 2 with this is mind, as just another Tuesday which according to an analyst at Endpoint Technologies Associate, Roger Kay, it is just fine and stated that Microsoft tends to be better off directing its efforts on considerable business in upgrading than teaching consumers who tend to be unaware of what version of Windows they seem to be running, with regards to an incremental upgrade. He comments that people are possibly not very excited by the same.

New Pet Projects

Since the debut of Windows 8 in 2012 when the company had spent hundreds of millions of dollars informing the world about it, Microsoft has indicated a change. Satya Nadella had taken over as the new CEO of Microsoft two years back and the Windows leadership team had been changed with the company now releasing its extensively used Word, Excel as well as PowerPoint Office software for phones as well as tables and not just PCs.

Besides this it also started releasing new pet projects initially such as computer intelligence powered camera app for iPhone of Apple. Windows too will be changing and the software behemoth has been making improvements on its promise of running Windows as a service which means that it would be sending modifications together with latest features to PC a couple of times a year. The outcome is that the PCs tend to get the latest features faster together with systematic modifications of the prevailing ones

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft also tend to provide its Windows 10 software, free of cost to almost all who have bought a PC in the past decade, which is said to be a break from its practice of charging hundreds of dollars for the upgrades and the offer is likely to end soon. The manufacturers of PC also have informed about the alterations too.

The companies have established on communicating the experience of utilising a computer and will no longer focus on computer-equivalent of talking about horsepower all the time. The new software known as Windows 10 Anniversary Update is only a portion of the general mystery. An analyst at Gartner, Van Baker had commented that would it going to stop the tide with regards to migration from the PC to mobile devices? Absolutely not’. He then added that Windows Anniversary Update would be worth downloading.

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 Insider preview build could be RTM

Windows 10
Microsoft is likely to sign off on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update code very soon and the recent test build No. 14393 for PCs and phone could be the one which may end up as release to manufacturing - RTM.Several Microsoft viewers for the past week have been wondering on which of the latest Window 10 Anniversary Update test builds could be the right choice.

Microsoft executives are not in favouring of using release to manufacturing – RTM or RTW – release to Web, anymore since Windows 10 is a constantly updated service though several of the users still tend to use the RTM convention in referring to the build which eventually will go to `normal’ who are not in the Windows Insider program. Few have been wondering that the present Windows 10 Anniversary Update test build for PCs and mobile could be the RTM release.

The officials of Microsoft would no longer be calling any of these test builds `RTM’ nor would they likely let anyone know which of these near-final test builds are `soup’. In the case of the update of Windows 10 of November, Microsoft had released the RTM build on November 5 and that release, the first major update to Windows 10 had been commonly available on November 12.

RTM On Windows 10 PCs

Sources have informed that the internal goal of Microsoft is to sign off on an Insider preview test build by July 20to have the second main update to Windows 10, the Anniversary Update and ready to be made available on August 2 on PCs, phones, tablets together with other device as intended. The 14393 preview build has no new features though has some remaining resolutions for both phones and PCs.

Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar, in the notes regarding the new build, states that those having problems with their cameras on Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book while running the new Insider builds need to see a driver update in order to fix this soon through Windows Update.

Being part of the Windows Insider program provides the user with early access to Windows 10 updates through its different phases of its growth much after its release. Most of this analysis is based on the build 10240 which had been available on July 15 and is a Release to Manufacturing – RTM version. RTM would also be on Windows 10 PCs and could be purchased online or in-store.

RTM – No `Windows 10 Insider Preview’ Text on Desktop

RTM does not seem to have the typical `Windows 10 Insider Preview’ text on the desktop and also tends to have been released to all in the Windows Insider program even those who did not want the new updates. Even when Windows 10 is released, the Windows Insider program tends to continue and Microsoft will release Windows 10 updates, first to the members of the program.

Though it seems natural that Windows 10 is well-thought-out as `finished’ by reviewers and consumers. Microsoft does not subscribe to this point of view and states that it would carry on developing the OS with additional tweaks.

Monday 20 June 2016

How to Find Wireless Networks With Windows 10?

Action Center

Microsoft Adding Expansions/Features in Windows 10

Microsoft will be adding a vast number of expansions as well as features in Windows 10 and one of the changes is adding of the Settings app that tends to replace `PC settings’ from Windows 8, which will ultimately also replace the Control Panel. In the Settings, individuals would find the latest `Network & Internet’ section and unlike Windows 8, the latest settings would be enhanced in Windows 10. For instance, Microsoft would be dividing wireless and wired connections in various sections – Wi-Fi and Ethernet, in Windows 10.

Users could also share and connect to wireless network with their contacts utilising Wi-Fi Sense and can perform all the wireless networking functions right from the Settings.If one only uses Ethernet, the connection to a network seems very forthright and on plugging the Ethernet cable in the network adapter in your computer, you can get started. While on the other hand connecting to a wireless network tends to have additional steps where there are various types of features. Windows 10 tends to have its own version of the wireless networks list which can be opened from the Notification section of the taskbar.

View List – Network Icon in Notifications Section

One option of viewing the list can be done by clicking the Network icon in the Notifications section towards the right area of the Windows 10 taskbar, where the wireless version tends to look like radio waves fanning outwards.If this icon is not seen there, it could be in the Hidden Icons space.

On clicking the small upward pointing arrow on the taskbar, you can locate the Network icon and you can drag it back out to the Notifications area. Once the Network icon is clicked, you will see a list of wireless networks that are in the vicinity and rather than the green bars which Windows 7 seemed to use, signal strength is specified by the number of radio waves in the icon near each name of the network. You could also see if the network seems to be secured with a password or if it is open for any user to join in. As a means of precaution, users need to be careful on joining open wireless networks since they could put your data security in danger.

Various Shortcuts to Common Settings

Another way of seeing a list of accessible wireless network is to open the Windows 10 Action Centre which tends to have a collection of various shortcuts to the common settings, notifications as well as apps. The user can go to the Action Centre in various ways namely by clicking its icon, that is near to the time and date towards the right area of the taskbar by pressing the Windows and A key on the keyboards, or swiping in from the right edge of the screen. On arriving in the Action Centre, you could click or press the Network icon and tap the Go to Settings button which tends to show up in order to see the network list in the Wi-Fi settings box.