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Monday 8 August 2022

Sony WI-C100 Review

Sony WI-C100 is a wireless Bluetooth earphone that will take your music wherever life brings you. The model can provide up to 25hrs of battery life and offer high-quality listening. Besides, it can easily make you feel comfortable because of its simple usage. The headphones can provide a simple piece of mind with an IPX4 Splash resistance design.

Features of Sony WI-C100:

Exceed your expectations:

The model is an excellent wireless in-ear headphone. You can get exceptional sound quality, and in addition, it can provide a rich listening experience. Besides, it has a splash-proof design offering peace of mind while you're out and about. These support the Sony | Headphones Connect app that you may use to manage sound to suit your tastes.

Battery life:

It is possible to experience up to 25 hours of non-stop music. If your earphone runs low on power, a 10-minute quick charge can provide you with up to one hour of playback.

Create your music sound more natural:

If a genuine music source is compressed, it may lose the high-frequency elements, which can add detail and richness to a track. DSEE or Digital Sound Enhancement Engine helps to restore these to create a high-quality sound nearer to the actual recording.

Sound quality:

You can change your sound to your personal preference. In this case, you can get different presets to match a genre of music you're listening to or generating. Besides, you can save your custom presets with the help of the equalizer feature on the Sony | Headphones Connect app.

Well-balanced tuning:

Its well-designed sound tuning is especially from low to high frequencies. In addition, the vocals are very clear and natural, ensuring that the headphones can match any music genre.

No problem with Splashes and sweat:

It comes with an IPX41 water resistance rating. Therefore, the headphone can easily handle splashes and sweat and allow you to continue moving to the music.

Suitable for use:

The product weighs light, and it is simple to port. Besides, it comes with a flexible neckband, making it simpler to slip into your bag while you're moving.

Voice Assistant compatible:

You need to hit the button twice on the headphones allowing you to attach it to your Smartphone's voice assistant. Thus, you may look for directions, play music, communicate with contacts, etc.

Quick Pairing:

The fast Pair process allows you to pair your earphone easily with your Android™ devices. With a single click of pop-up guidance, you can act fast, effortless Bluetooth® pairing with your Android™ devices. In addition, it enables you to find where you left your headphones. Hence, you can find it by ringing them or checking the previous location on the mobile.

Icon for Swift Pair:

You can attach the headphone to the computer easily with Swift Pair. Now, you may use it to pair your earphones with the Windows 11 and Windows 10 computers via Bluetooth®. Pop-up pairing guidance is available on Windows 11 and 10 devices while you choose the pairing mode.


You can immerse yourself in your favorite sound at a live concert or with the artist recording in a studio. If you use 360 Reality Audio, your music experience will become very immersive, and the earphones allow you to enjoy 360 Reality Audio.

BRAVIA XR and Wireless Transmitter WLA-NS74:

Users can have a thrilling Dolby Atmos® experience after using the model. Besides, it can provide 360 Spatial Sound, which can adapt to the ears with BRAVIA XR and the WI-C100 headphones using wireless transmitter WLA-NS7.


These come with an excellent stylish design. Besides, it is designed with the environment in mind and uses plastic, comprising less than five percent of the individual packaging material. As a result, it will reflect Sony's commitment and help to decrease the environmental impact.

Easy to use buttons:

The Sony WI-C100 earphone is simple to operate. Besides, the buttons allow you to play and pause, skip tracks, adjust the volume, and receive calls. Moreover, the buttons are redesigned with a more pronounced shape to make them simpler to press.

Clear hands-free calling:

It is possible to continue conversations freely with clear hands-free calls. Hence, the high-quality built-in microphone helps you to do so.


  • Hands-free calling 
  • Simple to operate buttons 
  • A wireless transmitter is available 
  • Immersive experience 
  • Well-balanced tuning 
  • Great sound quality


  • Thin wires

Monday 26 June 2017

Sony Unveils New 'Spider-man' Game at E3 Expo


Sony’s Updated Game - `Spider-Man’

An updated game `Spider-man, for PlayStation video console, had been unveiled by Sony, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo – E3, in Los Angeles recently. It is said that Spider-man is likely to be released in 2018 and is being established by Insomniac games, which is the group dealing with the contribution of PlayStation like `Resistance’ and `Ratchet & Clank.

The president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, Shawn Layden, at the time of unveiling the `Spider-man’ game, had commented that the future is here and it is now with PlayStation 4 Pro and PS VR. Virtual reality – VR is rapidly gaining new battleground in the gaming scenario wherein developers are in search of winning over fans with immersive headsets and accessories.

Sony Corp had mentioned that last week it had sold over one million units of its virtual reality headset all over the world and was enhancing production. Besides this at the E3, Sony had also announced that the cult game `Shadow of the Colossus’ would be getting a high-definition remake for PlayStation 4. This game as well as the next `God of War’ edition are likely to be released next year. Though since Spider-Man 2 the Spidey game has not be mostly good, we seem to live in hope.


Reclaiming Earlier Glory

The reason of Spider-Man 2 is the standard of Spidey game which came down to the feeling of sandbox. The new game after an original story, not a tie-in film, tends to look fixed in reclaiming some of the earlier glory. Though there had not been any strong announcement, it surely seems like it was utilising the Spider Man 2 model.

Perhaps the biggest E3 2017 news, so far is the launch of the Xbox One X and after several months of speculation, the `Project Scorpio’ game console was unveiled by Microsoft. One of the most striking features of the Xbox One X is its design.

A dreadful amount of hardware has been crowded into what is claimed to be the smallest Xbox by Microsoft. Microsoft’s answer to the PS4 Pro is the new high-end console which will be hitting the shelves on 7 November which will be costing £449.99. At its global E3 showcase, Sony may not have exposed a brand new console though there had been no lack of best-seller game being provided. Ubisoft contributions covered varieties from action shooters like `Far Cry 5’ to sports, piracy, dance, together with space money and virtual reality.


