Monday 15 September 2014

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard – Solution to Recovery of Data

To put an end to any worry with regards to data loss, EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard offers the best free data recovery software enabling the user to retrieve lost files from digital camera, USB drive, external hard drive, hard drive, Memory card, storage media and much more which may have been deleted while formatting, software crash, virus tracking, hard drive damage or any other reason. EaseUs has the solution to these problems with its three steps which can be followed to obtain a solution to problem on lost files and any other content. Its fast and free usb recovery software helps in the recovery of lost or any corrupted data on the removable media. This solution providing software can recover the missed out files as well as folders easily from a USB hard disk drive as well as a USB flash drive. If you have arrived at EaseUs, then you are at the right place with an assurance of getting your problem solved with regards to retrieval of any lost or missed content. The software has the capabilities of obtaining the data from compact flash, secure digital card, flash memory or any other mp3, mp4 music players, super drive and pocket PC etc. Users can get back all major files inclusive of mpeg, jpg, fig, jpeg, wav or midi from a deleted or corrupted USB removable disk and recover all formatted missing pictures, files, photos, making the process of recovery or restoration an easy and a simple one.

Various Forms of Memory Cards with Windows Environment

At times, one could face a situation of taking some photos with digital camera but may have forgotten to transfer some of the photos to the computer or it could be that some member of the household could have deleted by mistake or have formatted the memory card with no backup for the same. In moments like these, EaseUs provides the option to recover the photos or even important files from deleted or formatted memory card and make good the harm done from deleting photos or files. The free memory card recovery software is capable of doing a memory card format recovery with the help of their Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition which is free and easy recovery software. Various forms of memory cards with Windows environments have the potential of recovery with the help of this free recovery software which can be done within three steps such as

Step 1 – User could launch the Data Recovery Wizard, selecting the file intending to recover and proceed to click the next button moving on to the second step.

Step 2 – Proceed to select the memory card where the data is lost and by clicking `Scan’, button, the software begins to scan the selected disk to locate the target file.

Step 3 – Once the scan is completed, you can then check the listed recoverable file and opt for the required file and proceed to click `Recover’, button to retrieve the same. Thereafter it is essential to save the retrieved files on some other disk to prevent data overwriting or any other confusion.

With these three easy steps, one can recover their lost data which is user friendly interface process for recovery which is safe without causing any damage to the device.

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