Tuesday 16 August 2016

Alter: A Creepy Humanoid with Complete Control over Its Limbs and Facial Expressions


Humanoid Robot – Control over Limb Movement/Facial Expression

A creepy humanoid robot with total control over its limb movement as well as facial expression has been unveiled by Japanese scientists and the robot named `Alter’ has been implanted with electronic sensors which tends to imitate the neural network of the human brain. The arms, head and the facial expressions of Alter,is said to be controlled by these sensors that gives the robot a random pattern of movement, which is weirdly identical to a human.

Besides that Alter can also sing converting the casual movement of its fingers into a lingering synth melody. According to sources the big claim of Alter is that it is run by neural network wherein neural networks tend to be software which utilises information in making decisions on their own, informed by decisions which have been shown already. Here the form of neural network tends to shift between a set of movement mode and `chaos’ mode that moves the bot depending on proximity of people, humidity, temperature and noise. It is a difficult method of making the robot to move on its own though the movements seems to be merely conservative.

Gestures Set by 42 Pneumatic Actuators

The gestures of Alter are set by 42 pneumatic actuators together with `a central pattern generator, a network that imitates neurons which can sense proximity, temperature and oddly humidity. Though the unbalanced gestures of Alter do not seem as yet humanoid, there is something certainly upsetting about the robot which can reason for itself. Researchers have stated that Alter is an attempt in creating a robot which can `will’ for itself to move and the head, arm movement and posture can adapt and alter according to choice of the system.

For instance, the torso tends to shudder if the proximity sensors seem to identify lots of people around. Kouhei Ogawa, Osaka University Professor had stated that the amazing thing regarding Alter is its capability of predetermining its own movements. He had informed RT News that Alter does not look like a human and does not really move like a human but it positively tends to have a presence.

Designing Alter – Significant Scientific Achievement

Professor Ogawa had mentioned that designing Alter had been a significant scientific achievement. He had informed engagdet that making android talk or interacts for 10 minutes presently needed an incredible amount of hard work only to program something to react for so long.Alter is said to be kept on display at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo till August 6. The disturbing part of Alter is the fact that only a portion of its hands and face are covered with silicon to look alike to skin though several of its mechanical components are left exposed for people to wonder at its complex movements.

Though the irregular gestures of Alter do not seem as yet human, there is something certainly worrying about the robot which can think for itself. At the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Alter had been unveiled to the public on July 29 in Tokyo. Alter had been designed at the Osaka University and the University of Tokyo by the engineer. The movement of Alter has been described as weird by one of the researchers who has not been involved in the project.

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