Prime Announcement – New Game - `Far Cry’ Series

However, the prime announcement had been the new game in the tremendously prevalent `Far Cry’ series. The future edition of the first-person shooter action-adventure is said to be the 11th instalment in the award-winning series which is scheduled for a release on 27 February 2018.

Assassin’s Creed’ franchise, the next game in the long-running is called `Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ and is said to be one of the most expected games of the year. Assassin’s Creed is considered to be a franchise centred on exploit-adventure video game series designed by Ubisoft. Plenty of rumours have been circulated and speculated with regards to `Assassin’s Creed” Origins’ much ahead of E3 2017 and the new video game has been heading for Egypt taking the story back to an ancient world. On October 27, versions of Origins custom-made for playing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows-powered personal computers will be released.

Thursday 2 February 2017

Sony Launches Cyber Shot HX350 Camera with 50x Zoom

Cyber Shot HX350
Are you fond of capturing every precious moment in photos? Do you love freezing a moment not only in your memory but also in a picture? Are you finding a way which will help enhance your photography experience? Well, if the answer is ‘yes’, you can easily improve your imaging experience with Sony’s latest gadget, Cyber Shot HX350 camera. Sony launched its latest gadget on Monday and the camera is priced at an affordable rate of EUR 449. What’s special about this camera? Cyber Shot features 50X zoom, high resolution Exmor R CMOS sensor, 20.4 MP, and BIONZ X processor.
Several new and advanced features of HX350

This latest launch by Sony is sure to please every avid photographer by helping them take their imaging experience a notch higher. This Japanese tech gadget company never fails to surprise its fans, and this latest high tech camera is one fine example of the fact. The BIONZ X is a latest imaging processor and offers top notch results in terms of accurate and effective image processing. Another interesting feature of HX350 is its Clear Image Zoom which brings animals, people, and buildings at a jaw dropping close range. The Optical Steady Shot feature prevents the irritable camera shakes and handheld wobbles and helps click crisp and clear still images. Its HD recording feature will help record the finest quality record and is sure to please every photography fanatic out there.

Best features of HX350

A spokesman from the company stated that its high contrast electronic viewfinder is as precise as that of a DSLR and can be switched to manually tiltable 921 k dot resolution LCD. The successor of Cyber Shot HX300 was officially launched in the previous month but is available in electronic stores and online retail stores from Monday. The camera has already been officially launched in Europe and is available to them at a rate of EUR 449. According to latest coverage, not much difference is there is the successor though there are a few advancements. The ISO range is ISO 80-3200 and can be expanded to 12800. The camera has a multi frame NR mode, and the focal length is 1200 mm at telephoto end and 24 mm at wide end. These advanced features helps achieve 50X optical zoom which is ideal for avid photographers who like shooting wildlife and distant objects.
Ignore the few glitches 

This latest Sony launch features several convenient options like custom buttons for quick settings adjustment, easy accessible mode dial, and manual dial for focus and zoom adjustments. The camera can record videos at 60fps and is also capable of burst shooting at 10 fps. Though this is a top notch device it has a few glitches, there’s sadly no NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth feature. The camera also doesn’t feature a headphone or microphone socket. However, in spite of these few drawbacks every loyal Sony fan can expect superior gadget performance and ehnaced photography experience with this latest camera. The best feature of this phone is most definitely the Inbuilt Intelligent Active Mode, which helps record blur free HD videos.

Saturday 3 September 2016

Sony, DJI and Lenovo Show off New Smartphone Camera Tech


It was at the IFA tech show held at Berlin that a new kit had been announced, the kit enhances camera products. The gadget helps in making videos shot on smartphones seem as if they have been recorded using a Steadicam and at the same time, a plug in that reduces the cost of 360 photography. However the flagship phone of Sony also has come up with some new photography features of its own.

Carolina Milanesi’s take 

One of the consumer tech analyst, Carolina Milanesi ofCreative Strategies mentioned that since people nowadays are always with their phone in hand, vendors are aiming at adding on things to sell to them. The camera is one of the most used features however the price also matters because when a vendor is considering charging a price of $300 [£226] for a mere add on could lead to customers opting to by a separate device in itself.

Snap-on zoom

Lenovo's Moto Z phone with its snap on accessory will be a true judge to check customer’s willingness to up their budgets. A 10x optical zoom is provided by the Hasselblad True Zoom which has superior results in comparison normal smartphone cameras that make use of digital cropping. Users would be able to take Raw photos which enables users to alter the pictures better thus making them more detailed tan Jpegs by using editing software’s. The accessory cost is half of that of the Moto Z which is £199 however it is still cheaper than the camera accessory DxO One of the iPhone which is £399 and launched last year. Reviews claim that DxO One provides better quality in comparison to Hasselblad.

Steadier shots

Sony is emerging a camera add-on of its own - the life-logging Xperia Eye. However its major focus is on new smartphone, the Xperia XZ. The firm gloats it is the main handset camera to highlight five-pivot picture adjustment, which means it can make up for the gadget being up and down and left and right off its imprint notwithstanding pitch, yaw and roll.


This component was beforehand constrained to top of the line cameras, including Sony's Alpha extent. Be that as it may, in the phone, the adjustment is accomplished by adding a product impact to the recording as opposed to moving the sensor about, as the cameras do. Subsequently, it is less powerful.

Additionally, the phone can utilize the capacity just when recording video in 1080p superior quality, and not the 4K resolution it is prepared to do. Different developments incorporate the presentation of a laser-based self-adjust framework - a component spearheaded by LG's before G3 telephone - and new shading detecting tech incorporated with the sensor that helps it make white-parity judgements. "I trust it's a bit excessively specialized, making it impossible to resound with most purchasers," said Mr.Jijiashvili. What's more, when I saw the adjustment illustrated, it wasn't an awe-inspiring change. That is an issue for Sony.

