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Saturday, 21 January 2023

New HomePod by Apple

New HomePod by Apple

On 18th January, Apple announced the HomePod which is a second-generation smart speaker that can provide next-level acoustics. While it comes with several innovative features & Siri intelligence, the speaker can allow you to enjoy an outstanding listening experience by providing advanced computational audio. In addition, the HomePod is compatible with Spatial Audio tracks.

This Homepad allows the users to create smart home automation using Siri, due to which they can manage regular tasks & control the smart home in several ways. Besides, it can notify the users when it detects the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide alarm in the home. You can check the humidity & temperature in a room using it. People can order this model online or from the Apple Store from February 3, Friday.

New HomePod Refined Design:

The eye-catching design of the HomePod includes a backlit touch surface. Whereas the transparent mesh fabric used for illumination from edge to edge. Besides, the speaker comes in two colors: white and midnight, which is a new color made of 100 % recycled mesh fabric. The speaker includes a woven power cable that can match the color of the model. New HomePod Acoustic Powerhouse:

Whereas this homepad comes with awesome audio quality, it can deliver high frequencies with deep bass. Moreover, it is equipped with a custom-engineered high-excursion woofer, powerful motor. On the other hand, the built-in bass-EQ mic allows the users to enjoy a powerful acoustic experience. In addition, the S7 chip comes with a combination of software and system-sensing technology, which are capable of providing more advanced computational audio. It can boost the potential of an acoustic system to deliver an incredible listening experience.

The room sensing technology enables you to detect sound reflections from nearby surfaces so that you can determine if it is freestanding or against a wall. This speaker can adapt sound in real-time using the technology. Whereas the beamforming array of five tweeters help to separate and beam ambient as well as direct audio.

It allows you to listen to more than a hundred million songs with Apple Music. Besides, it is possible to enjoy Spatial Audio using the speaker. You can use it as a stereo pair. In addition, the speaker can give you a home theatre experience when you use it with Apple TV 4K. While it is possible to access music with Siri using it, you can also search by artist, song, lyrics, decade, genre, mood, or activity.

Experience with several HomePod Speakers:

When you use two HomePod or HomePod mini speakers or more than that, you can get the benefits of some useful features. You only have to say "Hey Siri" using multi-room audio with AirPlay. Otherwise, it is possible to play the same music on many HomePod speakers by touching & holding the speaker's top position. Besides, you can play various music on several HomePod speakers. It is even possible to use it as an intercom allowing you to broadcast messages to another room.

Two speakers of this second generation enable you to make a stereo pair in the same area. With the help of this stereo pair, you can separate the left and right channels. This Stereo pair can play every channel in ideal harmony. Therefore, it can generate a better immersive soundstage than traditional ones and deliver a groundbreaking listening experience, making the model stand out from others.

Integration with Apple Ecosystem:

It is possible to hand off a podcast, phone call, song, whatever is playing on the iPhone to the speaker directly using the leveraging ultra-wideband technology. You need to bring your mobile near the speaker to control whatever you play or receive your favorite song & podcast recommendations. You can see suggestions automatically. The speaker detects up to six voices. Therefore, each home member can listen to their favorite playlists. It also allows you to set events in the calendar or ask for reminders.

If you have an Apple TV 4K, you can get a great home theatre experience as the speaker can pair with it easily. You can use eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) with Apple TV 4K. As a result, you can use the speaker as an audio system for all devices which are attached to the TV.

You can find your Apple device easily using the Find My on HomePod feature. For instance, you can locate your iphone to play sound on the misplaced device. Moreover, siri allows you to ask for the location of friends who share a location via the app.

New HomePod- A Smart Home Essential:

It comes with a default temperature & humidity sensor used to measure indoor environments. Therefore, you can switch on the fan automatically once a particular temperature is reached. Activating Siri allows you to control a device and make scenes like "Good Morning."

Matter Support:

While it maintains the best protection level, it allows smart home products to work across ecosystems. Alliance maintains the Matter standard along with other industry leaders, and Apple is a member of it. With the help of a speaker, you can control accessories that are Matter-enabled. It can also work as an essential home hub letting you access it when you are away from home.

Secure Customer Data:

A great core value of the company is to secure customer privacy. Remember that smart home communications are end-to-end encrypted. Therefore, Apple is unable to read this with camera recordings and HomeKit Secure Video. The audio request isn't stored by default when you use Siri. As a result, you can ensure that your privacy is secured.

