Monday, 14 November 2016

How to Turn Off Microsoft's Newest Office 365 Pop Up Ads

Office 365
Microsoft is known for using pop-up ads in order to increase the adoption of its Windows and Office suite among the users. However in the past few weeks Microsoft has been actively targeting the Windows users to opt for the Office 2016 which is the latest version of Office suite. Office 2016 brings complete package of Office applications with one-time payment for just one computer.

Office 2016 doesn’t have any upgrade option and users would have to wait to next major release in order to get new features. Currently one time purchase option is available both for PC and Macs through variety of versions. In order to give a push to Office 2016 Microsoft has started bringing pop-up ads on the Office 365 version users to make the shift.

How this pop-up ad works?

A number of users are being targeted by the Microsoft with its notorious pop-up ads which adds to the frustration when working with Office 365. During the work a message pop-up right on the screen and states that ‘Your upgrade to Office 2016 is ready. Free with your Office 365 subscription.’ Thereafter users only have three options in front of their screen which asks them either to ‘See what’s new’, Upgrade and Later’. This pop-up ad might seem easy and not so much nuisance but this appear right in the middle of a important work can simply test anyone patience after a couple of times. Not everyone is tech-savvy enough to deal with the pop-up ads. Many users find it difficult to dismiss the pop-up ads.

Pop-up ads are misleading to its core

These pop-up ads are only being brought to the screen of the Office 365 subscriber on the Windows 7 desktop PC. Users with Office 365 Business Essentials plan doesn’t get the capability to use the locally installable Office 2016 apps rather they have to rely on the web applications. In such a case the upgrade to the Office 2016 will certainly not be free as proclaimed earlier rather users will have to make the one-time payment for Office 2016.
Microsoft explanation towards using the pop-up ads

Microsoft has explained that the pop-up ads are not misleading at all as it offers existing Office 365 users to upgrade to the Office 2016. Currently the pop-up ads are being tested by the Microsoft engineers to recalibrate and enhance the frequency of the pop-up ads.

In the meantime if any users is feeling frustrated or having difficulty in dealing with the pop-up ads then it can be removed completely by following the below mentioned ways.

  • Step 1: Download the Quick Fix from Microsoft site. 
  • Step 2: Give a click on Open or Run and install the Quick Fix. 
  • Step 3: Now simply follow the steps provided in the Fix wizard.
A number of users are left wondering how they will be able to make use of their existing version of Office Suite before they have to eventually upgrade to latest version. Then they should feel at ease because Microsoft is offering support for its existing older versions of Office till 2023 and it differs as per the specific version.

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