Cinematic shots'

Drone-maker DJI is aiming phone owners with disposable income for its new stabilization system. A handheld support Osmo Mobile known as gimbal, makes use of motors controlled by computers which help in stabilizing the attached smartphone across three axes.

This device may be used on phones from Apple, Huawei and Samsung and ensures to capture cinematic shots. Costing £289, it is a lot more expensive than other rivals in the market such as Feiyu and Zhiyun. At the same time, Steadicam produces stabilizers of a lower cost which do not require batteries or motors. The original DJI Osmo which is approximately 60% more in price and comes with its own camera has been highly appreciated by those who wish to make more professional videos.

360-degree views

Though not the most advanced in the market, the camera add ons of Alcatel’s are low in terms of cost when it comes to virtual reality or 360-degree interactive photos. French firm Alcatel’s 360 camera has two versions, one is rectangular in shape, while the other is ball –shaped.

Both are used in the same manner by plugging it into the phone and they both comprise of the same features. It costs a mere 99 euros which is cheaper by more than fifty percent of rivals such as Samsung, LG and Theta. However customers would have to wait for at least another year until the add on is compatible with other handsets.

Alcatel makes used of the processor, memory and battery in the phone itself since it is connected to the phone via the MicroUSB port mentions George Jijiashvili of CCS Insight. Since both Facebook as well as YouTube are promoting 360-degree content there is a distribution to almost 1. 6 billion people.

Friday 26 August 2016

Two New PlayStations Could Signal Major Change in Console Industry


Sony’s Release of Two Model of PlayStation

Wall Street Journal’s report has shown that early next month, Sony would be releasing two models of PlayStation which will be a high-end model having improved graphics together with latest version of the standard model of console. Images of a thinner console with PlayStation 4 branding from someone claiming to have the new device, had been published by Verge. On Forums at the gaming site of NeoGAF, others have also posted same photos demanding to show the latest PlayStation model.

No immediate respond to request for comments on the rumours has been provided by Sony. Nonetheless the company had confirmed that it has been working on an updated PlayStation which has been code-named Project Neo. However the report of Wall Street Journal seems to be the first indication that the firm is intending two models in the near future.

It is not known whether the images which had been published by the Verge and on the forums could be two separate models or if either of them could be the Project Neo model. However if Sony intends to do as suggested in the report by Wall Street Journal release of two models, it would be utilising the same game plan like its arch-rival Microsoft, in its gaming world.

Microsoft’s Xbox One S

Microsoft had made an announcement in June of a slimmer version of the Xbox One, known as the Xbox One S, which is presently on sale. It is said that the company, had confirmed at the same time that it would be releasing next year, a much powerful version of the Xbox, known as Project Scorpio. The PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One had first hit the market in 2013, three years back.

These companies generally tends to wait at least for a period of five years for the release of new hardware and shorter the break between totally latest models annoys some consumers who had dropped to around $400 on the latest console some years back.

However, in the case of Sony and Microsoft, the new models have provided the firm with an opportunity in capitalizing on technologies which have become more conventional in the past. The Xbox One S, for instance is said to be compatible with 4K video, offering a super high-resolution image, while Scorpion tends to support full 4K gaming. Neo is said to rumour to be 4K compatible but Sony has not provided any details before the launch of the console.

New Consoles – Higher Quality Experience for Virtual Reality

With the provision of devices which can stream 4K video, seems vital for Sony and Microsoft. The overall market has developed for gaming in the past few years. Both the companies have been attempting to capitalize on huge prospective audience which is done by promoting their consoles as a valuable entertainment device for the complete family instead of only dedicated video game performers.

Their attempts comprise of supporting as well as starting streaming video service. Nonetheless the new consoles are also expected to provide a much higher quality experience for virtual reality that has attracted the attention of the game developers and is anticipated to be a foremost focus for the next stage of gaming.

Monday 6 June 2016

Sony Really Missed the Mark with its MDR-EX750BT h.ear in Wireless Headphones


Since the time of ‘Walkman’, Sony has been pioneer in the field of sound based equipment. It headphones, speakers and phones speaks volume about its ability to offer enriched high quality sound and music experience to the consumers. Sony’s latest h.ear in Wireless headphone named MDR-EX750BT failed to incite any kind of curiosity and love among its consumers due to the expensive price point. This particular headphone will be sold at a price of $299.95 which is simply too much for anyone to give attention to this headphone. Furthermore it is plagued with a horrible design which looks like an earphones coming out of the necklace.

Sony simply misses on design with new headphones

The h.ear range of headphones being offered by the Sony promises to deliver high resolution of audio quality ever seen before. MDR-EX750BT does well on the sound quality front but it falls flat when it comes to design. It doesn’t look like any conventional headphone rather it appears in the shape of neckband made up of flexible material with earphones protruding out of it. It has bulky stem in plastic but it is made appear more like aluminum.

Sony wanted to surprise it consumers by coming with a new and innovative design but it only ended up confusing the consumers. This new headphone will be made available in a number of bright colors such as viridian blue, lime yellow, cinnabar red, black and Bordeaux pink. Another things missed by the Sony is the comfort factor related to the headphones. It isn’t much comfortable when put around the neck and sometimes plays a spoilsport in performing natural neck movements.

How does MDR-EX750BT works? 

Sony MDR EX750BT is a wireless headphone which can be easily paired through Bluetooth. Users are required to hold their phone to right stem of the headphone which has the NFC chip installed in it. Once the headphone gets connected with the Bluetooth users will get response as “powered on” and ‘Bluetooth connected’ in their ear piece.

This headphone simply works flawlessly and can be used for a really long time as much as 7 hours on a stretch. It has zero glitches or dropout which results in a high quality sound and music listening experience. It is powered by a battery which can be easily charged through the micro USB charge socket present on the underside of the stem.