New HomePod Pricing and Availability:

The second generation of HomePod in the United States can be ordered now at $299 at Besides, it can be ordered from the Apple Store app in many nations, including Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK, the US, and eleven other nations. It will be available from February 3.

This speaker supports different models that are as follows:-

  • Second generations of iPhone SE and its later versions 
  • iPhone 8 and later versions which run iOS 16.3 or later 
  • iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation), and later, 
  • iPad Air (3rd generation) and later versions, or 
  • iPad mini (5th generation) and later versions which are compatible with iPadOS 16.3.

Customers in the United States get 3% daily cashback if they use their Apple Cards to purchase directly from the company.


You should know that the speaker can decrease the environmental impact. This product fulfills all the high standards of Apple for energy efficiency. And it is totally mercury-, BFR-, PVC-, and beryllium-free. To design the package the manufacturers didn't use plastic wrap. The best thing is that 96% of the packaging is fiber-based. Thus, Apple gets closer to the target which is removing plastic from packaging totally by 2025.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Apple Buys British Music Data Startup

Recently, Apple has acquired Semetric, which is a British music data analytics start-up, as Apple is trying to boost the ability of iPhone for listening trends. This year, Semetric was launched as international beats music streaming service.

According to one person, who is familiar with transaction stated that this U.S. group has paid approx. $50 million for the startup company which is London-based and it has more than 40 employees and now most are working for Apple. But Apple’s officials have declined any comment on the specific deal of Semetric, which was closed at the end of 2014.

We all know that Semetric, is famous for its known brand Musicmetric and it was founded in 2008 to provide data on music streaming and downloads, it also provides data analysis about people’s choice and views about songs and artists through social media. Semetric has some well known clients, record labels and as well as digital music companies such as; Gracenote and Spotify.

This deal was first reported by Music Ally, which is one of the best digital music companies of London, as it includes MixCloud, Omnifone, Shazam and 7digital, the music recognition app, as stated on last week and raised more than 30 million in fresh funding, which make the valuation of British company more than $1 billion. Recently, acquisition of Semetric was attempted by Apple to establish its leadership in digital music that can add value in iTunes downloads that has started to flag over in 2014.

We all are aware about the fact that in May 2014, Beats Music was acquired by Apple in $ 3 billion acquisition deal of headphones maker Beats Electronics, which provides a subscription based streaming service. Apple is planning to bundle Beats Music into its own iOS operating system, so that millions of users can avail the benefit through iPhones and iPads and on the same time it can ramp up the pressure on Spotify, which is market leader in music streaming industry.

According to Alice Enders, who is working as music industry analyst in Enders Analysis stated that Apple is planning to merge Semetric’s data into Beats Music because they want to improve the song recommendations as well as positive connections with their fans. The more he added that its very invaluable analytics to understand that what people are listening and doing online.

This Semetric deal is the part of war race to become one of the strongest digital music company in industry by acquiring the expertise and as well as technology to optimize the way to deliver the best music service. Last year, Spotify was acquired. The Echo Nest, which is music analytics company in ht deal of $ 100 million.

The Echo Nest, is specializes in audio fingerprinting and listening a song to determine the different characteristics such as; the music is up-tempo or down beat or happy or motivated or sad whereas; the resulting data used to determine the song recommendations and to generate playlists. Apple officials declined any comment about that it would continue to supply Spotify or not.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Death of Rogue Applications in the Latest iOS 8.1

date trick
Change is the only thing constant. That proverbial phrase is true in all its senses. Recently, there has been a change made by Apple in the latest version of iOS 8. This upgrade has proved to be a hindrance which can’t be overcome by the so-called 'rogue' applications.

What are the “Rogue Apps”? 

The rogue applications are nothing indecent, But applications which has been installed by tweaking with the operating system. The "date trick" allows the installation of unapproved applications, which can be done by manually altering the date to one in past and then download the particular application with the Safari's mobile browser. This procedure permitted various retro gamers to install games without worrying about the copyrights and enjoy playing their favorite games even in their iPhone.

Super Mario

This video game had been developed and published by Nintendo. The man behind this amazing video game is Shigeru Miyamoto. He is the director, designer as well as the producer. This series of Super Mario had been released in the year 1985. It can be played in both single-player mode as well as multiplayer mode, as Mario overcomes all the hindrances in its path. This game has won the hearts of many.


