Wednesday 24 September 2014

Both the Virtual Reality Headsets Will Be Bought State the Oculus Rift Leaders

Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift is creating a couple of headsets , where one is for the company and other for Samsung but they are pretty sure that people will barge in to buy both the headsets as stated by Oculus rift creator Palmer Luckey. Still, a market releasing date has not been fixed but it has already been predicted that customers will want to put their hands into both the products and make it their own. The company has been stating the fact that these two products are not competing against each other but are rather complimenting.

Looking into the matter:-

  • The company has been saying that these two devices with different names are the potentially for the same person.
  • The company announced a partnership with Samsung for the creation of Gear IV, a headset that will be in synchronisation for the Galaxy Note 4 tablet due for release as of now.
  • Gear IV has been predicted to be a more open and easier option to use than the Oculus rift regular headset although the company has kept the same approach for both the headsets stating that almost the same products are sold under different brand names.
  • What is cool with this new invention is its freeness. Mobile does present you with a number of advantages when you are unwired and simplifies the using procedures. This device is much easier to carry and give a watch out to your friends.
  • The company’s major aim has always been to get more people into the virtual reality thing and giving them a real feel of it. Oculus has been working since a longer time to provide people with a mobile experience. It has to be said that John Carmack has been instrumental in making this virtual reality come into the market and to the people via Oculus. Also, credit has been given to Samsung for using a screen known as AMOLED that is found in its phones and tablets allowing to visualise low latency images that is not possible in the traditional LCD screens. This is of much importance as with a greater extent of latency you will find you head moving in random with screen and might create motion sickness in some users’ .A big reason for Oculus rift to partner for a Galaxy Note 4 gadget productions.
Things needed to be seen:- 

Even though Oculus rift has been saying that people would go for both the products and would like to have both of them, only time is going to tell us as to which one is the best or is the company’s view really very truthful!!!! It’s still some time away from getting into the market and until it comes no review can be made upon just prediction. Oculus has had some major qualifications with its regular headset before and thus, a very high quality product is typically expected. It would be amazing if Oculus rift and Samsung Galaxy Note screen become virtually super compatible.

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