The best thing about this headphone is the ability to support LDAC which allows users to enjoy a relatively high quality wireless audio experience through Bluetooth. LDAC is way better than the conventional Bluetooth Audio as it transmits three times more data than Bluetooth Audio. LDAC transmits at the rate of 990 kbps which results in high quality sound retention in the headphones. However consumers will only be able to get that kind of sound quality when they use their NEW Sony headphones with Sony line of Xperia phone or Walkman players.

Saturday 19 March 2016

Soundcloud has Signed a Licensing Deal With Sony Music


SoundCloud - Licensing Deal Signed with Sony Music

According to sources with information of the situation, licensing deal has been signed with Sony Music by SoundCloud, providing its deals with all three main labels, making way for the subscription service it had scheduled to launch later this year. It is said that Sony Music would be getting equity from SoundCloud in the deal.

As per the agreement SoundCloud will give access to Sony Music artists comprising of Beyoncé, The Weeknd, Future, Calvin Harris, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, Miguel and Justin Timberlake. The streaming music service intends to launch a paid subscription plan and a source close to the situation informed that the deals SoundCloud had struck with the majors does not permit it to build a full on-demand service akin to Spotify or Apple Music.

It is said that SoundCloud has already struck deals with Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group as well as Merlin, an independent network of labels; Sony Music had been the last holdout. But obtaining a deal with Sony Music had been challenging. According to Billboard, the label pulled its music of SoundCloud last year when the reports revealed that Sony Music had not been happy with the lack of monetization opportunities.

A Mid-Tier Service

Since the deal is done and SoundCloud has obtained the blessings of the music industry, it needs to figure out how to monetize the services without isolating the 175 million users who seemed to be using it without any cost.

 According to sources, it is said that the company seems to be serious regarding monetizing the service and one industry source has informed The Verge that they need to make this work if SoundCloud has a long term future. Initial discussions had SoundCloud’s paid offering at $10 a month when it launches later this year. There had also been talks of a mid-tier service which were priced less than that.

Together with the excess of songs which live only on SoundCloud already, SoundCloud tends to have an advantage over competing streaming services that largely offer the same music catalog. SoundCloud had refrained from commenting on rumours and Sony Music did not respond to request for comment.

Goal of Launching Subscription Tier

Sealing a related pact in January with No. 1 recording company Universal over its 2015 deal with Warner, Sony agreement seemed to the final obstacle between SoundCloud and its goal of launching a subscription tier. SoundCloud known as the YouTube for audio draws a great number of music listeners online though in the past it has annoyed the music due to its early reputation of being careless with regards to royalties.

SoundCloud had experienced some of the same industry tension which YouTube had encountered while it handled to manage unauthorised uploads of copyrighted material at a particular site where the users can upload their own sound files. This made it difficult for SoundCloud to repair deals together like Sony and Universal. But service’s growing popularity made it difficult for the music industry to tune out. SoundCloud presently has a limited advertising business and intends to introduce subscription services in the U.S. as well as other markets later in the year.

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Sony to Roll out 'Ultra Street Fighter IV' PS4 Patch

Sony has announced to release patch for its recently launched Ultra Street Fighter IV by next week for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) users. The gamers have already complained about the lag in the game in form of unwanted glitches, lag in inputs and some silly but important shortcomings like the button which starts the screen is non-existent along with other issues. In short this game doesn’t provide optimum level of gameplay experience which Sony games are known to deliver.

The Much Awaited Patch For PS4 Users

A tweet has revealed about the much awaited patch by none other than the Sony Director of Third Party Production, Gio Corsi. Tweet had shared the information that patch had been successfully completed by the game developers and it will be tested to analyse its performance. Once this patch successfully passes in the test it will be rolled out for the all the legitimate game users.

The Problems Faced By The Game Players

Ultra Street Fighter IV was launched in March by Sony with a huge fanfare and great expectations of providing a demanding and adventurous game for the gamers. But it turned out to be plagued by a huge number of bugs along with menu slow down. Play Station platforms are designed in such a way that it offers an exclusive and dominant version which can be easily used for the tournaments and other purposes. Furthermore Play Station 4 offers better graphics and gameplay functionalities over the predecessor PS3.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Fails To Feature In Game Tournaments

Due to the number of reports relating to the glitches and problems along with input lags in Ultra Street Fighter IV, Capcom decided not to include this exciting fighting game for tournament play. Capcom certainly won’t be allowing this game in the tournament for aggressive gameplay until the issue is rectified or resolved from the Sony. Even other tournament organisers are dwelling on their decision whether to use this game on the PS4 platform or not. Sony has maintained that this game is very much playable on the Xbox 360 platform without suffering any glitches or problems. Sony and Capcom are required to address this problem and rectify it as soon as possible; otherwise it will certainly destroy its reputation on the PS4 platform.

Patch Expected To Resolve All Issues

Ultra Street Fighter IV had suffered problems both on the online and offline gameplay which seriously diminished the quality of game in all essential sections of graphics, audio and video retention. Menus happened to load terribly slowly along with jagged textures and numerous technical glitches which were subsequently reported by the game players. Sony has confirmed that it will be releasing patched to fix the bugs present in the game through a synchronized roll out plan. The Ultra Street Fighter IV fans are delighted by this development and they are hoping that Capcom will reconsider its decision of excluding the game from EWO 2015.

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Call of Duty Makes First Trip to China with Launch of Public Beta

When it comes to the world of gaming, every sales record has been shattered by Call of Duty, the first person shooter franchise. Even though the game has been enjoying all the possible success anyone can image, they have been really absent or non-existent in a country which is known to be the most populous country, but for not long. The wait is over and the free-to-play version of the first-person shooter, Call of Duty Online, has been officially launched in China on an open public beta. This announcement was made by the publisher Activision on Monday. The game, which has been specifically designed for the Chinese market has been released in partnership with the Internet conglomerate Tencent Holdings. Internet conglomerate Tencent Holdings has been based in China.