Zelda is another video game with similar Japanese origin. Nintendo is one of its developers, as is Shigeru Miyamoto one of its creators. Launched a year after the Super Mario, This game is no less popular by any means. The main focus of this game is on the character Link and his operation to rescue Princess Zelda and Hyrule from the lead antagonist. The latest game of this series of the Legend of Zelda has been released in 2014. In total there are around 17 officially launched games in this series.


Sonic the Hedgehog had been created and designed by Naoto Ohshima from 1991 to 1997. This video game character has been features as a cartoon and an anime character. This character had been initially created as a mascot for Mario, but gained immense popularity on its own as well. It’s a blue hedgehog with supersonic speed, can evade obstacles and destroy enemies.

The Hindrance

Apple corrected the small malfunction in the latest beta version of iOS 8.1, which allowed the download of such games and applications, which could be downloaded by the alteration of date and time, and eventually result in unapproved emulators. Now these games invoked nostalgia can no longer be downloaded in the iPhones with the latest version of iOS 8.1.So, you can understand the suitable features that Apple develops along with the positive approaches.

Irrespective of the negative features, the fresh version of technology from Apple represents the optimistic features. It gives the users manifold opportunities that inspire them to obtain the particular product. Make sure that you receive the authenticated stuff accumulating the customized attributes.

Finally, you are able to recognize all the outputs that help you to experience the new innovation from Apple.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Apple Facing Some Time Challenge with Delays Bubbling From Its Screen Production

iPhone 6 issue
Apple launched their iPhone 6 model on the 9th of September, and subsequently the specifications were so attractive that it soon received a pre-booking. iPhone was a long waited move for the iPhone patrons and they simply cannot wit to experience the amazing sensation of using an iPhone. The company went into a manufacturing re modelling with the new iPhone 6 and the problem seemed to be with the panel.

The panel they have previously chosen to use in this iPhone model was found not enough for laminating the screen. They had to keep in mind that the slim factor considering the 4.7 inch screen should not be compromised. The screen they were using did not satisfy all the conditions. The single layer backlight film they planned to place in the iPhone was what caused the delay. They have to make it the thinnest possible backlight film.

Apple never falls back from their promised date

The company left no stone unturned to match up their schedule and cope up the demands of the customers. They have gone into some manufacturing and designing agreement with other companies. These suppliers are trying their level best to supply Apple with their desired product on display. Suppliers they have hired for this on demand scenario are LG Display, Sharp and a part of the assignment is undertaken by Japan Display. They have involved a majority of their technicians and engineers to gear up for this project. They are actually doing the fillings for Apple’s delay.

You have got nothing to worry. 

So, if you have ordered your iPhone 6 and presently worrying about your delivery date, dump your worries and relax, as the company that assures quality can never play with its promised time. Everyone knows the craze an iPhone addicts have from the queue that forms in front of the Apple store on the day of the launch. Just make sure that you lead the queue on the day of the launch, to be the first one in your City to have the all-new iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch screen.

Worth being crazy for

The phone offers a lot to attractive features and thus the entire craze is justified. You should definitely try your best to stay ahead of the line because you will be among the first to have the powerful features in your hand and no doubt, the feeling is awesome. Awesome camera to take the best snaps along with a sapphire crystal screen that is hard enough to absorb shock.

If you want to make your payments directly through your phone without logging into their respective sites, you have the awesome NFC service that initiates quick payments. Its processor is one of the fastest ever used for a mobile. It has got an A8 processor that is faster than the previous one. Apple has their plans to launch the larger iPhone 6, the 5.5-inch screen soon after the 4.7 inch hits the market.

Value of Apple's Healthkit to Be Tested Through Medical Trials

Apple’s HealthKit can be very effective and useful for the people who have been suffering from chronic diabetes and blood pressure. According to the reports, this HealthKit is expected to be in used medial trials by Stanford and Duke Universities. According to Reuters, the doctors at Stanford University are working along with Apple to let the physician check the blood sugar levels of children suffering from chronic diabetes whereas Duke is currently working on developing a pilot program which will help them to track the blood pressure, weight and other measurements for people suffering from cancer and heart disease.

This program is expected to be rolled out in hospitals in couple of weeks.

