Monday 22 August 2016

Microsoft Office for iPhone Gets Drawing Support for Your Fingers

Microsoft Office

iPhone – the Use of Finger to Write/Draw/Highpoint Documents

Microsoft had optimized its Office suite of apps for the iPad Pro and the Pencil stylus of Apple though the company had put off on any inking provision in Office for iPhone.Recently Microsoft had updated Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPhone to add a new drawing tab choice. Similar to the Windows and iPad alternatives, Office on iPhone would now enable the use of the finger to write, draw and highpoint documents.

In Word in iPhone, the draw tab is said to be hidden away though once it is located you will able capable of choosing it from the certain objects, like a pen, highlighter or an eraser. Moreover the thickness as well as the colour of the pen can be adjusted and can be used freely to mark on documents.

In the case of Excel, one would be able to mark freely on cells and PowerPoints inking integration, it enables you to draw on slides with the help of the fingers. The new update to Office for iPhone is made available in Apple’s App Store. The iPhone’s screen being smaller than the iPad and the laptop it means that with regards to editing certain things, the screen size does not reduces it.

Office Apps – Word/Excel/PowerPoint

In the case of Microsoft Office, Microsoft has introduced a feature which enables the user to draw on the screen with their fingers, though this had been limited only to the iPad where the IOs devices were considered. Microsoft has eventually got around to updating its iPhone app with the introduction of the same finger-drawing feature.

This would be applicable to the complete suite of Office apps like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. As per Microsoft, `use your finger to write, draw and highlight with the tools in the new Draw tab’. This would make it much easy for the user in drawing shapes or making rough explanations, or focus on certain thing on the documents, spread sheet or presentations slides. Beside the finger-drawing feature the update is said to bring about assistance for Citrix in storing as well as accessing the documents.

Qualifying Office 365 Subscription for Creating/Editing Documents

With regards to Microsoft PowerPoint, users would be capable of adding notes and information together with their slide and be much ahead on their latest presentation. The potential of adding comments with the help of finger input seems much easier and practical taking into consideration the fact that changes need to be made at some point of time and nothing seems more convenient as an input tool than our finger which tends to streamline the entire process.

In order to get the latest update, you could go to the App Store and update the Microsoft Office Suite tools for the latest versions for your iPhone. While the apps are said to be available free of cost, for downloading, users would require a qualifying Office 365 subscription for creating and editing documents. Microsoft tends to roll out the latest update as well as new functions though one should yet get the up-to-date finger input selections very soon,

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