Chinese Market

The game’s launch marks the entry of wildly popular franchise for the first time and that too it will be widely available for the consumers in China. Even though the gaming population in the country has crossed more than a million marks, some of the people still play either the games, which have been developed by domestic Chinese companies, or other companies, which have been carrying out their business outside in the United States of America. Call of duty (an American game) was not available in the country until now.

In China for many years, traditional games consoles like PlayStation and Xbox were banned. Last year, 2014, the country announced that they are going to life the ban and would start allowing the console makers to launch their devices within the country’s border with one catch point- the products have to be distributed by a Chinese company. A while back companies like Microsoft and Sony announced that they are planning to launch their consoles in China. Even though Xbox One at present is available in the country, but Sony was forced to postpone the launch of PlayStation 4 last week. According to the sources from Sony, the company is still not sure about the launch date of PlayStation 4 in China.

As soon as the information pertaining to the lifting of ban was spread, the American companies have started working on the idea of releasing or launching their titles in the country. According to the survey conducted in 2014, there are nearly 300 million people, who are part of the Chinese gaming population and out of this, one third of the people are interested in the first-person shooter games. This data was more than enough for Activision. As many companies have made their games free for consumers, it is no surprise that the company has chosen the online medium.

The title of game, which is full Call of Duty game has taken many aspects from popular franchise like Black Ops and Modern Warfare. The game comes with single-player campaign, full online multiplayer, and Survival Mode for co-op playing. The company is trying to get some money by encouraging the user to either purchase the game or rent the game items.

Monday 1 December 2014

Sony’s Experimental E-paper SmartWatch

E-paper SmartWatch
Rumours have been circulating regarding Sony working on an experimental Smartwatch which uses e-paper as display and e-paper is the same technology used on e-reader screens. Sony has developed this new entry as part of an initiative to experiment with the use of the material for fashion products.

According to Wall Street Journal, the FES Watch, an e-paper watch which appeared online somewhere in September is an offshoot of the Playstation maker and it is said that Sony has kept its involvement a secret to gauge public view instead has used the name Fashion Entertainments to move the product ahead. However, the video is in Japanese but the style of the FES watch is not deniable. The prominent feature of the watch beside the use of e-paper is that of the animation which is not just limited to the screen but the whole strap can be customised.

The tech in the watch is minimal with no real features to talk about rather than telling the time resulting in a battery life which could last up to two months on a single charge. Gadget expert, Stuart Miles from Pocket lint has described the latest device as `retro and cool’. He states that `one of his predictions for the next year is that fashion is going to play a huge part in shaping the tech industry and having a phone which is big and square is one thing but if it is actually worn, it needs to look good’.

Watch Face and Straps - E-paper Display

Compared to the technology used in e-book readers like the amazon’s Kindle, the watch face as well as the straps has an e-paper display which means that the watch can change between various different styles of watch face and strap design. Sony has kept the development of the watch very low and has opted in using a spin-off division known as Fashion Entertainment to work on the device.

According to Wall Street Journal it was reported that to fund the watch’s creation, Fashion Entertainment organised a crowd funding campaign and raised around 3.5 million yen. An anonymous reported informed the newspaper that `they had hidden Sony’s name since they wanted to test the real value of the product and whether there would be demand for the concept’, while a spokeswomen for Sony also confirmed to BBC that Fashion Entertainment is a division of the company’s New Business Creation department and are striving to work on various e-paper prototypes.

Release of FES Watch yet to be Provided 

Other projects which Fashion Entertainments have worked on e-paper include bow-ties, shoes and glass though the only drawback of using e-paper instead of, for instance liquid crystal displays – LCD which is a limitation on possible features due to the limitations of what e-paper could display.

However Mr. Miles states that he did not envision it being so significant a drawback for e-paper technology wearable. He further adds that on looking at traditional watches presently, they only tell the time and the people are happy with it, bringing about awareness that one of the popular smartwatches available in the market, like the Pebble, uses e-paper. The release of the FES Watch has not been provided by Sony yet.

Monday 20 October 2014

Sony Patent For Electronic Mirror Device And Electronic Mirror Program

An electronic mirror is really an electronic machine that works as both a TV set and a mirror simultaneously. In many hotels, it is seen that flat screen televisions are exactly placed right in the center of the mirror, occupying most part of the space, leaving only some spaces near it for seeing anyone’s reflection.

So, it would be better if a TV can be converted to an original mirror at only one click of a finger. Well, the mirror TV takes that concept one-step beyond, with the mirror itself becoming a television set at a click of a finger. The lavish hotels that cater to the discriminating customers can embraced this modernization, which merges technology and sophisticated set and also a mirror- all at once.

A patent application US20130314581 was filed regarding this new type of electronic device- an electronic mirror. According to the patent,the device will really work just like mirror, as it would reflect the user. Here, actually a TV set will do the work when it is in switch of mode.

Need of Such Device

A TV set with a flat-panel display machine, when not utilized, is just a stationary piece of a blackboard and otherwise it has no extraordinary use. In case of the TV set, a well-designed and multifunctional picture display device is present that can be used like a mirror for another function when it is not utilized as a display machine.

This multifunctional image displaying device comprises a liquid display machine and a half mirror, within which the half mirror usually runs as a mirror, and on identifying a person moving, the liquid display tool shows motion picture.

But the half mirror had some problems, and therefore there was a demand of an electronic mirror machine that does not get darkens when utilized as a mirror and helps the object to appear more beautiful than ordinary mirrors perform. This mirror works through an electronic mirror display technique along with the electronic mirror program.