About the Medical Trial

Apple has already announced that Stanford and Duke Universities will be using one of the apps of their partner, Epic. This app is called as MyChart App. According to the reports Stanford will be focusing on Children suffering from Type 1 Diabetes for the initial medical trail. They are expecting this trial to be extended and hope to include teenagers as well as infants.

As per the Reuters reports, DexCom, is the equipment which will be used for measuring the glucose levels in Children. These measurements will be then transmitted to the iPod touch devices, which will be sent him along with the children in trial. The data can be easily uploaded into MyChart App and the health care providers will be easily able to access this data through the HealthKit. On the other hand Duke University is looking for automatic data upload to avoid any error done through manual process.

Even though Type 1 diabetes projects accounts for only 5% of the diabetic, it makes up to 40% of the American Diabetes Association's research. Previously known as Juvenile diabetes, this has been usually diagnosed in young adults and children.

Ascertain the role of mobile in healthcare

According to Harry Wang, who is a research director at Parks Associates, Apple is now ready to transform the fragmented, complex healthcare industry to technologically advanced one. As per him the healthcare services and applications will be worth US $30 billion in the next 5 years in USA.

ABI Research has already predicted that in the next 5 years, almost 100 million wearable remote monitoring devices for the patients will be shipped out. The vital part of this opportunity is the fact that the data can be collected from different devices and shared between varieties of parties including patients, insurance company and even healthcare providers.

Industry giants like Apple, Samsung and Google are now more focused towards making a change in this industry. The data can be shared over different devices and having different platform like iOS or even Android.

HealthKit web page and privacy: 

According to the reports, nearly 30 million data of the people have been hacked in this year alone. FBI has already informed the healthcare providers that their security and privacy is not equivalent as financial sector and retail sector. Apple has already included the restrictions for developers on their HealthKit Web page.

According to Collin, for Apple privacy and security is supreme in healthcare not only for the people for also according to law.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Gold Plated iPhone 6 Hits the Market as the Pre-Order Starts

iPhone gold
As you may heard of the arrival of world’s greatest phone (at least Apple says so) recently, you will be surprised to hear that with spending a hefty amount, one can have gold-plated iPhone too. Yes, you heard me correct. London based jewellery shop Alexander Amosu is going to sell 24ct. gold plated iPhone 6 if you are ready to shed £2,400. The shop already started taking pre-orders for their gold version of the latest iPhone from Apple Inc.

About the device: 

Apple has once again thrashed contenders like Samsung, Microsoft, HTC with their latest iPhone 6 when the Cupertino-based tech giant met the press at their September 9th’s gala event. They released two iPhones, an iWatch and some features like Apple Pay on the same event.

There were huge speculations and leaked images all around the web for last one month. Leaked pictures proved their authenticity when Apple CEO Tim Cook came up with the iPhone 6 picture on the large screen. iPhone 6 has 4.4 inch screen while one more variant iPhone 6 plus has 5.7 inch screen with retina HD display.

It was the biggest launch since last year the company unveiled iPhone 5S. Apple announced the market availability of iPhone 6 from September 19. Apple has changed the outlook of this latest device a bit from tradition iPhone look. iPhone 6 has curved edge, whereas earlier versions had sharp edge.

Is the market ready for the gold version? 

Gold Plated iPhone 6
Surprisingly, the jewellery shop announced this gold plated iPhone 6 before the company itself unveiled the device. The advertisement picture shows a gold plated back panel of the device, while they have not made any change to the front part.

According to a spokesperson from the jewellery shop, they are mainly targeting celebrities and business persons to buy this one instead of original Apple version. As any Apple device is enough to show off, a gold plated iPhone 6 will create a buzz for sure.

Added features: 

As seen in the advertisement details, the device will have a 24 ct. gold plated back panel. According to the shop’s claim, they will use the same plating technique that Rolex uses on their watches. For an add on, the company says, buyers can also engrave their name or the organization name on the gold plate if wants. Those who will place the pre-order for this device before September 12th, they are going to be gifted Amosu’s leather case worth of £150.

As market experts have advised to place per-order for this device for Apple unveils it, because although there were leaked images of the phone, but there was no guarantee for the design. So it would have been a foolish move to pay something which is only imagined to exist. Since, gold plated iPhone will enable to show it off, it may enhance your status quo among your group.

