Tuesday 9 September 2014

Sony’s new selfie gadget – Real or Not?

Sony has come up with a perfume bottle shaped camera for selfies. News that has recently surfaced on Weibo. It has been predicted that this new gadget will make the girls to freaking love it but the question that has been running on everyone’s mind is that ‘is it real or not?’.The website shows a girl holding the new Sony gadget and clicking a selfie but it is still to be established as to whether the picture is a real or a fake one. Whatever, the case may be, it has managed to garner a lot of attention in the recent past.

The real deal:
The image on the website Weibo shows a girl holding a makeup mirror similar to a Smartphone look and clicking a selfie with it. Various issues regarding this news are making headlines:-

  • The way the analysts see it :-
The analysts have look at the image and have stated that Sony might be going in a different direction this time and the use of this phone for men is to be almost completely ruled out.
  • Why is Sony trying such a different way?
Simple, get girls to go over a gadget and before you know it, you are sold out. No means of offending girls here in this article but if you are able to impress a girl with a gadget then you are to know that this gadget will be a trend in the nearby fashion and therefore, are to trend at a rapid pace. This will work to popularise the gadget very fast and therefore, will link the effect to its sale and maximise the product worth.
  • Sony trying to the trendsetter again :-
Whether someone admits it or not, it is pretty clear that when it comes to setting an example or brings a trend into the market in the field of electronics and gadgets, Sony has had an upper hand most of the time over its counterparts. With Sony’s brand market value and great manpower, it has become a routine task for Sony to stay on watch for something new. Having done it with televisions, laptops, symbian phones, Sony is now planning to bring up something that very few had thought about.
  • Right time to bring it on :-
Just the moment when the world is going gaga over the ‘selfie’ fever, Sony has played a masterstroke to bring in gadget with its main focus and marketing brains on selfie. Hence, the sale is to be on the high and on demand.

What else is there to look for?

§ It is designed very differently with a rotating camera.

§ Has the ability to swivel around 260 degrees and therefore, can rapidly turn from a from facing to a back facing camera

§ Sony has allowed some selected users to use the gadget but it is still to be decided as to whether this will be a traditional Smartphone or a snapper!

§ Well, the news has surfaced through a website and still the whole deal is to be cleared and given to the public.

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