Monday 15 September 2014

Whatsapp on its way with free voice calling

Well, how many of you here are whatsapp user? Do you like to spend much of your time on it messaging your dear ones? Fortunately, whatsapp has been succeeded in reaching over 600 million users which proves that it has become the best means of staying in contact with their dear ones.

And if the reports are to be believed, it says that it will soon come up with free voice calling feature for its users, so that apart from messaging, sharing images, videos and all, they can even spend hours and hours talking on phone restlessly, without costing them a paisa.

The rumors got the air after the mobile messaging service whatsapp changed its interface. The change made in its interface is that the app has been enabled with other language translations which are helpful at the time of receiving a call via whatsapp. This change in its upcoming interface makes it clear that the free voice calling feature in the latest version of this messaging app is on its way.

WPCentral revealed that, some of the volunteers were asked to translate new strings, which used to translate the app’s Hindi version. These translations include words like Hang-up, Incoming call and Outgoing call. This truly indicates that functionality of voice calling is to be observed soon in whatsapp.

First of all, this messaging app has gained much popularity within no time due to its amazing feature. Most of the people prefer it as they do not have to frequently recharge separately for messages and even because it gives many additional facilities like sharing of images, videos, and many more. Apart from these, it given provides an option of audio recording that can be sent to any of your contact.

And now with this addition, god knows to which pick its progress graph is going to rise or will it just go beyond the expectations. One can say it has a major and sensible step taken by the whatsapp to boost and broaden its users which will help them to rank No.1 in the list.

This step will definitely cause a great damage to the already existing voice calling services like Viber, Line and we chat, which are still struggling to form a strong base in the market in order to have their existence.

Whatsapp CEO Jan Koum recently cleared the air by announcing that the voice functionality will be featured first for the Android and iOS interface and later followed by some Nokia and Blackberry handsets.


It seems to be great news for the entire whatsapp user as now they can even call up their friends for no cost and have a late time talk. This will definitely help them attract more users and stand first in the list. It seems to be a great addition, but suggestion is that do not make fatal use of it, i.e. the use must be limited without getting yourself much involved in it.

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