Monday 8 September 2014

Google Begins Quantum Computing Research Project in Collaboration With NASA and USRA

Google Research
Google, web search giant now is aim to crack the code of the next level in computer evolution. When compared to traditional computers, the quantum computers are considered as the Holy Grail of computing.

This will remove all the errors from the current traditional computing systems. According to Google Inc, the company will be joined by a research team headed by John Martinis (Physicist from University of California Santa Barbara), which will be working on building the superconducting electronics based new quantum information processors. This Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab is partnership between NASA, USRA and Google. The aim of the lab is to study the application of quantum optimization in relation with the artificial intelligence.

The Quantum AI team will be able to test and implement the new designs that have been developed for quantum optimization and inference processor with an integrated hardware group. These designs are based on the theoretical insights and learning’s inspired from the D-Wave quantum annealing architecture.

John Martinis who is professor at University of California, Santa Barbara, is one of the most prominent known names in the researchers who have given immense contribution towards the researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Google is working on quantum chips as they have the vision that one day these chips will make the machines perform like humans.

The designed Chips that will be able to work at sub-atomic levels in such a way; that they will be able to make the existing processors even faster.

As per the experts, the quantum bit will be having two different states at the same time. They will be able to improve the power and speed of computing today. Standard computer deals with binary data which is expressed normally in zero and ones. However the quantum computing will be encoding the data by using the sub-atomic particle behaviour.

Google has become focused on artificial intelligence past couple of years and also working on self driving cars projects and robots projects. Google has acquired artificial intelligence company DeepMind Technologies Ltd in January 2014. Even though the DeepMind Technologies Ltd Company has unable to produce any commercial product, they have been paid £242 million ($399 million) for their proficiency in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

This company has the aim of making computers think like humans. According to another founder in the company, Shane Leg, had warned that the artificial intelligence is the number one risk in the current century and might even lead to the extinction of the human race. In a recent interview he stated that one day human race has to extinct and the artificial intelligence will be the most prominent contributor towards this.

Google has ensured that an ethics board is overseeing all the processes under Artificial Intelligence.

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