Tuesday 2 September 2014

Facebook Rolls Out Bandwidth Targeting

Facebook has launched "bandwidth targeting” as an advertising campaign. Most of the Facebook users use their mobile devices to access Facebook. This ad tech has been created to advertise the products and reach people in accordance with the type of connection and data plan they have. Facebook has more than 1.32 billion users all around the globe.

Facebook offers advertising campaigns to promote some organizations. But a couple of days back they updated their system and launched the new ad tech strategy. This new ad tech helps the organizations to provide the people the advertisements they would like to know about. This ad tech simplifies matters and sends the advertisements based on the type of mobile device and the operating system they employ.

How does this launch work? 

This ad tech provides the opportunity to the advertisers to publicize the advertisements according to the user's connection of network, data plan and speed. The advertisements are based on whether the user, uses a 2G, 3G, 4G or a more powerful connection. In this way, the mundane advertisements can be avoided. Only those advertising campaigns will be sent which are compatible with the mobile device's data plan and speed.

For instance, there is no utility of sending a video to those employing 2G connection, for there is no utility if they are unable to load the video or even if they buffer for several minutes. So for those with 2G connection, it would be best to send them an image with the link. While videos can be used for campaigning and be sent to those using 3G or higher connections. People look forward to and expect a fast service from their mobile data.

This method of targeting mobile network is very beneficial as they aid the advertisers to provide the right kind of experience, even within restricted and limited device data expenses and bandwidth. The Ad Create tool, the API and the Power Editor are some parts of Facebook, which are helping to promote this new ad tech.

The Utility of the Facebook Advertising Campaign

Statistics revealed, that in June, 2014, around 30 million small and medium scale businesses employed the use of Facebook to promote their organization. In order to connect with their customers they have their pages on Facebook to stretch their customer circle wider and reach out to more people. This ad tech will definitely be able to provide with more localized campaigns.

Impact of this launch on India

There are approximately around nine lakh small and medium businesses (SMB), who uses Facebook as a promotional platform. India is the second largest user base on the basis of marketing. India is one of the emerging countries, where most of the Facebook users are under restricted and limited data connection and feature mobile devices.

Thus, advertising can be done accordingly. This can reach the people according to the device the person uses, whether it is a Smartphone or feature phones or tablets. Some companies have already started to test the result of this new strategy like Vodafone in India and they are pleased with the result.

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