Friday 5 August 2016

Samsung Electronics Unveils New Curved Screen Galaxy Note phone


Galaxy Smartphone with Curved Screen & Iris Recognition

A new Galaxy Note smartphone with curved screen and iris-recognition technology had been unveiled by Samsung electronics Co. Ltd. recently looking to build on sales momentum which has assisted it back to swelling profit growth.

The topmost smartphone maker in the world saw its mobile profit rise by 49% in January-June from its previous year due to robust sales of its flagship Galaxy S7 device together with a line-up overhaul which had abandoned unaccepted models for lesser though more attractive new mid-to-low tier products.

The South Korean firm is wagering that the new big-screen device, the Galaxy Note 7 would support in sustaining its mobile business recovery through the second half but new launches from opponents such as Apple Inc. would probably steal some of the thunder.

Samsung will be utilising a 5.7-inch curved screen display for the new Galaxy Note 7 and the device would be taking on a similar design to the Galaxy S series though will be providing a larger screen together with functions comprising of a pen accessory. The grip on the device is also enhanced making it easy to be used with one hand.

Features an Iris Scanner

The pricing has not been revealed by the company but it is said that the sales would probably begin in a first group of markets on August 19 without any mention of where precisely. The new smartphone is said to be a successor to the previous year’s flat-screen Galaxy Note 5.

However the firm chose to miss a digit and give it the number 7 in making numbering consistent with the latest version of the Galaxy S that had started selling in March. Researcher Strategy Analytics has stated that the curved-screen Galaxy S7 edge was the best-selling android smartphone in the world during the first half of the year. Samsung’s expectations are that the new curved-screen Note phone would have the same demand.

The Note 7 also tends to feature an iris scanner, enabling users to unlock the device via the recognition of their eyes, which is the first type of application for a Samsung smartphone. It was also announced earlier by the firm about a tablet device with the feature for India.

Galaxy Note 7 Compatible with Samsung Pay

The Galaxy Note 7 is also said to be compatible with Samsung Pay which is a mobile payment service that tends to compete with Apple Pay beside others that Samsung seems to expect, that would be helping in boosting margins for its device as well as set its products apart from the other Android handsets.

Samsung has also launched a new variety of its Gear VR virtual reality headset with upgraded features like improved viewing angles. Company executives have mentioned that promotional accomplishments in pairing a VR device with the Galaxy S7 phone had assisted in boosting the sales this year.

The price is said to be playing a big role in whether or not one should acquire the phone. Notes tend to be the most expensive in the line-up of Samsung and it is the S Pen one tends to pay for. The S7 and the bigger S7 Edge seem to be identical stylus-less choices.

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