Monday 7 November 2016

Google Now Lets You Control Your Phone Using Harry Potter Spells

Are you an ultimate Harry Potter fan? Has it been your childhood dream to get a magical Hogwarts experience? Harry potter is not only a story or a name it is an experience which has won the heart of millions around the world. If you’ve never missed on Hogwarts and have been an Android user, them Google has the best thing for you. Google’s new applications allow Android users to change their mobile devices into a magical experience. Using this application you can easily convert your phone into your personal wand. Using a variety of Harry Potter spells you will be able to control your Android device.

Spells to activate phone functions 

Using Google voice assistant you can use this latest software by pressing the microphone icon or by saying ‘Ok Google’. Certain Latin spells like Silencio or Lumos you will be able to active a few phone functions. In the wizarding world of Hogwarts Lumos adds light to the wands and by using these spell Android users could turn their flashlights on. Similarly, Nox is another wizarding spell which will turn the flashlight off. Silencio which is used to add a silencing charm at Hogwarts will immediately turn the device’s silent feature on.

This innovative Google application is a tie up with Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts. Google is trying to incorporate some new features to the Google Maps. Using the Google Street View users will be able to view 1926 New York, and four different US locations from the film. Although this is not the first time that Google made a tie up with a film. Google’s previous was with tie up with Star Wars, and Android users got the opportunity to enjoy the Jedi Lightsaber Game. The spells in the Harry Potter application is the coolest feature, and is being extremely well recived by the audience.

Be a wizard and tour New York 

This team up has proved to be a marvelous and efficient promotion for the much anticipated ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them’, Harry Potter prequel. Android users are having fun with this latest feature by using their phones as wands and casting magic spells. Who doesn’t want to be a wizard? Getting a taste of the magical Hogwarts experience has been a dream of people around the globe, and by this software you can be a wizard and cast some spells. The prequel of this world famous movie series is set in the 1920’s in New York.

Using the Google Maps feature you get to visit the gothic environment in New York of 1926. Moreover, users will also be able to explore the real locations of today’s New York City using Google Street View. Harry Potter fans will be able to visit Steen National Bank, the meeting point of Jacob Kowalski and Newt, Magical Congress of USA, the underground Blind Pig, and the enchanting apartment of Queenie and Tina Goldstein, who play two primary characters in the prequel. There are trillions of Hogwart fans around the world, and many have desired to get a magical experience. If you want to get anything close to the real experience try out this amazing Google application.

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