Monday 1 September 2014

Android Studio

Android Studio
Android Studio is a fresh Android development platform or you can say it is Android developing environment which is based on IntelliJ IDEA. It delivers new concepts and features and also it gives new improvements over Eclipse ADT and soon it will be the official Android IDE once it is completely built. On top of the proficiencies you expect from IntelliJ the Android Studio has some amazing built-in features which provides:
  • A very flexible Gradle-based framework system.
  • Build modifications and numerous APK generations.
  • Comprehensive template provision for services like Google Services and numerous device types.
  • It also provides great layout editor with supporting feature of theme editing.
  • It also offers amazing lint tools to track the presentation, version compatibility, usability and other such problems including interface.
  • One of the best features that it provides is ProGuard and app-signing abilities.
  • It provides integral provision for Google Cloud Platform, which makes easy to assimilate Google Cloud Messaging and App Engine together.
But before you start with this amazing Android Studio please note that it is currently available in beta version. So it is possible that some structures are not yet applied in it and there is a possibility that you may find some errors and bugs. So if you feel that you are not relaxed in using this partial product then you can continue Eclipse platform with ADT.

Android studio beta v0.8.6 download package:

  • Includes the Android Studio Beta.
  • It also includes all the Android SDK Tools that are used to design, develop, test, and debug the application created.
  • The download also contains a flavored version of the Android platform that will help you to compile the applications that you will develop.
  • The package will also include a version of the Android system image that will allow you to run and test your developed app in the emulator.
In case you previously have Android Studio installed in your system so what happens is that in most scenarios you can possibly upgrade to the advanced or latest version by simply downloading and installing a patch. Just go within Android Studio and simply choose and select Help > Check for updates to keep track and monitor if any update or advance version is available. In case if an update version does not exist then simply click the top button displayed above to download and substitute your current installation package.

But guys there is one caution that you all must be aware of and it is that by substituting your current installation of Android Studio will eliminate any extra SDK packages that you have mounted. The examples of such packages that can get deleted are target platforms or user system images or model applications. Soto reserve these simply copy them from your existing SDK manual under Android Studio to a momentary position before mounting the update. Then simply move them back once the update gets successfully completed. And if by chance you flop to copy these items and tools then you have only one option left i.e. you can download them again with the help of Android SDK Manager.

So if you have any good experience of using Android Studio beta version then please comment below and let everyone know and in the later posts we will discuss about some more features of this tools so till then stay connected.

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