Friday 19 September 2014

Gold Plated iPhone 6 Hits the Market as the Pre-Order Starts

iPhone gold
As you may heard of the arrival of world’s greatest phone (at least Apple says so) recently, you will be surprised to hear that with spending a hefty amount, one can have gold-plated iPhone too. Yes, you heard me correct. London based jewellery shop Alexander Amosu is going to sell 24ct. gold plated iPhone 6 if you are ready to shed £2,400. The shop already started taking pre-orders for their gold version of the latest iPhone from Apple Inc.

About the device: 

Apple has once again thrashed contenders like Samsung, Microsoft, HTC with their latest iPhone 6 when the Cupertino-based tech giant met the press at their September 9th’s gala event. They released two iPhones, an iWatch and some features like Apple Pay on the same event.

There were huge speculations and leaked images all around the web for last one month. Leaked pictures proved their authenticity when Apple CEO Tim Cook came up with the iPhone 6 picture on the large screen. iPhone 6 has 4.4 inch screen while one more variant iPhone 6 plus has 5.7 inch screen with retina HD display.

It was the biggest launch since last year the company unveiled iPhone 5S. Apple announced the market availability of iPhone 6 from September 19. Apple has changed the outlook of this latest device a bit from tradition iPhone look. iPhone 6 has curved edge, whereas earlier versions had sharp edge.

Is the market ready for the gold version? 

Gold Plated iPhone 6
Surprisingly, the jewellery shop announced this gold plated iPhone 6 before the company itself unveiled the device. The advertisement picture shows a gold plated back panel of the device, while they have not made any change to the front part.

According to a spokesperson from the jewellery shop, they are mainly targeting celebrities and business persons to buy this one instead of original Apple version. As any Apple device is enough to show off, a gold plated iPhone 6 will create a buzz for sure.

Added features: 

As seen in the advertisement details, the device will have a 24 ct. gold plated back panel. According to the shop’s claim, they will use the same plating technique that Rolex uses on their watches. For an add on, the company says, buyers can also engrave their name or the organization name on the gold plate if wants. Those who will place the pre-order for this device before September 12th, they are going to be gifted Amosu’s leather case worth of £150.

As market experts have advised to place per-order for this device for Apple unveils it, because although there were leaked images of the phone, but there was no guarantee for the design. So it would have been a foolish move to pay something which is only imagined to exist. Since, gold plated iPhone will enable to show it off, it may enhance your status quo among your group.

 So, if you can spare a two-thousand bucks, you will probably want to go for it. But be sure to hire a security guard for the device, because if the gold plated iPhone 6 is lost somewhere, probably you will have a heartache.

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