Wednesday 24 September 2014

Apple Facing Some Time Challenge with Delays Bubbling From Its Screen Production

iPhone 6 issue
Apple launched their iPhone 6 model on the 9th of September, and subsequently the specifications were so attractive that it soon received a pre-booking. iPhone was a long waited move for the iPhone patrons and they simply cannot wit to experience the amazing sensation of using an iPhone. The company went into a manufacturing re modelling with the new iPhone 6 and the problem seemed to be with the panel.

The panel they have previously chosen to use in this iPhone model was found not enough for laminating the screen. They had to keep in mind that the slim factor considering the 4.7 inch screen should not be compromised. The screen they were using did not satisfy all the conditions. The single layer backlight film they planned to place in the iPhone was what caused the delay. They have to make it the thinnest possible backlight film.

Apple never falls back from their promised date

The company left no stone unturned to match up their schedule and cope up the demands of the customers. They have gone into some manufacturing and designing agreement with other companies. These suppliers are trying their level best to supply Apple with their desired product on display. Suppliers they have hired for this on demand scenario are LG Display, Sharp and a part of the assignment is undertaken by Japan Display. They have involved a majority of their technicians and engineers to gear up for this project. They are actually doing the fillings for Apple’s delay.

You have got nothing to worry. 

So, if you have ordered your iPhone 6 and presently worrying about your delivery date, dump your worries and relax, as the company that assures quality can never play with its promised time. Everyone knows the craze an iPhone addicts have from the queue that forms in front of the Apple store on the day of the launch. Just make sure that you lead the queue on the day of the launch, to be the first one in your City to have the all-new iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch screen.

Worth being crazy for

The phone offers a lot to attractive features and thus the entire craze is justified. You should definitely try your best to stay ahead of the line because you will be among the first to have the powerful features in your hand and no doubt, the feeling is awesome. Awesome camera to take the best snaps along with a sapphire crystal screen that is hard enough to absorb shock.

If you want to make your payments directly through your phone without logging into their respective sites, you have the awesome NFC service that initiates quick payments. Its processor is one of the fastest ever used for a mobile. It has got an A8 processor that is faster than the previous one. Apple has their plans to launch the larger iPhone 6, the 5.5-inch screen soon after the 4.7 inch hits the market.

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