Friday 26 September 2014

Free Voice Call Is Now Possible Over Google Hangout App

The old Google Hangout App recently got a twist of technology as the recent version of Hangout app will allow their users to make voice calls for free, or at a very meager cost. This recent renovation of the long neglected service bridge the communication gap even more, thereby raising the standard of the application as the Universal Communication App. This recent integration of free voice call app will prove to be a tough competitor against various apps, which allow free voice calls like Facebook Messenger, Line, WeChat, and the most loved app Skype.

The Release Date of the recent Version of the App:

Reuters from San Francisco (USA) reports that the Google launched their recent update of the Hangout App on Wednesday, thus ensuring free services to the cosmopolitans of North America to make free calls, and for pennies at the exchange rate of dollar for international calls.

The recent Hangout App will roll out internationally within a short span of time. This will allow people from all over the world to communicate with each other verbally instead of exchanging messages, and making video chats. Google’s Chee Chew posted in Google+ stating that the recent integration of the free voice calls will not affect the previously existing Google voice numbers. Therefore, it provides flexibility to the users to download the recent update without any hesitation.

The New and Old Features of the Google Hangout App:

Previously there existed Google Voice, which allowed Voice over IP, which enabled the users to sign for a Google Voice phone number at no cost, and enabled users for call forwarding to their landlines or to the other phones. In addition, it permitted the users to restrict the phone ringing at certain times of the day or allowing to migrate the call directly to voicemail. Now Google Voice amalgamated with Hangout App thus letting the users to talk with their loved ones. Also, it enabled the voicemails to be read instead of just listening to them. The recent Hangout rates through Voice over IP include 28cents/minute for Mexico and 3cents/min for India and 20cents/min for France.

Any user owning a smartphone can use this latest edition of Google Hangout App to make foreign calls at a relatively affordable price in exchange of pennies. However, users from US and Canada are allowed to make voice calls for free of cost. The voice and video facilities were two separate apps for iOS, Android and web users. The recent collaboration and merging will bridge the communication gap, especially for the people who have relatives or lovers living in foreign lands.

Google Hangout’s product manager Amit Fulay states that Android and iOS users need to download the Hangout Dialer App in their smartphone as well as the Hangout App version 2.3 facilitating them make calls all around the globe.

Google Hangout App’s update has been a killer approach to rejuvenate the old forgotten app. Google has utilized Google+ and Hangout to reach out to their customers, thereby escalating their existence to a greater height. The ultimate aim of this integration will allow the users, especially business tycoons and employee to communicate via audio and videos. This integration will go a long way, empowering the Google to take gargantuan advances over technology in recent future.

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