 So, if you can spare a two-thousand bucks, you will probably want to go for it. But be sure to hire a security guard for the device, because if the gold plated iPhone 6 is lost somewhere, probably you will have a heartache.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Aerial Video on Apple’s Spaceship Progress

Spaceship Progress
Privacy advocates debate that drone provides government as well as corporation the ability to spy on the public and though it is true, drones could also be used by the public to snoop on governments and corporations.

It has happened with Apple who is in the process of building a massive new campus expansion in Cupertino, California and is making great progress which has been revealed in aerial shots that have been captured by amateur photographer with the help of DJ1 Phantom 2 Vision+drone sponsored by B&H Photo Video.

The pilot managed to manoeuvre the camera over the construction site to take a video on the happenings of the new Apple headquarters and on what it currently looks like. Apple being very strict about revealing its products refrained from commenting about its circular spaceship like headquarters being built on Tantau Avenue which is blocked from the eye of the public by high walls, preventing even passers-by from getting street level pictures of the construction.

The aerial shots which were taken by KCBS reporter Ron Cervi in April, has not portrayed much with the exception of crop circles, but the new eight minute video posted on Aug 24’14 showed great process in high definition on the creation of a donut shaped furrow in the ground where the four story circular office building of Apple would be housing more than 13,000 employees.

Apple Campus 2 – Last Major Project of Steve Jobs

The video has also provided a better view of the new massive Apple campus to the viewers and once completed the ring will be providing over 2.8 million square foot of space at its headquarters, a giant spaceship version of Apple’s stores which seems to be much bigger than the Empire State Building that was once the tallest building in the world as well as the Pentagon.

It is also much larger than a U.S. Navy Blimp, a battleship from World War II as well as a super tanker. In the video, the B&H drone has captured the northwest corner of the construction site, flying over the ring foundation and on turning around portrays the concrete plant inside the green perimeter fence which circles the site.

Apple Campus 2 is one of the last major project which was headed by Steve Jobs, visionary and founder of Apple before he had succumbed to cancer in 2011, who had taken help from the legendary architect Norman Foster whose renowned projects included restoring the historical Reichstag in Berlin and construction of the bullet shaped Gherkin in London, to help in building according to Jobs future vision, `one of the best office building in the world’.

Campus Completion - 2016

The campus is expected to get completed in 2016 and will have vast gardens transplanted with fruit trees hanging over bike paths, glass gazebo which would be leading to an underground theatre for the purpose of press events, a state of the art gym together with a 90,000 square foot cafeteria.

Moreover the campus would also be housing a building on the southern edge for research and development. However in the meanwhile, Apple will have to manage with the overgrown Infinity Loop headquarters with the engineers’ team placed at various locations in Cupertino till they move into their new spaceship home on completion.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

One OS to Rule them all – Apple’s New Mantra

Ever since the arrival of computing in consumer space, companies have focused to create a coherent and easy-to-use experience for their customers. Moreover, this is especially true for companies with vertical integration like Apple, which manufactures its devices along with providing the required services. This creates a coherent environment and helps to tie the customer to the Apple ecosystem. However to truly achieve this, they need to start with the core service integration – the OS.

The Present Situation: 

Right now, Apple sells iPhones and iPads like hot-cakes with their own venerable and simple iOS as the primary operating system. It is fairly capable and has the largest third-party app ecosystem, the AppStore, which arguably has the most quality-oriented apps and games. Thus, once you own an iPhone and want a tablet, your natural choice would be an iPad since you get the strong ecosystem and your subscriptions carry over as well as iCloud and iTunes.

However, the problem lies in the fact that the same ecosystem does not power Apple’s more serious devices – the MacBook Air/Pro and MacPro units. What it lacks is a quality ecosystem and the enviable integration with its mobile counterparts. In addition, Microsoft is slowly trying to merge Windows 8 and Windows Phone into one, in order to gain market, same with Google – Android and Chromebooks.

The Possibilities: 

Think about what a single united OS with at-par functionality can do. You were playing your favorite game on your MacBook Air and now suddenly need to go out and it’s a 2 hour commute. So you may pause your game, pick up your phone and continue where you left off. Likewise, with music or videos. Not to mention, you could buy an app and enjoy the same on all your iGadgets. Thus, customers getting an Apple device are locked to the ecosystem and hence it makes sure their future gadgets will be from the Cupertino giant. Apple are already targeting some of it with their hand-off mechanism and unified notifications between iOS and OS X but it still has a long way to go.

How to go about it? 

