Monday 1 September 2014


LiveCode is a software development platform which allows creating applications for any platform like apple or android or windows. Developing applications in LiveCode is very easy and very simple hence it’s a flexible platform to develop apps. Today lots of people from all around the world are using mobile applications that are developed using LiveCode.

With the capability to organize your apps to all the general platforms LiveCode provides infinite possibilities for developing mobile applications. Whether it’s an application that is developed for making life simpler and easier or whether it’s related to improve your business stats or solving a problem or just an experiment LiveCode is no doubt the best and perfect tool to construct or develop your remarkable app.

LiveCode consist of three key concepts for the application development process. They are: the user interface, the coding language and lastly the live coding part. You have to first start with the interface section. Simply open a new project and then by dragging items onto it on the required area.

You can also add a button or a field or even a scrollbar without actual coding. You can alsogive it different styles like color, shadows, resizing etc. with just a single click. So thus you can make your app look jazzy in just the same way you want it. So it’s all about imagination that will come true with this LiveCode.

LiveCode is filled with bunch of features and functions. What this actually means is it provides you accurately hundreds and thousands of objects,functions, hooks, commands and before-made functionality to do just anything and everything you might want to do with your next app.

You can also link and connect apps to your databases i.e. you can simply add your videos and images with simple steps or you can work with different websites and you also have tool to fetch content from above your application. Lay out grids and creating tables, fantastic text, animating objects is also possible here without much coding. And the list of functionality provided by this tool is very long list.

LiveCode is open source software meaning that it is available for free for basic use. It is existing under a dual license and these two licenses are GPL3 and Commercial license. Basically it means that any person can download and access LiveCode for free and start developing applications.

You also have right to contribute to LiveCode by accessing and observing the source code of it. You can also fix bugs; add more fantastic features or building different components. The open source version of this LiveCode software allows you to redistribute the software that you've created as long as that software is also developed as open source under the terms and conditions of the General Public License or GPL. If in case you want to develop a closed source version of this software then you can simply purchase a commercial based license. And then you can term it as closed source version.

So I think all the developers must try LiveCode at least once. Maybe they will feel more comfortable with this software as compared to others because this tool is really very simple to use. If you want then you can share your experience with LiveCode here with everyone so that all may get deep insight about this amazing developing tool.

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