Friday 26 August 2016

Two New PlayStations Could Signal Major Change in Console Industry


Sony’s Release of Two Model of PlayStation

Wall Street Journal’s report has shown that early next month, Sony would be releasing two models of PlayStation which will be a high-end model having improved graphics together with latest version of the standard model of console. Images of a thinner console with PlayStation 4 branding from someone claiming to have the new device, had been published by Verge. On Forums at the gaming site of NeoGAF, others have also posted same photos demanding to show the latest PlayStation model.

No immediate respond to request for comments on the rumours has been provided by Sony. Nonetheless the company had confirmed that it has been working on an updated PlayStation which has been code-named Project Neo. However the report of Wall Street Journal seems to be the first indication that the firm is intending two models in the near future.

It is not known whether the images which had been published by the Verge and on the forums could be two separate models or if either of them could be the Project Neo model. However if Sony intends to do as suggested in the report by Wall Street Journal release of two models, it would be utilising the same game plan like its arch-rival Microsoft, in its gaming world.

Microsoft’s Xbox One S

Microsoft had made an announcement in June of a slimmer version of the Xbox One, known as the Xbox One S, which is presently on sale. It is said that the company, had confirmed at the same time that it would be releasing next year, a much powerful version of the Xbox, known as Project Scorpio. The PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One had first hit the market in 2013, three years back.

These companies generally tends to wait at least for a period of five years for the release of new hardware and shorter the break between totally latest models annoys some consumers who had dropped to around $400 on the latest console some years back.

However, in the case of Sony and Microsoft, the new models have provided the firm with an opportunity in capitalizing on technologies which have become more conventional in the past. The Xbox One S, for instance is said to be compatible with 4K video, offering a super high-resolution image, while Scorpion tends to support full 4K gaming. Neo is said to rumour to be 4K compatible but Sony has not provided any details before the launch of the console.

New Consoles – Higher Quality Experience for Virtual Reality

With the provision of devices which can stream 4K video, seems vital for Sony and Microsoft. The overall market has developed for gaming in the past few years. Both the companies have been attempting to capitalize on huge prospective audience which is done by promoting their consoles as a valuable entertainment device for the complete family instead of only dedicated video game performers.

Their attempts comprise of supporting as well as starting streaming video service. Nonetheless the new consoles are also expected to provide a much higher quality experience for virtual reality that has attracted the attention of the game developers and is anticipated to be a foremost focus for the next stage of gaming.

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