System of the device-

It is to be noted that the electronic mirror device of this patent would consists of a camera, a display unit, along with a control unit that exhibits a screen image of an individual recorded by the camera unit on a primary portion acquired by opening the screen of the particular display unit.

It shows a basis of light for lighting the individual on a second area, and regulates an intensity of the light source in proportion to the sex and an age of the individual, identified by examining the screen image. In this electronic mirror device, the second area is placed in left sides and right sides and also in top or bottom sides.

The control unit of the electronic mirror does the function of eliminating a backdrop by cutting a picture of the individual out of the screen image trapped by the camera unit. This control unit has also the task of reversing the left as well as the right parts of the screen image of camera.

It even alters the emission color of the source of the light in the second area to control the image quality of the camera.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Sony’s new selfie gadget – Real or Not?

Sony has come up with a perfume bottle shaped camera for selfies. News that has recently surfaced on Weibo. It has been predicted that this new gadget will make the girls to freaking love it but the question that has been running on everyone’s mind is that ‘is it real or not?’.The website shows a girl holding the new Sony gadget and clicking a selfie but it is still to be established as to whether the picture is a real or a fake one. Whatever, the case may be, it has managed to garner a lot of attention in the recent past.

The real deal:
The image on the website Weibo shows a girl holding a makeup mirror similar to a Smartphone look and clicking a selfie with it. Various issues regarding this news are making headlines:-

  • The way the analysts see it :-
The analysts have look at the image and have stated that Sony might be going in a different direction this time and the use of this phone for men is to be almost completely ruled out.
  • Why is Sony trying such a different way?
Simple, get girls to go over a gadget and before you know it, you are sold out. No means of offending girls here in this article but if you are able to impress a girl with a gadget then you are to know that this gadget will be a trend in the nearby fashion and therefore, are to trend at a rapid pace. This will work to popularise the gadget very fast and therefore, will link the effect to its sale and maximise the product worth.
  • Sony trying to the trendsetter again :-
Whether someone admits it or not, it is pretty clear that when it comes to setting an example or brings a trend into the market in the field of electronics and gadgets, Sony has had an upper hand most of the time over its counterparts. With Sony’s brand market value and great manpower, it has become a routine task for Sony to stay on watch for something new. Having done it with televisions, laptops, symbian phones, Sony is now planning to bring up something that very few had thought about.
  • Right time to bring it on :-
Just the moment when the world is going gaga over the ‘selfie’ fever, Sony has played a masterstroke to bring in gadget with its main focus and marketing brains on selfie. Hence, the sale is to be on the high and on demand.

What else is there to look for?

§ It is designed very differently with a rotating camera.

§ Has the ability to swivel around 260 degrees and therefore, can rapidly turn from a from facing to a back facing camera

§ Sony has allowed some selected users to use the gadget but it is still to be decided as to whether this will be a traditional Smartphone or a snapper!

§ Well, the news has surfaced through a website and still the whole deal is to be cleared and given to the public.

Friday 4 July 2014

Sony Releases Sony RX1 With Black and White Sensor

 Sony RX1
Already in January 2014 there was a huge rumor that Sony has acquired a novel technology with a small image sensor in 35 mm format to take crystal clear images in black and white photography.

Again new rumors surfaced that Sony is trying to push new camera system equipped with such kind of sensor in to the market.

According to the rumors surfaced the camera will be in your hands in the end of 2014 else in the early months of 2015. The sensor could have more that 24 pixels resolutions hence it can achieve more significantly sharper images hence it will be more sharper then the color images we guess.

Apart from the details the website didn’t furnish any details. The omission of the color filter actually helps the sensor to work with gray scale sensor so that the light fall on it will not me hindered by any filters and hence the overall sharpness will increase.

 And this could increase the overall result with higher light sensitivity and better sharpness. The idea and its realization is not new and Leica has the M Monochrome since mid-2012 a system camera with such a sensor in the program.

The Leica M Monochrome costs 6,800 Euros without a lens and a resolution of 18 megapixels. Before the sensor is located an infrared filter for filtering the non-visible spectrum above 700 nm is used, but it is a no low-pass filter and some features like an auto focus missing there in Leica.

There are so many other models and brands are available for example Red Epic-M Monochrome is loaded with 14 mega pixels resolution which costs around 25,000$

Sunday 29 June 2014

Sony Xperia Z2 - A Smartphone from Sony

Sony Xperia Z2
Sony has distinctively established their self in the designing of waterproof models with the Sony Xperia Z series.

Within this series Sony Xperia Z2 is another addition comes with waterproofing capability and facility to record video in 4K resolution. Sony Xperia Z2 comes with fast processor, with more sharpness on screen, high resolution camera.

The 5.1 inches screen comes with 1920x1080 pixels and it provides full high definition very sharp picture quality. The brightness is 455 cd x /m2. More over the screen has more lateral viewing angle. The display quality increased more from its predecessors.

Since Sony removed additional screen protector the colors displayed are better. The 20.7 mega pixel camera is sufficient for taking photos for taking photos in rapid movements.

The timeshift video and Burst records helps the Smartphone to record slow motion videos and can shoots up to 60 frames per second in Full HD.

The SteadyShot feature offers more quality and the software based image stabilization removes the imperfection in the video quality while doing hand held videos.

Sony Xperia Z2 on boards a Snapdragon 801 which is one of the fastest processor with 2.3 GHz clock with 3 GB RAM. The less battery life is a big issue with the most of the Smartphone, but battery of Sony Xperia Z2 can last longer for atleast 13 hours with apps navigation and internet usage.

The Z2 comes with simple menus and easy operation and certain apps will start automatically when charging cable is connected. Z2 is equipped with NFC Smart Tags to do certain tasks automatically like navigation apps.