Uniting two different paradigms of computing – one for the on-the-go and casual users and other for more serious work – can prove to be a challenge as Microsoft with their Metro design language is finding out. The first problem is that laptops and desktops are traditional non-touch devices with mouse and keyboards and hence demand a different UI paradigm than smartphones or tablets. So applications and games universal to both will have to account for that and hence there has to be a coherent API and tools to provide for that. They will also have to address different architectures – x86 vs. ARM, which can be mitigated if they can produce x86 capable ARM to have it everywhere.

It seems like the future is bright for Apple with a unified OS and ecosystem and even more coherent experience. Granted it may take time but consumers will flock for the foreseeable future if they pull it off.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mobile Money Services – Convenient Option for Financial Transaction

Apple Technology has been enhancing its products making great changes in the lives of consumer. `Mobile Money’, is the most convenient option for customers, to maintain `stored valuable as well asan electronic account that can be accessible from their mobile phone, which can be utilised for various purposes of financial transactions.

Mobile Money is one of the highly effective systems of securing electronic transactions in developed as well as developing markets and in present times we find more individuals with mobile phones than a bank account. Mobile money has been connecting service providers and users in turning their mobile phone into an electronic financial account wherein there are users from all walks of life.

 The rise of mobile money accounts for deposit and payment facilities are centred on a mobile phone which can be operated with ease and comfort combined with precautionary measures which need to be adhered to by the user.

As per statistic which have been compiled by Leo Mirani of Quartz, he indicates that a major section of the overall world’s population have a collective inclination to move beyond the traditional transaction method to mobile money services which seems to be a better option that is convenient and quick.

Touch ID – Next Generation iPhone

iPhone customers generally come from wealthy background and have been relying on electronic payment by way of credit cards and web payment services though these processes are comparatively insecure making this system of payment ecosystem prone to being insecure.

Tim Cook, Apple Chief Executive during one of the company’s quarterly results conference call in January this year, had announced that his company would be interested in this issue informing reporters that` the mobile payment area in general is what they are intrigued with and that it was one of the thoughts behind their Touch ID’.

Many are of the belief that Apple’s entry in this field would come at the beginning of fall with the so called next generation iPhone 6, which has been reported to comprise of near field communication, short range wireless data transfer stand powering almost every modern contactless payment system which has shown a few useful cases outside the arena.

This system could also enhance the popularity of Apple as the most sought after mobile money account provider in the world. Apple has been selling over 30 million iPhone every quarterly where almost every individual buying iPhone ties it to a credit card backed iTunes account.

Handset Based Payment

Besides short term gains, it would also be leading to long term growth while individuals in developing countries who have been accustomed to handset based payments tend to grow more prosperous and would be looking forward to more advanced devices like an iPay’, system which would be a far advanced option from rivals like Window Phone and Android.

If Apple is successful in driving the adoption of iTunes backed mobile payment system among its rich consumers, while at the same pace as a similar system in the developing countries, it could be one of the most profitable and important strategic headway of the company as the iPhone becomes the next iWallet for consumers making it a convenient option for financial transaction. Do get back to Mono-live for more intriguing information and insight on Apple Technology.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Apple Working On Its Own Smart Home Hardware HomeKit

Latest rumor internet is that Apple is working on its own hardware for the smart home and for that purpose a new team was founded. With this expedition into the smart home market, the product range in the Apple stores could significantly increase in the future. The fact that Apple is working for a novel approach for a new networked home is already known. And it is planning to launch its own HomeKit platform in this year worldwide developer’s conference. For this purpose Apple is planning to produce its own hardware for the Smart home project. For this purpose Apple has selected a internal team to working on the appropriate gadgets for the HomeKit project solely. Once the project is launched the existing Apple gadgets like iPhone iPad etc will complemented perfectly. Apple is still in the development phase of this project but the exploration phase with respect to the products to be added to the project is already completed but what is the Smart home hardware to be added is not disclosed anywhere. Apple will not be a direct competitor of Nest which was recently bought by Google. Since Apple diversified its home appliances selection like home control, home entertainment, Nest will not be affected. Nest only focus on intelligent smoke detectors and thermostats. For entertainment gadgets the recent acquisition of Beats Electronics will help Apple tremendously. In case of HomeKit apple takes the first step in the new business with the software that already available. It is similar to that of iPod release in the year 2001 several months before the iTunes software foundation for MP3 Player.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

iPhone 6 Air, A Concept Phone With A 4.7-Inch Screen

iPhone 6 Air
The iPhone 6 Air was conceived in a rather realistic concept by Sam Beckett. This iPhone 6 Air would first and foremost a larger 4.7-inch screen. Sam Beckett has not established a crazy concept but takes advantage of realism. 6 The iPhone 6 air remains the great mystery of time and that a possible declination. That's why Sam Beckett has decided to share his vision of the iPhone 6 Air with a larger 4.7-inch screen.

