Monday, 28 November 2016

Japan Plans Supercomputer to Leap into Technology Future

Japan has made plans for building a supercomputer with a speed of 130 peta flops. The price estimation made by the ministry of economy, trade and industry is 19.5 billion yen ($173 million). This has been made as the Government policy to bring back the country’s lost market back. Japan has lost its technology market to South Korea and china due to heavy competition among them. This supercomputer yet to be made by the country will help its country’s manufactures to develop and to improve their research works. This computer technology might improve Robotics, medical diagnostics and driverless vehicles.

This computer which is being made by the country can calculate 130 quadrillion calculations per secondor 130 peta flops. This computer is made ahead of China’s Sunway Taihulight that is capable of 93 peta flops per second. Japans aim is to create a fast calculating computer to create advancement in computer technology in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This can mimic the human minds neural Pathways to analyze Data and work out calculation. This has been made possible by Google with Google’s DeepMind AI program which has beat South Korean professional Lee Seedol in the ancient board game of Go in the month of March.

This applications in technology includes the developments of various technology by companies and create an fully automatic machinery range. This might create an revolution in the medial industry to track a person’s medical record and analyze their medical health and be used to help them in some critical situations.

This computers made by Japan will be made available first to all Japanese Corporation with fee. This might free many Japanese corporations from depending on other countries super computer. Many leading computer companies have been keen to be involved in the Development of this Super Computer. The Fastest super computer ever built in Japan is the Oakforest –PACS with a speed of 13.6 peta flops and had been developed by Fujistsu. This creates a high expectation for this project among many companies and countries.

The Super computer has been named AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure and has been called ABCI in short form and is expected to be finished in the end of 2017. The bidding for this super computer project has been made and has started and would be closed on December 8. Still it has not been confirmed that who will be making the super computer for government. Japan has the fourth largest number of supercomputers in the world after the United States, Germany and China.

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