Sony Xperia Z2 housed with LTE, NFC, and Bluetooth 4.0, super fast Wi-ac (2.4 and five gigahertz) HDMI, FM radio as well as the operating system "Android 4.4.2 KitKat" and all other features of a regular Android smart phone. Sony Xperia Z2 is sealed against water and dust of standard IP57.

Friday 10 January 2014

Sony Ultra short-throw projector that displays a 147-inch 4K image on a plain wall

Sony Ultra short-throw projector
At CES 2014 Sony announced its 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector to throws huge, sharp picture on the wall, but is only a few centimeters away front of it. It is an elegant art of the living room, which produces up to 147 inch 4k images. It can be set sizes to the sizes from 1.67 to 3.7 meters diagonal. And the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector need not be in the middle of the room - it is enough to keep it just a few centimeters distance away from the wall. Instead of a light bulb, as it comes with many other projectors for use, the Sony projector uses laser technology. Because the image produced by laser reaches faster the full luminosity (2000 lumens) and provides better color, according to the manufacturer namely Sony. The 4 K Ultra Short Throw Projectors includes other accessories also. Two speakers are included with it. Sony also offers cabinets in the same design. The close seamlessly to the other modules and provide space for other electronic devices. Still, the device is not commercially available in Europe and it is expected to be available in forth coming days. The price tag is lush around 40,000 U.S. dollars.

Thursday 2 January 2014

Sony Going To Release Windows Phone Smartphone Soon!

Sony Vaio

Mid-2014 might seem a smart phone from Sony with Microsoft's mobile operating system Windows Phone. Such a device would then appear under the Vaio brand. Yet but was probably not signed a contract. Microsoft is currently negotiating with Sony; that the Japanese electronics company to bring a Smartphone with Windows Phone in the market.

The reports surfaced the internet and this information is with reference to a person who is familiar with the plans. Such a Windows Smartphone could be released in summer 2014 and would then probably sell under the Vaio brand. At Sony, already there are ongoing projects of prototypes Windows Phone Smartphones inside.

Still now no agreement was signed between Microsoft and Sony, so there is a chance that the project also could still fail. Reasons for this could be requested by Microsoft royalties. But the question which software Sony Vaio must pre-install on a Smartphone, here could lead to problems. In September 2012, the Sony Mobile head had denied working on a Smartphone with Windows Phone. He disagreed with a statement of another Sony Manager. Earlier, Pierre Perron, Managing Director for Sony Mobile in the UK and Ireland, explains Sony would examine the evolution of Windows Smartphones.

Since the change from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone, there is no Sony Smartphones with a Microsoft operating system was exhibited. By 2010, Sony offered (then Sony Ericsson) phones with Windows Mobile 6.5. The last one launched was the Windows Mobile Smartphone namely the Aspen; it was released in February 2010.

Since then, Sony Ericsson had fully focused on Android Smartphones and in recent years no device with another operating system is in production. The first Sony Ericsson Smartphones was running the Symbian Smartphone operating system and later came Windows Mobile Smartphones to do so.

Some time there was Sony Ericsson parallel Smartphones with Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android. Sony Ericsson had developed a prototype Smartphone based on Windows Phone 7 under the name Julie, but never given a device with the Windows Phone platform on the market.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Sony Playstation 4 Technical problems “Blue Light of Death”

Blue Light of Death
In the U.S., many gamers report total failures of the new Sony console. Comes after the “Yellow Light of Death “is now the "Blue Light of Death”; many gamers report of defective Playstation 4 consoles give the strips a blue flash of light itself.

The gaming world is waiting for the launch of the Playstation 4 we have already received a developer console! It should be the gamer’s highlight of the year, but for many players, the release of the Playstation 4 has degenerated to the annoyance. The official Playstation forum is littered with indignant and disappointed contributions of PS4 owners whose console has given up the ghost later out of the box or in a very short time.

The symptom is the same everywhere: the light bar in the center of the case flashes blue after power, output picture and sound do not take place, a short time later, the device switches off - a start in Safe mode is also not possible. Sony took up position on the subject already, and advises to check hard drive, power cable and TV firmware.

However, according to many user contributions creates none of the points help. Some gamers had their Playstation 4 already be picked up by Sony, as the blue light can also refer to various other hardware defects by the manufacturer.
The repair will take about three weeks, according to the gamblers. Let's hope that Sony will solve these problems before the European launch on 29 November gets to grips with.

Friday 18 October 2013

Sony launches full-frame Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R mirrorless Cameras

Sony ful frame mirrorless Alpha 7

Sony's new cameras Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R are of different resolutions up to its full format sensors almost identical. Sony Alpha 7 model is a full frame sensor camera, with WiFi and NFC. Sony's new mirrorless system cameras Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R are almost identical - except for one important feature.

Both have a 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor with an area of 35.8 x23.9 millimeters. While the alpha picks up 7 photos up to 24.3 megapixels, the 7R alpha can take up to 36.4 megapixels. With new technology, it will illuminate the sensor surface and can do it optimally so that the minimal gaps between the individual pixels disappear. The light sensitivity of this camera range is from ISO 100-25600.

Both cameras have an electronic viewfinder with 2.3 megapixels and field of view coverage of 100 percent. Her three -inch screens with a resolution of 0.9 megapixels are movable about 90 degrees upward and 45 degrees downward. The housing is dust - and splash -proof. The body of the Alpha R7 is also completely made of magnesium, while in the alpha 7 additionally plastic is used.

With battery and memory card both weigh less than 500 grams. The facilities of Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R are the new Bionz X image processor which processes, high-resolution photos and full-HD videos easily in real time. For other option like fast auto focus and others more facilities are provided in the control panels provide.

The two cameras system transfers the photos via WLAN and NFC to the inserted memory cards or SD cards to Smartphones, tablets, TVs and computers. According to the Sony; compact mirror less full-frame cameras require matching compact, lightweight and robust lenses.