It is not an outgoing concept entirely from the imagination of Sam Beckett. It has rightly taken into account all the rumors about this Smartphone. For example Sam Beckett said that even with a larger screen, the size of the Smartphone will not change. A patent had just recently revived rumors about iPhone 6 without edge and a curved screen. The latter concept is realistic with features that fit into the previous Apple models.

In addition to a larger 4.7-inch screen, this concept also provides a better definition of full HD (1920 × 1080) for the iPhone 6 Air. Furthermore, according to Sam Beckett this Smartphone also possess a larger surface than the previous 17 % display.

As for the camera of the iPhone 6 Air will also be improved with a sensor of 10 megapixels and a dual LED flash. Sam Beckett does not just reveal to us a simple picture of the concept, but the stages in a video showing us the product. Before Sam Beckett, Joseph Farahi was also mounted his own colorful and fun iPhone 6C concept. Everyone loves interpret and try to anticipate Apple projects.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

New Mac Pro Available But May Cost More!

Mac Pro-3
The new Mac Pro will not miss the holiday season. Apple has just announced its availability for the market. The machine assembly in the United States is appealing with its original cylindrical design and specifications racing machine that will interest specialists video or graphics.

This Mac Pro comes in two basic configurations. The first an Intel quad-core Xeon E5 clocked at 3.7 GHz, 12 GB of RAM DDR3 1866 MHz , a 256 GB SSD and 2 cards AMD FirePro D300. Available for a price of 3000 Euros. The second offers Intel Xeon 6 cores clocked at 3.5 GHz, 16 GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD and 2 cards AMD FirePro D500. The rate is 3999 Euros.

As usual, Apple has options to boost the internal storage (up to 1TB), speed (up to 12 processor cores and up to 64GB RAM) obviously making up the bill significantly. The Mac Pro is a racing whose acquisition is a good investment. Once checked all the main options the base price can be multiplied by five. In Apple's PC catalog, the MacPro is a star. This machine is finally available for sale, is closer to the workstation from the computer.

This is undoubtedly one of the world's most powerful machines. It has an Intel Xeon E5 processor 6, 8 or 12 cores, two graphics cards with 6GB of VRAM each units of Flash storage up to 1TB Thunderbolt connection. In short, it is a PC mainly for professional more than the office. And to better attract pro, it also offers a unique design that makes it even more attractive.

Mac Pro-1
Completely redesigned by teams Jonathan Ives, the boss of Apple design, the Mac Pro displays a cylindrical shape which has played a lot in its popularity. Performance and design at a price. Two models are offered by Apple: a quad model 3000 Euros and 4000 Euros.

To make these more powerful machines, some options are needed. We’ve added enough to make a Mac Pro with a war machine:

Xeon E5 12 12 cores at 2.7 GHz with 30 MB L3 cache (3,500 Euros)

64GB RAM ECC DD3 to 1866 MHz (1300 Euros)

1TB PCIe Flash storage (800 Euros)

Two graphics cards AMD FirePro D700 with 6 GB of GDDR5 VRAM

The base price is of 3000 Euros, but the price has now reached € 9 599. It will still make a little effort for a mouse, the Magic Mouse Apple sold 69 Euros, and a keyboard with numeric keypad which cost 49 Euros extra, however. a little calculation shows 9,717 Euros including VAT and have a fully functional machine competition.

Mac Pro-2
Remains possible to buy a license for one of the three professional software house: Final Cut Pro X (270 Euros), Logic Pro X (180 Euros) and Aperture (70 Euros). We are now a little more than 10,237 Euros. However, the addition price tag of the Apple website can continue to climb. The Mac Pro is the standard machine designed for video editing 4K.

It is therefore logical to adopt at least one monitor that supports HD Ultra. Add 4,000 Euros for a 4K Ultra HD LED PN- K321 32-inch Sharp signed. Small sub- total, we are 14 236 Euro. Since you paid a substantial sum, both opt for Apple Care extended warranty to 249 Euros. Total: 14,485 Euros. The invoice is little bitterer to your pocket.

