Tuesday 23 September 2014

PowerPole Another GoPro Mount

PowerPole is another GoPro mount which includes GoPro action camera for capturing your exciting moments during an adventure. It also allows you to charge it in case of low battery.

Attaching a GoPro action camera on a stick while skateboarding, hiking and skiing etc. has become common these days. A stick-mounted action camera is one among the other easy ways to include or film yourself in a video of yours. The biggest disadvantage of this pole-mounted action camera is its battery life. If your adventure lasts longer than the GoPro’s batteries then?

PowerPole with its amazing features: 

Here PowerPole (pole mounted with a GoPro camera) comes into the picture, the main aim behind the creation of PowerPole is to increase the battery life of the mounted GoPro action camera. It allows you not to carry extra batteries during your adventure. PowerPole is provided with a battery of 5400 mAh which provides extra power to the camera and is almost equal to five GoPro batteries. PowerPole is a durable, sleek and equally extendable stick made up of 100 percent aluminum.

The PowerPole not only holds the GoPro action camera, but also allows you to connect your smartphone to it, through which you can control the action camera using the GoPro app. Another interesting feature of this portable power pole is that it is provided with two USB outputs for charging. Using this amazing feature you can charge two devices at a time.

PowerPole is splash-proof in case you face bad weather or get wet. Being splash-proof doesn’t mean that it is completely waterproof, so be careful or prevent it from dropping into a lake, ocean or a puddle.

PowerPole has surpassed its initial funding goal of $ 25,000 and has increased it to $ 50,000.


GoPro formerly known as Woodman Labs, Inc. is an American public corporation based in San Mateo, California, USA that manufactures, develops and markets HD (high definition) personal cameras. These cameras are generally used in acute and intense action video photography.

GoPro cameras are popularly known for being lightweight, mountable or wearable, rugged and compact in amazing places. These cameras capture high quality pictures and videos in HD using a wide-angle lens and can be regulated using other devices like smartphones.

Nick Woodman founded this company in 2002 and sold its first camera system that is a 35 mm film version in the year 2004. Slowly the company started developing the camera quality and reached to digital from 35mm.

Today, the company provides the fixed-lens HD video cameras which uses a wide 170-degree angle. You can also create 3D videos by pairing two or more cameras. Garmin, Sony, JVC, etc. is the GoPro competitors in the market.

HERO4, HERO3+, HERO3, HD HERO2, HD HERO, HD HERO 960, Digital HERO 5, Digital HERO 3 and GoPro HERO 35mm (All-season Sports camera) are a few of the latest products released by the company. Based on the shares, views, comments and overall engagement, GoPro company was named as one of the ‘Top 10 Brand Channels on YouTube’ in April 2014.

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