Therefore, the manufacturer along with the Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R trying to make available five new full-frame lenses - including premium models from Carl Zeiss. The five new E-mount lenses for full frame cameras appear between November 2013 and February 2014. The suggested retail price for the Sony Alpha 7 is 1,499 Euros, for the Alpha 7R it is 2,099 Euros. Additionally it comes with a kit with the full-frame lens SEL - 2870 for 1,799 Euros in the market. You may soon expect these cameras in the market.

Saturday 7 September 2013

New Sony FDR- AX1 Announced

While the IBC show video opens in Amsterdam; Sony has announced a new camera FDR- AX1, which will be available in late October. This is the first mainstream 4K camera from Sony; it can shoot images with a resolution up to 3840 x 2160 pixels (QFHD). The design of the FDR- AX1 is not new: it is similar to that of the Sony HDR- AX200. It is equipped with a "home" CMOS sensor Exmor R “back-lit” 1/2, 3 inch 12MP, including 8.3 effective. Its goal G Lens 29.5 to 590 mm (20x, f / 1.63 to 3.4) is stabilized and has 3 ND filters. 3 rings to make settings for zoom, focus and iris and are independent to each other. In addition to a microphone, the FDR- AX1 has two audio connectors XLR professional format. 4K videos are saved on expensive XQD cards, a recent XQD format provides efficient transfer rate and was previously used by the Nikon D4. The FDR- AX1 has two locations in this format. Sony want to sell like hotcakes its 4K screens , rather aggressively positioned in terms of quality and price against their Chinese and Korean competitors , it must justify its use until the 4K TV broadcasts becoming widespread.

 All Sony ecosystems are called upon to promote 4K, as there was little 3D, from cloud services PlayMemories until the PS4. Some choices Sony for its FDR- AX1 are sometimes a bit surprising for a camera that still costs 4 € 499.01. For example it uses the codec XAVC S placed in a MPEG4- AVC / H.264 container. It is a variant of the more compressed the XAVC/H264 Level version 5.2 codec. More bad news for users who want to go further than holiday movies on YouTube, the colors are sampled 4:2:0. Without going to a 4:4:4 coding or even RAW images, 4:2:2 would have left a significant latitude for color correction, calibration, clipping paths and masks, and other special effects and overlays on " green funds".

The FDR- AX1 is equipped with a single sensor of small size. In the same price range or less, many Full HD models competing not only have 3 sensors, and their size is larger. They record their video with 4:2:2 colors sampling, better than 4:2:0 solution. Sony seems to recommend a minimum of 4 lux for 4K images is more light than most HD cameras require ( the AX200 , very close to the AX1 requires only 1.5 Lux) and that the risk of require users to frequently use other extra light source. Sony has announced an update to make it compatible with the latest HDMI version 2.0 HDMI. The HDMI 2.0 will see a 4K video on a TV at 60 frames / s with a single HDMI cable. In addition, this update adds compatibility with the AVCHD codec and will also use SD cards for 1080p video.

The FDR- AX1 seems quite clear heat, after initial tests published on the Net. The XQD cards would be hot when removed from the camera. Similarly, AX1 which manages large data flows, processes and compresses, heat up quickly despite the internal fan which it is equipped. This also may be a concern for the sound by the internal microphone of the camera emits noise. This should not pose any problems to professional users, resorting instead to external microphones for their shots, but for the general public or semi pro users, high heat and fan trying to remedy it may hinder the sound made with the built-in microphone on the camera.

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Sony Xperia Z with 6.44 inch Ultra has an enormous Full HD screen. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra has a 6.44-inch full HD screen (1920x1080 pixels, 342 ppi) and is dust and water proof according to the norms IP55/IP57. So it not only looks similar to the Xperia Z. The Z Ultra is available in black and white. Sony's XL Smartphone is extremely large but also impressively thin of about 6.5 mm. The clear-edged design is very classy. Shade of this particular display affects the black model as a solid glass plate. The look is reminiscent of the Xperia Z, but in this format (17.9 x 9.2 inches), it is simply impressive. Even if it is only nine millimeters shorter than about Samsung's seven-inch tablet Galaxy Tab 3. The sleek and slim design ensures that the Z Ultra can still use it as a phone. This XXL Phone also the new Snapdragon processor by Qualcomm 800, clocked at up to 2.3 GHz. At least at first benchmark tests outdated processor all previous Smartphone processors significantly and it is twice as fast as the Galaxy S4 Snapdragon 600 processor with 3D graphics performance is about 50 percent faster than the S4. The RAM is lush two gigabytes. The internal memory is 16 gigabytes via microSD card but can be expanded up to 64 GB. Thanks to a generous 3,000 mAh battery, the Smartphone will still last long. In practice, however, the test battery was under intensive use similar fast running out as with other Smartphones. Sony promises brilliant colors for the "Triluminos” screen with OptiContrast technology. In the first vision test, confirms this: The screen in HD (1920x1080 pixels, 342 ppi) displays photos in vibrant colors that will not fade even when viewed from the side. He still acts as a whit more brilliant than its little brother, the Xperia Z. While the rather dark screen of the Galaxy Note and Note 2 is virtually impossible to read outdoors, working in the Ultra Z in sunlight by turning up the brightness to maximum barely possible. An innovation that has so far not a competitor: With any luck, you can use their old pencil as screen pen for writing and drawing. The camera uses an Exmor sensor with eight megapixel HDR function for photos and video. The first test photos showed decent image quality, but does not reach the level of 13-megapixel camera in the smaller Xperia Smartphones V and Z. In addition, the default automatic exposure yielded quite convoluted results. A quick start mode is supposed to ensure that you get off the sleep mode in less than a second, the first picture in the box. Design, processing speed and working are convincing. With the Sony Xperia Z Ultra delivers the most compelling current mobile phone giant over six inch diagonal display. The phablet bridges the gap between tablet and super phone - and can be used as a phone or tablet either.