 It can be more, if you want to offer production conditions more comfortable and safe. Video editing often uses berries production Raid. Apple offers on its website, the bay offers from April to August racks. In our mad rush, opt for the high end model with 32 TB Promise Raid systems Pegasus2 R8, 4500 Euros.

The server connects Thunderbolt 2, adding a cable, black or white, two-meter, 39 Euros. You now have spent another 18 to 973 Euros. Leaving aside the one-to -one training, one can imagine that if you made such a big check, you do not need to be trained to use a professional machine. However, this does cost you 100 Euros for a year. Let's also ignore the Airport Time Capsule 3TB, 450 Euros. That would be vice ... The total is still far from the first Mac Pro sold.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Android overtakes iPad in tablet race

The ipad is the one of the best selling product of Apple Inc; it takes the people in a new dimension and let them to know various types of information through their iPad. iPad received a big check to its dominance. It takes over its presence all over the world; until the release of android tablets, Apple iPad plays a dominant role in market. But android is becoming a popular open source operating software which can be used in both tablets and mobile phone. Release of android tablets by several top leading manufactures has boosts the sales of android tablets in this market which affects the sales of the iPad.

The survey report from the ABI research states that during the second quarter of 2013, the android tablets have overtaken the iPad in volumes. The amount of the total android tablets sold is more than that of the iPad. But the revenue from the android tablets was shared by the various manufacturers; the Apple has taken its whole share of the money. It’s true that no single android tablet manufacturers has comes close to the Apple while compared to the volume of product sold.

As per result of the survey, the android tablets have taken the place by selling devices of different manufacturers. As a whole, the android tablets has sold more than the Apple; but the products are in the combinations of various manufacturers such as Samsung, Asus, Sony, Amazon and more. The Apple has only two products out for the customers. The iPad mini and full-sized iPad are available still in the market. The android has slightly takes the count but it has to be split into many different ways according to the manufacturers.

When compared to the profit, apple has spent more money in promoting their products through various advertisement programs. In 2013, the apple has heavily promoted its product and most of the products which were sold in the quarters of 2013 are only iPad Mini. This has reduced down the amount of the income for the Apple. But android has taken a lead in different meaningful way; the amount of profit per product has comparatively high while compared to iPad. The rumor mill has stated that the apple has its own plan for boost up the sales of its product to regain its first place.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Apple announces 'Touch ID' for iPhone 5S

The emergence of a fingerprint reader allows the new Apple Smartphone to improve its security. This is the main and almost the only real innovation of the iPhone 5s by adding a fingerprint reader, which is quietly inserted into the new Home button on the device. “Touch ID” which will unlock your Smartphone by simply waving your thumb to the button without pressing. The user can also validate his purchases on the App Store and iTunes but not elsewhere, since this iPhone does not support NFC. It is also an additional protection against theft or false manipulations. But it is the business that is referred to this component. We know employees use more and more of their personal devices for work tasks, connect to their corporate network, this is the BYOD (bring your own device) trend. The iPhone is obviously well placed in this field, but IT managers who need to manage this new type of fleets sometimes regret the lack of security of the terminal, especially when faced with competing solutions.

With Touch ID, Apple clearly meets this requirement of securing BYOD with a powerful biometric solution that could bury those pesky passwords. Powerful because Apple says the A7 chip in the terminal, a 64- bit processor, is especially dedicated to the management and the strength of the encryption. The iPhone can also now boast of offering two-factor authentication. The most riding on the security companies can indeed impose fingerprint reading AND a password to unlock the device. So the apple climbs its upscale terminal to a new level of security and intends to strengthen its presence in business when BlackBerry is sinking. As for Android, it does not really favor with CIOs.

 It is also necessary that its technology is really developed. Biometrics is a technology and Touch -sensitive ID must demonstrate its reliability in a professional sense. According to the first taken in hand, the Touch ID configuration takes only 30 seconds. The function will also demonstrate its robustness against attacks. Because these technologies are fragile; it will be recalled that the facial recognition of Android 4.0 was diverted in two shots ladle. Again, with the help of the chip, Apple promises a maximum shielding. The issue of databases generated by Touch ID also raises questions. Where and how these data will be stored? Apple ensures that they will not be stored in the cloud.